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Premium Member Creature Comforts
Frisky, gray squirrels scramble
Beneath a massive, old oak tree
Gathering the best acorns they see
Their fluffy tailed, lively damsels

Opossum wobble on short legs
From their laurel sheltered lairs
Toward the thickets where there’s
Vast bugs and spiders in their webs

Gentle, soft haired rabbits assemblage...Read More
Categories: locust, animal, environment, nature,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Premium Member Blue Ridge Mountains
across the sapphire
blended with emerald hue
ridges rise in praise
clusters of pine trees
birch, poplar, oak and locust
merge to give sweet peace
bright flowers grow wild
dancing with fresh moss and fern
inspiring jubilation
waters run gently
across smooth, gray and brown stones
soothing the spirit
every plant worships
from...Read More
Categories: locust, america, appreciation, inspiration, mountains, nature,
Form: Haiku
September Song

The night air is wet, flaccid like 
a listless sail. Nearby the first male cicádas 
announce their arrival in locust trees,

drilling the torpid air with the shrill
of sexual songs: urgent, incessant, eager to 
release the fluid that will impregnate 

waiting...Read More
Categories: locust, seasons, september,
Form: Light Verse

It was a cold and solemn night. 
The loneliness of the dark night and endless sounds of locust kept my adrenalines active.
Startled by my fears, I divorced patience from counting the stars as I walked.
This was when I found her....Read More
Categories: locust, absence, angel, anxiety, beautiful, crush, friendship, love,
Form: Epic
The Pains of Motherlessness
(a poem by Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele) 
Sympathizing with every motherless child. 

The Pain of Motherlessness 
Is far beyond measure 
Especially for a green mind. 

Begins from the shock of announcement 
To illusion of preparing the corpse 
To agony of witnessing...Read More
Categories: locust, caregiving, childhood, death, heartbroken, mother, sorrow, youth,
Form: Free verse

Seize the Mind
The what ifs and the whys
They march upon my head
They come not as single spies 
But as battalions instead
They fill my mind with sorrow
I'm besieged as they surround
They steal from my tomorrow
Any joy I would have found
Invading without cause
They manipulate my...Read More
Categories: locust, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
						( In his 200 Aniversary )
His Biosphere, his Biorealm, his Bioprovince
His Bioregion, his Biolocale
Beat plunged humming “Leaves of Grass”
Throught drunken twisted paths
Stumbling pleasures and thinking about
The quality of being different
Transparent, unthinkable
Just talking from experience
Tracing the tread of...Read More
Categories: locust, anniversary,
Form: Free verse
Songs For My Brothers
Oh my brothers 
How many  
Of us 
Will survive 
The coming 
Long night 
Of the ending age? 

In the deep countries 
We hide 
And sup 
On the glowing  
As the comets strike 
And humans 
Disappear...Read More
Categories: locust, animal, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Man made Plastic Hazard

From the beginning of man’s life
Like other creatures he survives
Breathing air and drinking water
Freely available aplenty in Nature
It was the business world helped by the rulers
Which stopped free supply, bottled the water 
Selling it against payment 
Refusing man Nature’s gift...Read More
Categories: locust, environment,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Power Is Out
The power is out
but rather than pout
I'll sit down and write a few rhymes

It makes me so happy
to write something snappy
when life throws me lemons or limes

My eccentricity
denied electricity
comes out in the open to play

Without hesitation
my imagination
shall leave quite a...Read More
Categories: locust, humorous, light, poetry, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The First Time Adderall Made Me Schizophrenic
The room began to shake,
Decorative purple lights strung around the ceiling flickered and brightened along with the electrical earthquake appearing before my eyes.
Concussive buzzing sounds crept into my cochlear like locust through a prairie.
Putrid saffron fumes reeking of sulfuric toxins...Read More
Categories: locust, addiction, drug, fear, health, horror, psychological, school,
Form: Free verse
Evil Tree
Amid the dark and gloomy glen
you tower where you've always been
a spectral shape, foreboding, fierce
with witchy wands to prod and pierce

Evil, evil locust tree
how you haunt and worry me

Waving pointy arms around
casting scary shadows down
poker-fingers stoke my fear
striking poses quite...Read More
Categories: locust, evil, imagination, nature, scary, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Belly Full of Lies

Listen to what the snake charmers say:
We be sulfuric scaly bellies,
flicking poisonous tongues on the telly
Idoly speak pure Orwellie — 
Down is up   ...  famine be a feast sup
Tell money hungry fools they’re full of it,
when their...Read More
Categories: locust, allegory, metaphor, truth, wisdom,
Form: Burlesque
The day you kissed me
The day i saw you,
Is the day i knew you. 
That day, 
Is the day I started crazy. 

The day you kissed me,
Is the day you touched me. 
I started to see visions. 
I felt myself at space. 

The day...Read More
Categories: locust, feelings, first love,
Form: ABC
    and cedar
    and locust
    & tuliptree:
boughs that
   in the wind
    and song
of past&
of lips
   that kiss
...Read More
Categories: locust, imagery,
Form: Verse
Two Steps Ahead
You’ve met me,
but you just don’t know it yet
The dream house that you want,
I once polar bear hibernated there ...
two winter moons ago

The summer fruit of relaxation
that you’re tasting now,
I planted it 
two prior vineyard cycles

I’ve always been double moves...Read More
Categories: locust, conflict, spiritual, truth, wisdom,
Form: Epic
Cherry Tree Music Coop
Cherry Tree Music Co-op
(Saint Mary's Church -
3916 Locust Walk; City)
(Circa mid nineteen nineteen eighties
after the common lee
washed out tide dull era - CODA).

Naughty bits and pieces asper
     an uneventful memory came back
in a flash prompted by...Read More
Categories: locust, 8th grade, adventure, animal, courage, desire, introspection,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Takiing Care Of The Babysitter
She yanked Sue by the belly,
She pinched Lou on the nose.
She shoved us from the telly
And she trampled on our toes.

She went through the cupboards, snooping
And she stole our paper clips.
But the worst stench was her pooping,
Then she ate our...Read More
Categories: locust, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th
Form: Light Verse
Nothing Between

So full of empty between the ears;
void breeze reasoning,
zero thoughts a-blowing

Banished to the barren cornfields,
multi-grain years of accumulated wisdom
bear no pleasant, golden-age yield

Black sky intellectual famine
was lost cause shuttered-in, 
by a blight of self-centered locust feed

Constant dry spells of self-absorption:...Read More
Categories: locust, dark, perspective, sad, sick,
Form: Free verse
Pride Slays Advice
Stem the tide your pride rides
To a puerile pinnacle
In a vain belief it makes sensational strides
When like a locust your spiracle

Exhales carbon dioxide
To catalyze photosynthesis for red roses in your green garden
While your pride derides advice and pays a hefty...Read More
Categories: locust, poems,
Form: Free verse
When I first saw her.
I thought i have seen a blue bird from Kakum forest.
Her face was sparkled like a sunrise.
Her eyes were that of a Engels.
My face can be seen through her eyes.
Her breast was pointed at me like...Read More
Categories: locust, bird, black love, body,
Form: I do not know?
old foundation
amidst the tangle of trumpet vines
young saplings and half rotted stumps
where buffalo grass is near head high
an old stone foundation silently rests

it bore the full weight for many years
an unpainted wooden barn, i’ve been told
but the structure is long gone...Read More
Categories: locust, farm, growth, inspiration, nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Senryu20180618 - O Forests
 What we can't do -
oaks, tulip, pine, locust trees grow
closely, but fearlessly...Read More
Categories: locust, 12th grade, adventure, allegory, america, appreciation, garden,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Magicicada
fast flickering wings
entice calling for a mate
after 17 years locust

May 26, 2018
...Read More
Categories: locust, nature,
Form: Haiku
My life and our lives
My head spinning  
My mind twisted,
Im caught up in a propeller 
While my body is being catapulted,
My life's a spin, so its your turn
Jumping jacks and back packs
My life a journey and my past a memory ,
Skipping the importance...Read More
Categories: locust, deep, earth, identity, life,
Form: Verse