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Broken People

I wish to be with the broken people
the get in your face challenge me people
The sometimes hidden
sitting in a dark corner kinda people
The don't you love me
I wish you seen me sorta people
People just being real people
not having to have it all together people
Them doing their best to figure it out people
dancing and singing without the smooth moves people

I don't care about the color of their skin
or what others think of as their sin
They don't need to be perfect to win
seeing and listening is where I'll begin
Beyond appearance of fat or thin
I only know what I know
I've never been where they've been.

We'll start 
with our broken smiles
It's the best we've got
It might seem like so little 
still I think it's a lot
Through life's struggles we've all fought
lessons needed learning
experienced not taught
real is real it couldn't be bought

So forget the fake people
the all about perfect hair and clothes people
The I live in the right neighborhood and drive the right car people
It's all about me, top of the hill people
They only hang out with the supremely cool people
those too important to talk to me people
thinking they're the best of the best kinda people
when all along they are merely Sheeple 
ba ba baaing, thinking they are strong instead of feeble

I love characters 
people who are unique
I look under exteriors to gain a peek
strength of lions disguised in meek
unconcearned with fab or being chic
Worth listening to if allowed to speak
the stories they tell will make your eyes leak

For in the end
we are all broken
stumbling and choking
Disguising hurt with our joking
victims of others and their poking
So look close maybe you'll see
eyes that aren't blank 
hearts that aren't empty
Who we think of as complicated
in the end might not be
They might push when others come close
yet they are affectionate times three
Each just a bit afraid and broken 
all the while wishing  
and wanting to be
A part of something
If only we choose to see
those on the fringes
are a part of the we
All we have to do 
is let them be!

Dedicated to our homeless population.
They teach us the unvarnished truth about ourselves.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Super Soupers

It was a rainy day so I flipped through a stack of comics
My Amazing Poet series
Finally I picked the fabulous Five
I liked the picture on the front
Yanny the Zen Master with long black hair
Becca the Creative and Beautiful with her mythical pen
One of my favorites sultry Eileen known as the Emotionator
Anne the Philosopher was right there beside Eileen with her magical smile
Then to round out this team was Vicky Victorious calling from the wilderness 
In this edition they were battling the Poet Destroyer and Joker Jack
who had kidnapped Newbie Timothy Hicks
As I read their words I was in awe of my Heros
They made me cry
They brought me to new worlds
Filled with adventures
Sexy had new meaning
Tears became diamonds
Winds swirled inside my head
All the emotions of the rainbow
I longed to write with such clarity and strength
I tried to flex my poetic Muscles
Worked out every day
Then on the back of the comic
A scrawny poet sat on a beach
Beside the girl of his dreams
He is writing for her when along comes a muscular poet
The big poet kicks metaphorical sand in his face
The the scrawny poets girl is whisked away
Underneath it says
Are you tired of having Metaphorical sand kicked in your face?
Are other Poets getting the girl?
All that can change
Join the Andrea Dietrich School of Creative Poetry
She will have you writing like The Fabulous Five
You will never be afraid to flex those poetic muscles again
So I cut out the back page and sent my five dollars
The address is PO Box 88888 Inspiration California 
Now all I can do is wait
What will the future Hold?

Note there are many Poets here who would appear in my vast Amazing poet series.
Poet Destroyer and Joker Jack are not Evil nemeses they were chosen for the roll
because of their names( also I love their work.) I hope you enjoyed my little tale.
Some of the younger poets may not be familiar with the Charles Atlas ads that used
to be on the back of comics, the rest of you I am sure will get the joke.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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My Heart and Soul Cry Justice

Love Justice made me wrest you from her bed
It’s right for you to lie with me instead
For you were mine before she came to be
A prowling threat to our felicity

My broken heart cries…JUSTICE!

It’s meant for me to ravish you tonight
To give you pain as well as sheer delight
I love you still and yet your heart must pay
For shameless way you gave my love away

My wounded pride cries...JUSTICE

And here you are inside my bed of love
I’ve bound you up, no more a gentle dove
I take revenge on body and your soul
Enslaved, you yield to dominatrix role

My passion mad cries…JUSTICE

I take from you: I take, I take, I take
Each pleasure filled, I writhe and make you quake
I kiss, caress, and taste in wanton might
Your eyes ablaze, your fervor I ignite

My vengeful soul cries…JUSTICE

And all the while I hear you gasp MY name
In ecstasy my spoils of war I claim
You beg forgiveness as you helpless lie
I satiate my needs; fulfilled I sigh

My hungry need cries…JUSTICE

This tryst was meant to teach you lover's pain
You bear the marks of love that is insane
I slash your bonds and fall in your embrace
For I have seen the wonder in your face

Relieved am I, for I have tasted JUSTICE!

For Justin Bordner’s Love Justice Contest
January 18, 2015

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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The day I met you

I still remember  that beautiful  day like yesterday  
not a bit Have I forgotten
The weather on that day was misty
And you were jogging

You were looking really pretty
Upon seeing me staring at your beauty  
your face turn crimson
Iike the seven beautiful  colours of a prism

When I met you, I was afraid to talk to you
When I started talking  I was afraid to ask for a date
When I started dating you, I was afraid to confess my love

But that day also came
When I confess my love toward you
We were walking along the shore
The night was high, with a harvest moon

my heart was pounding and hands started to shake
As I propose you and showed you the ring
There I notice  that no sunset, No spring
Have such a beautiful  grace
The grace I see in your face

Your smile has the power to replace
A severous  tempest into  sunlight
Darkness into a day which is bright
The sun waits for your smile to set
The stars wait for your smile, in order to shine

since the time I have met you
Joy follows me like a shadow that never leaves

I will be lost in your thoughts
And will bear pain for you
God has sent you as mine
Will tell the whole world this beautiful  line
That My heart  desires to adorn your dreams
And to sway in your heart
O you are the one who's  s spell has cast upon me

the best gift is health, contentment the greatest 
Wealth, but my life is running through your breath
13 April 2018

For  the contest " 10 words " by " Joseph May " 36 lines

Crimson: Line 7, forgotten: line 2, grace: line 19, Harvest: line 15
Love: Line 11, Misty: Line 3, Shadow: Line 27, Shore: Line 14
Tempest: Line 22, Yesterday: Line 1

Copyright © Faraz Ajmal | Year Posted 2018

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Follow The Bouncing Ball

She dresses the land down
in a virginal bridal gown 
a masterfully cut and sewn chenille 
shines brightly with a fine crystal appeal

Her assistants work quite diligently
to add special touches and then flee
they decorated the mountain peaks 
using all their white glitter techniques 

beat beat beat beat


one small step to the side

As an observer...

your feet quake in their shoes
your body heat quits without notice
your nerve endings are on edge
your common sense walks out the door


A little girl tells her mother
" Mom look big, fat, snowflakes"

they are

you look out at winter
unmoved she looks right back at you
with a chilling icy stare 
freezes the turkey in the oven - to the bone.

she exhales a wispy sigh
by her royal blue decree
a below zero degree.
she is brutal, my oh my!

beat beat beat 


another step to the side

Back to all the children lean
Back to younger than nineteen

Back to those in their twenties
Those were my best years, twenties

Back to men and women below fifty
don't know why but they look happy

Skates are sharpened
Skis brought out of storage
You can hear the sound of coats, 
Zippers being pulled to up above the neck
Sounds of thick socks and scarfs 
walking out of cedar drawers.

Toboggans racing down hills
Kids right behind them wondering
why their sliding on their own butts
Trying to catch their brand new ride.

Snowboarders execute their killer moves
no judge no jury it's all 'bout the grooves



here's where this poem 
steers off the beaten path 
so hold your breath

beat beat beat          beat beat

here we go 
with the flow

Winter has arrived, 


oh sh~t here we go

My God 

This woman is far from shy
She with that dry ice heart 
That woman will cut you open
With the chill of her breath

That's right Dorothy 
were not in Kansas anymore 

This Witch is East, West, North, South WICKED!
We're not even in Oz this Witch is spelled with a 
B and she's got a hell of an itch, if you catch my drift

I preferred her father he was kind compared to her
since she took his place minus forty is a warm day
she dresses in winter white but the Grinches 
coal black heart at least had some life in it, this 
women is down the toilet with her potty mouth
her heart is frozen solid Dead! Bad! and Beyond!

With her there is no such thing as a thaw
even her brother was occasionally warm
Not her she'll shrink your willy 
from ten to two inches long
(who the heck is willy, should we free him?)

Don't test her she is far from tame
She'll freeze your flesh, use your frozen balls
as ice cubes for her one hundred and forty 
proof vodka. Laugh in your face as she downs 
her drink. Then gargle with your family jewels.

Ever notice how you never see the Devil 
at the peak of winter, even he fears her
She froze off the tip off one of his horns
When they were kids and not a thing he could do
She's family - hands off - if you know what I mean
There has to be honor in a house of thieves

Winter is here
and it's frikkin cold
she'll drop six feet
of the white sh~t
in a single go

hhhhang onnnn
back to some sanity
let's end this with some
bullsh~t poetic beauty

Did I mention Ontario's Niagara On The Lake
Did I mention Ice Wine and tasty Frosted Cake

hang on to your pants 
beat beat  beat beat 
beat beat here goes

During the christmas holidays you 
have to go to the Falls, what a venue

Niagara Falls itself is quite amazing
The powerful lights they shine blazing
Against the thundering waters rushing
Like the results of an artist's airbrushing
The Festival of Lights is also worth perusing 
It is a path you follow in your car just cruising

We follow it up with Montreal every year
It is a long tiring ride but we're finally here

It's a New Year - all the land is aglow
Voices of children playing in the snow 
Sculptures for the festivities come to life
Lights shine- with colors bright - people rife
With enthusiasm for The Festival Of Ice
A family event in this winter paradise

beat beat beat
once last walk  on the wwwwwwild sssssssside

A Winter Paradise? pahh!
The B~~ch  gargled with 
Your Gonads in her mouth
She used them as ice cubes
Who DOES that?

Yes this is a chilling ending 
but an ending all the same
you all come back now
you hear? The End!

beat beat 
and now the refrain

Come on Manuel it's back
to the igloo with us. (Now why
did I say that in my John Cleese 
Voice.There's Something Faulty 
there. The man Towers above me)

No Senior this winter thing
She is not working out for me
You stay if you like, I am visiting
my friend in Malta...

...Paul Callus!

Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper
Contest Name: Rock Me Around the Clock or Rock Me to Sleep--Rhythm Poems 

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Be Not Afraid

The mountains and hills shake at His tread,
"Resurrection is nigh", He calls to the dead;
The moon in the heavens grows pale at His wrath,
The sun of the morn disappears from its path.
God of the universe, maker of all,
We ask for your mercy, at your feet we do fall.

The earth's stealthy riches are exposed to your sight,
Nor veiled from you are man's deeds of the night;
The beasts grow timid as they bow at your feet,
And the winds of the sea at your command retreat.
Forever Your greatness over all things,
Maker of all, our King of kings.

When mountains erupt their flames to the sky,
And Lightning's forked tongue, shouts back in reply;
When the stars in the heaven died in their place,
And the malevolent man laughed in your face.
With infinite mercy your anger grew still,
Our crucified Lord on Golgotha's hill.

Yet you forgive all, dear Father above,
And we owe all for your infinite love;
The hands pierced with nails you give for our aid,
You speak through your word to be not afraid.
You are able to comfort whenever we call,
For you there is nothing too great or too small;
Always you hear when we kneel down to pray,
Precious redeemer, help us find our way.

Copyright © elizabeth wesley | Year Posted 2011

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Scars from a Love

Through my window, I see your silhouette in moonlight,
on the far hill, each night as you sit alone
We were lovers once
You live on the cobbled road, where the stone gates are
And I, above the store where father makes shoes
I still wear the scars from those days
We were young, I found you innocent and fragile,
you opened your heart
That summer was alive and fragrant,
we picked wildflowers, putting them in our hair
and covered every meadow, swam naked in your father's stream,
below the hill, where the stone seat is, under the elm tree
I felt out of place, yet you welcomed me
It rained the last time I saw you
The sadness in your face, the silent tears,
as each stroke from your father's whip,
cut deep, deep in my back
Over the years they've healed, tattoo reminders
Every night I look out, see your silhouette on the hill,
sitting alone in the moonlight
And I, a face in a broken window


Copyright © Frederic Parker | Year Posted 2014

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The Door To Your Heart - Collaboration with Chris Green

In silent hours till nightfall
When shadows grow long before fading
Heart thumps, a deep longing,
a soft knocking on a door still closed
Shy and introverted
As if saying: if I knock too hard
will I knock you over
and send you away forever?

I listen quietly as moon light
creates lonely silhouettes
on the far wall where your picture hung,
a faded rectangle, bleached by evasive desires
wondering who could be knocking
as I have been lost for so long,
to be found again is as frightening,
as it is dream-like

Fear to open the rusty door
to a heart, starving to find you.
Caught in a lullaby of moonlight
louder than fear can sing
Reunite me with you, hammer
your imprint in me, on the
bare walls of my loving soul
where you still live

And I hear the breathing 
in a once empty corridor of numbers
random order, tarnished brass digits,
above patterned carpeting
foot worn and tattered,
I have heard them all, never once
stopping at mine, the one without,
unassuming, invisible to most,
slowly opening

Near the defensive rectangled door
I sit fending the creaking,
of the almost lost voice that's mine.
And while I search on the worn wall for 
fringed marks of years past, you enter.
I find in your face the wrinkles
of time, wondrous ripples in a soft smile
And I am lost in you.


Copyright © Chris Green and Darren White
May 3, 2017

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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We Stand On Arrach - For Nicola

My Celtic queen on Arrach we do stand,
a memory to always touch the heart,
we shall fly through Celtic skies take my hand,
and now in love’s heart we shall never part.

My Celtic rose your beauty it does shine,
you stand atop Arrach my shining sun,
on the horizon our love is divine,
atop sacred Arrach our love does run.

My celtic song in my heart i do sing,
i stand before glory my Irish rose,
let all desires be fulfilled love we bring,
atop the Arrach our Celtic love grows.

We stand on Arrach now we do embrace,
Celtic love shining it shines in your face.

(Within Dreamscape Series.)

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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The Solid Truth


On the day I was born.
Everyone put me on a petal stool.
The Angel's played a trumpet horn. 
While everyone called me a ~precious jewel.
Harps played!
Doves flew!
That's how my birth was displayed.
As I got older ~ As I grew!
My heart of gold started to fade.
Sinking down in to the blues.
I hide my thoughts under the shade.
Wondering how one screw got lose.
I removed the pin from my own grenade. 
Like TNT~ I lit my own fuse.
Blowing myself away from your masquerade.
My life has no buttons to defused..
My heart is twisted with barbwire as a barricade.
I live this rotten life, no reason to hit the snooze.
Sweating and letting the thoughts of revenge cascade.
A level of rage and hate is my only muse.
You camouflaged into a blonde beast with the eyes of jade.
The truth has come out, with an unacceptable excuse.

The solid truth, is like solid waste.
A force of mean, turning a heart cold.
Here's the truth do you want my new sour taste.
Forget when I was sweet, when I was bold.
I enjoy this new feeling of being out of place.
The truth was told..
In your face.
I laughed at the way it was all unfold.
Walking with a smile~ one day you will die,
and pay for what is owed.

While I sleep at night with Glory..
You'll wake up everyday to my untold story.
With the solid truth that lies have no end.
Guilt will have everyone crying at my funeral.
Wondering what happened to their "precious jewel.


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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To the Boy Who Could Not Sleep

You cannot sleep, you tell me
spitting forth frustration
angry sentiments of a scorned heart
Your dreams are robbed
You have been ridiculed 
all day 
in a world where 
You don’t quite understand the rules
every word you spoke today was the wrong one
You crossed lines unknowingly
doors were shut in your face doors
of opportunity
Your love and passion 
which you felt was real
was mocked—
so you cannot put away such thoughts
You come to me frowning, heated
seeking sympathy
But son,
you are young
you know not what ropes 
truly bind the soul
what thoughts throttle the heart
in the darkness of night
you have been betrayed, deceived
by strangers amongst whom 
you sought fortune and acknowledgement
but this, I tell you
is no shame, no grief
you have not felt the cuts 
of those you thought dearest
those you thought you knew 
that hair those lips those eyes that heart
now coloring and darting away
leaving icy holes
in your chest
you know not yet 
that the curse of a sleepless night 
does not burn with anger
it is cold, so cold
and so lonely
So say not another word now
and go
you may sleep in peace
for you are not a father.

Copyright © Grace EunSong Lee | Year Posted 2012

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P.D. vs AMY- Slam, Bam Thank You Ma'am

You said you wanted a slam
So here it goes
You're going to feel it stinging 
from your head to toes
A wham, bam, thank you ma'am
A sinister soul I am
I took to you
and quite so soon
I gotta make you unglued.

You're famous, you're a PS tart
and I do mean that
from the bottom of my heart-
But it's about time you got a taste
of your own medicine and male hitting disgrace
And I will scream this in your face!

Oh how right you were
and I must concur-
That this slamming crap is fun-
but your words will all be a blur.
So tap -tap you're next,
Don't worry, I like you too much to hex
but not enough to have...

So get with it, little bit-
waiting on you to get a clue
Send me your slam-
And we'll see who wins the GLAM!

From the Freak 

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2010

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WRITING THROUGH Tiger Woods 2-CONTEST clerihew--



Tiger,Tiger, burning bright--
Man of iron , get it right.
If temptation‘s in your face
Putt a caddy in your place.

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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The story of you

I  could hear my own heart beating 
So strong the rhythm grew
It echoes like thunder 
as it tells me the story of you.

You surround yourself in mystery 
You've been hurt so many times
Falling with all you are 
For some scoundrel's nursery rhymes .

He has taken all he wanted
Then discarded you aside
He made you feel so worthless 
You were all torn up inside.

All the love and trust you gave 
Was thrown back in your face
So you hide away your feelings 
In a very secret place .

Now its my turn to hold you
My arms around your waist 
Swaying to the music 
As wary lips I taste .

We talk and walk for hours 
The days soon turn to weeks
Love and its healing powers 
Return the colour to your cheeks .

The lips that were so wary 
Are now synchronised with mine 
The poetry of romance
Replacing unfeeling nursery rhyme .

You put aside the pain of betrayal
Once more the passion burns 
and with each day that passes 
A little more of you returns .

I am turning over the pages
Every hour I learn something new
As my heart narrates the story 
and reveals the mystery of you.

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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TIGER WOODS complete long version

Tiger Woods
    By Victoria Anderson-Throop

What a hero-- Tiger Woods--
He sells golf and sporting goods.
Chases ladies in the night
Tells kids not to curse or fight

Tiger, Tiger burning bright--
You must learn to play it right.
When temptation’s in your face
Putt a caddy in your place.

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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Girl Rising

I will not be held down
I rise from the pit of ignorance
No longer silent
Stronger than you
I am what you fear
No longer will I be denied 
Give me my education

Each day I will come to your door
Knocking till you answer
My time is now
You will not ignore me
I will be heard
I stand with my sisters
An immovable force
This is my time

You may shoot me
Place your foot upon my neck
Yet I will scream 
Calling out for justice
I will not stop
My sisters will lift me up
I will spit in your face
My life is not yours to decide
Do not consider this veil as a sign of my weakness
It represents your own
You are no longer my master

Open the school doors
Welcome in all the children
We will be your strength
In the end you will thank us
You will praise God for wisdom
You will gain strength 
The winds of change are good
If all are not free you live as a jailor

Brothers are coming to our rescue
Do not be found among the guilty
It is time for change
The time is now

Look up the Movie Trailer for "Girl Rising"  the movie inspired my poem.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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Negative Tier

Aroused by denial,
Disturbing thoughts prevail,
Wishing reprisal,
Hostility unveiled.

Sharpened words uncover
The mask in place.
Extreme emotions hover,
Seen in your face.

Venom grows inside,
Feeding the fire,
Where poison resides,
In the skeptic’s lair

Copyright © Janet Vick | Year Posted 2006

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Hands of Time - Sonnet

To me dear love, you will never be old
It is your inner beauty that captivates me;
For in your face so many stories are told
That I contemplate in tranquil reverie.
The short time we shared brings vistas yet unseen
Promises to be discovered within the heart;
Perfumed with tenderness of what comes between
Those vacant hours when we have to part.
You are the treasure that has filled my being
Without you I am empty and incomplete;
But together we share that special feeling
That the hands of time will never cheat.
Let's take what we have and make it all come true
Those hours, days and years I would spend with you.

Copyright © elizabeth wesley | Year Posted 2011

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Sitting silently in the Doctor's seats 
waiting for the diagnosis, to finally
be complete.

A nurse walked in and said, It will
be a while, but little did she know
I noticed the concern in her smile.

We never expected what would be in
those files and that from here we would 
walk a backwards mile.
I as the mother, You as the child.

I felt your fear as together we cried.
I promised you that day, I would
always be by your side.

Slowly but surely the damaging host
began to take away, all the memories
you treasured most.

I watched you as you searched for words
and much to often, your laughter has
gone unheard.

As the days pass now slowly and painfully
away; I see the child, as with your blanket
you play.

Once your daughter and a friend, and
now you search your mind, for who
I am.

I wash your clothes and clean the floors
cook for you, bath you, speak for you and
so much more.

I creep into your room through out the night
to make sure everything is in its place.
Even making sure your night lite isn't shinning
in your face.

Emotions sometimes come rushing over me
as I watch you fade away and silver quickly
takes it's permanent place.

I find myself when I am with you, wanting
my thoughts to share; Then at that very 
moment missing the closeness of the mother
I always believed would be there.

Late last night as I stood at your door and
watched you sleep; I prayed to the Lord to
give us both strength.

I know one day, just like all children do;
You'll leave me, except I will be forever 
left missing you.

When you have gone to Heaven, our life
will once again have changed roles.
I will be the old woman waiting to be
called home.

The look of understanding will be left upon
my face as acceptance sets in from knowing,
that someday we will be together again.

Alzheimer's, the pain remains.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2015

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- Painting The Sun Yellow -

In case I've forgotten it
I wish you a lovely morning
Fill your coffee cup with sunshine
With glory and grace
A soft whispering sunshine
is surrounded with love
A fountain refreshing in your face

Of this beauty
I photograph this picture in my soul
and hiding it for dark winter days
The silence, the sun, the smell of honeysuckle
and flames of the northern lights
Yellow sunshine and blue sky, I want to paint
Nature's wonders, is forever dear

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2017

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At Fresh Market

“You two melons are crowding me in a bad way.”

“Are you kidding, Bermuda? You must be gay,
‘cause all the potato heads think we look fly!
Yeah, see them? They’re giving us melons the eye!”

“Well, you’re squeezing me in; I’m a delicate guy!”

“Good grief, Mr. Onion, you’re making us cry.
Oh, here comes a cucumber right in our space.
Bet you won’t be complaining with HIM in your face!”

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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another glorious attack

i write slam better than anyone around
i leave you screaming without the sound
no-one can handle my lyrical style
i outstrip you all by a country mile
spitting these words without restraint
with your blood the walls i'll paint
your head falls off when you read my words
more taboo than the bees and the birds

if only this site would let me swear
you'd be picking chunks of vomit right out your hair
because i'm sicker than a dirty joke
make no mistake i'm not an ordinary bloke
got a mind that can think in several dimensions
i knock you down if you have pretentions

don't even try and take me on you can't win
i'll send your poems to the bargain bin
my intellect and wit outshines all
i can build you up and i can make you fall
black and blue from verbal attacks
look theres a rock quick get back....
under it
if not i'll sunder it
i'll kick you to the curb
with a noun and a heavy adverb

i could go on and on and on
but i really feel like i am done
i embarass all who assail me
if you dont like it. tough. you cant jail me
my sparkling put downs will never fail me
so if you feel brave try and comeback at me
i'll make you get down on both knees
a slap in your face
you are a complete disgrace

Copyright © Daniel Corcoran | Year Posted 2010

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Twisted Love

As I stand and look at you
I see the ropes around your neck
Can't you see what you do for me
How it makes me come alive inside

It  leads  me places I cannot hide
I see the fear within your eyes
I see your emotions laid bare for me

As I watch the way you react to me 
You take me places I long to be 
This is the way I was taught to be

And I can not go all by myself  So 
I hope you forgive me for the things 
I'm about to do to you and with you 
I see it in your face you long for  it 

For the things, I long to do to you
I know that you understand inside
 For what we are about to do 
 I know that you forgive me too

These feelings just come over me
I need the presence of a warm body
To take me where I wanna  be 
I just can't help myself you see
Something just takes over me
When I'm done with you 
I promise to set you free
I'm not playing tricks on you

I'll lay you to rest with the others
It really touches me to see you cry
I know it's because you care for me
And it truly makes me come alive

It's only a matter of time you know
This just might be your last day alive
So maybe you might try to be happy

This is the only way I feel alive
I'm bleeding for you truly I am 
Can't you see how I feel inside 

Tell me you love me before you die
Can't you see this  is the only way
It's the only way I feel alive inside!

Copyright © Debbie Duncan | Year Posted 2011

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trials and triumphs

it's the last Sunday of the year known as 2010
and i hope next Sunday a new year together we'll begin
as humans we have a habit of looking back over the past year
to hopefully gain a better understanding of all that occured back there
there's nothing wrong with reviewing last year's trials and tribulations
maybe next year we'll have a solution to better handle those situations

in 2010 we made some resolutions and we set some goals 
but did we overcome our challenges or did we lose control?
over our aches and pains, our difficulties, our struggles and our strife
our bouts of frustration, our complications, just trying to live life
we had some trials in 2010 of which we wish we could redo
but we need to remember all the triumphs that somehow got us through
we might not have had a lot of money but somehow the bills got paid
we might have fell into some choppy waters but somehow we learned to wade
we had some illness, we had some issues and we all had some strain
but by the grace of God we triumphed and somehow still stayed sane

in the book of Hebrews a group of people had some trials and tribulations
and when they accepted Christ they came into a godly situation
they took that walk with God, they took that leap of faith
and came to realize that when one's in Christ the devil will be in your face
as its not all peaches and cream whenever a person commits to God
there will be trials and tribulations just keep a prayerful heart
there will be those whom you thought cared about and supported you
who may become your biggest detractors and stomp all over you
but you need to understand that the enemy will have you under attack
just keep your eyes on God and stay on the right spiritual track

as all things are possible with God for He's in complete control
God is God all by Himself and you need to understand that your role
is to trust in Him, believe in Him for through you He gets all the glory
so let your trials and triumphs be a testimony and inspiring story
for you can't have a testimony without having being tested
and there is no triumph without a trial you have bested

you came through some fires and you survived some floods
and all of it was by the grace of God and the power of the blood
you triumphed over death and today you're still alive
you triumphed over the devil no matter how hard he strived
you made it through 2010 standing on the promises of Christ
you had your trials, you had your triumphs and above all you still have life

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2011

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Panic Room

Here in this room again 
mind’s racing 
the fan on low…

and I’m not to be trusted 
can’t be left alone here
with shot gun temples 
and a soul full of fear

no worse place than now
I can’t yell it more clearly 
I beg for your attention  
but I can’t stand you near me

contradiction swimming
in the blood of my veins
I’d cut off my hands
to send toxins to drain

I’m gutless
yet I’m too gutsy for action
say that in public
imagine the reaction

I sit in whirl pools
but I’ve always hated heat
and claim to take a stand 
but I’m lazy at my seat

and I’m always on time
as I miss the bus again
I lie in your face 
with a devilish grin

I’m harmless 
and swear I didn’t mean it
I talk about my conscience 
still I’ve never seen it 

in a world of swirling confusions
I’m stuck on the spin cycle
creating contusions
my game’s not over
I need a fresh start
I’m begging for new blood 
cus’ I’ve got a good heart

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2011