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- Au Revoir - Goodbye -

- 2016 -


A freezing cold evening

Where the stars shining bright

With frost blade flanks

From mouth and nose steam

In the clear silence

White untrodden snows

Nature's frozen pulse

Sleep like a little baby

One gracious moon

After the night the light is shattered into gold

At sunrise raise your heartbeat


The ground is chained in frozen iron
Snow crystals glued on pine cones
Overhangs embroideries of polished ice
The wind shakes and shatters them into millions of pieces

Slowly more brightness toward longer days
A new light is born across a white landscape
With its beauty and bliss a squirrel in a pine tree
Thoughts and reflections how beautiful it is


Kong winter resolve his power struggle to live a little longer
Cold soil protects wild modest tiny flowers
March deserve tribute by an dignified pen
A soothing voice whisper in dew wet morning sun
When Spring youthful glory revitalises

With blessed glow in brilliant charm
A soft mother breast for all to be born again
Nature pregnancies seeds of life
Spring unveiled with a colorful smile
We go brighter times ahead, wakes up from beauty sleep
Princess Spring I feel lucky and almighty


Spring marks the end of winter and start of summer
It is lovely with colorful contrasts
Norway is a long country with a lot of mountains and valleys
Wide variations in climate from south to north and from east to west

Migrant's return, and the first flower is coltsfoot
Both humans and animals awakened by hibernation with new energy
The sun is high, no snow falls and the birds singing
Small downy mouse ears to be leaves on birch tree

- MAY -

May show us how beautiful you are
A Spirea blooms like a beautiful and white cloud in the garden
Beautiful spring bride
Dressed with creation she herself had designed
A golden ring of eternal happiness
The veil thin and beautiful like cobwebs kisses her cheek

May is the month with wonderful contrasts
As sure as the sun rises each morning
When I turn my face toward the warm sun
I feel it gives me new energy

Seventeenth of May is Norway's National Day
We lift up the flag in red, white and blue
The sky is blue, as far as the eye can see
A celebration of sun, spring, life and eternal love

- JUNE -

The sun constantly light flickers through the air and brighten up long nights
The summer carnations were Gods flower for the Greeks
They bloom earlier than most other species
A delight to the eye throughout the summer

Midsummer night - Midsummer Celebration 23rd and 24th June
A dear child has many names it is said,
and Midsummer night is no exception
Across Norway celebrated it with large fires
Some placed a rag doll on top of the fire
The witches burnt this night

Dance, music, porridge and flower garlands with carnations
Barbeque, Norwegian strawberries and fireworks all night
If a young girl picks seven or nine various mode herbs that night,
and put them under the pillow, she would dream of her future husband

- JULY -

No doubt that July is a beautiful summer month
It is the year's best month is named after Julius Caesar himself

Summer raindrops pierced by sunbeams
Just think of how precious privilege it is to wake up to bird song

Columbines are still in full bloom, they are charming
Spices herbs for diversity and for flavor

Who would have anything against sitting in the garden all day
and let you tickle a bit of a grape plant in the neck

Flowers and plants are an important part of summer
Enjoy it all with family and good friends

Fair weather clouds that just gives a little variety in all the blue
July is synonymous with holidays for most

The temperature and enthusiasm rises
This summer we will swim in the ocean and eat lots of ice cream


Our receptive hearts have allready heard
The breeze reports August

The shadows fall when the day is done
Roving winds and rain are waiting

For every day that passes, the autumn is preparing
Goodbye butterfly, wondering where your journey ends

When that day comes, I will kiss you softly
The painting will change color and give the landscape a blush

We always seek, and new jewels will be found
It hurts to say it, but the summer has an end


Let autumn wind whisper its song
Summer sunshine rays from yesterday we remember
After a long and lovely summer,
it often feels like autumn kept going cold and gray
But the truth is that this is one of the most colorful month

Now comes the polar night and the storm's time is near
We celebrated Thanksgiving in connection with the harvest
Autumn is yellow, red and orange
This is perhaps the finest with the autumn
Take a hike and you will see how beautiful it is out there


The life light shimmers in the air
Love and delights

Death and pain
Drowsy in numbness

The leaves have never known
Embalmed darkness with grief

Cold winter is coming soon
Silver bells and white snow

Stardust, northern lights and moonlight
While wonder and guesses


Daylight change, and go to its winter rest
Night frost drips from the eaves

A cold wind rushed and shoveled his way
Caught your lungs with clear icy air

In this deep cold, it feels just right
Leave the door open to be a part of the season

Human rhythms always searching
The lunar takes its own bath in silver dust

November night will show you: The Milky Way
Keep your senses and soul awake, and enjoy it


Some say they can smell the spring
... Is it possible to smell December?
A scent of something can hit you
anytime and anywhere

The frost sneak up on the night
and color the landscape white
Northern Lights with its spectacular light
dancing in the sky
Beautiful music, has no borders
Creating a sense of meaning

So stop fighting against wind turbines
December is the month for reflection
Joy and peace ~ when darkness falls
  "A child is born in Bethlehem"

  ... ... Au Revoir ... ... Goodbye ... ... Adjø

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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True Splendid Love

                                             Whispers of two lovers
                              longing tender hearts weaving moment’s
                                       touches of sweet melting honey 
                                          exquisite scents of passion

                                          Stealing each other’s heart
                                         Entwined in a heavenly cloud
                                             as two gold bands melt  
                                         making it one soul in nature

                                       Tender dreamy, gentle kisses 
                                that floats to the moon and back by way 
                                              of the Milky Way
                                           impossibly intoxicating
                     Sparkling glittering fireworks in the clear dark velvet sky
                                two souls dance suspended in the night
                                      gently caressing each other
                                              the world is theirs

                                      Breath taken from tender kisses
                                         fascinating sensation arises
                                                  to enchantment 
                                                true splendid love 

                                    As they look into each other’s eyes,  
                                             they yearn for passions 
                                         they give their heart to love
                                            with heavens fascination 


Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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I would have settled for a smirk,
for a quirk of smug lips
and that trademark dimple
that still makes me crazy.

I would have been happy
with a transient glint
in those forget-me-not eyes,
a momentary hint
of what I felt... and still feel.

I miss the endless routine
of midnight pep talks
and morning road blocks,
of stolen glances
and skillful dances
around this knot of nerves.

Now there's just a gaping hole
where the lava once pooled
before it blistered and cooled.
And I keep picking the scab.

I want to put you in an album
and keep you on a shelf
to collect fairy dust
and never-land must.
I want to forget,
but have the means to remember.

Instead, I have scenes
from last November
dangling from my seasoned mind
with drops of dew
in my evergreen eyes.

For Tracie's "Homage" contest

*This poem was inspired by one of my favourite poems here on the Soup: "Almost" by Drake Eszes. Here is a passage I especially love:

"I was almost in the clear

Setting free her unchained melody
Didn’t see a forthcoming pain
Saturday nights, no longer the same

My mornings are still of you
A drop of dew
Dangling from emerald green edges"

Copyright © Heather Ober | Year Posted 2013

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As our patience wears thin
We encounter the Moment
Where our frustrations
Boil to the surface

That deep part of us
We choose not to reveal
Even to ourselves
Is the legend of nightmares

For what awaits us
When this dimension surfaces
Are bits and pieces of knowledge about who we are
That are too painful to see in the clear light of day

Better to be afflicted
With all manner of ache and pain
Than to see 
A part of which we really are

This denial 
Has an expiration date for all
Yet most wish to stay in denial 
And passively wait for that date to transpire
Rather than actively confront truth

If only we could believe
Really believe
That by confronting and exposing these 
Inner dimensions of ourselves

We are actually addressing the nightmare
Changing who we are
And eliminating that expiration date
From having any real meaning

Copyright © David Mayerhoff | Year Posted 2017

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- Diamonds In The Snow -

Sparkling snow crystals in a bright blue winter wonderland in your hand
A lovely thought about my pretty and beloved mother land

If you see angels in the snow you can remember the time with romance
Enjoy the tranquility descend while giving your childhood a second chance

Snow glistened and sparkled as the most beautiful diamonds at first glance
It was almost a little magic in what happened.... or was it romance

Childhood memories aroused when you see the rabbit tracks in the snow by chance
Oh, so rich I felt as a child in the clear, cold winter nights in snow crystals dance

Small red kids boots in sharp contrast to the white snow and a diamond remnants
Childrens eyes shining in delight and snow crystals sparkle of happiness evidence

A-L Andresen :)

Sponsor :Gail Angel Doyle
Contest Name:A Diamond's Remnants
Deadline:	1/15/2014 12:00:00 

(5th in the contest)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2014

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Farmers Wish


Woke up this morning with the sun in my eyes
Wishing for rain in the clear blue skies
We’re faced with a problem every single day 
Our stocks are all dying right were they lay

Tanks are all empty once again, bore’s all dead & dry
Banks want more money, but lord how I try
Year after year praying for rain
Hail Mary, my prayers are in vein

I can remember when I was a boy 
My dad and his dad too, had so much green
Had so much green green grass

We used to play and swim in the creek 
But all that I’m left with is barren ground
More dead sheep, stacked ten deep

I can’t give up not while I breath
Cause I’m a fair dinkum Aussie guy,
Who never ever gives up
Too much to live for before I say goodbye

So while there is food on the table and a beer in hand
I’ll keep on fighting for my home on the land
With my wife standing tall along my side
We’ll keep on fighting till the day we say goodbye

Copyright © Roger Hawes | Year Posted 2014

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A freezing cold evening

Where the stars shining bright

With frost blade flanks

From mouth and nose steam

In the clear silence

White untrodden snows

Nature's frozen pulse

Sleep like a little baby

One gracious moon

After the night the light is shattered into gold

At sunrise raise your heartbeat

03.01.2016 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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Looking For Old Souls

People watching today at the optometrist                                                                                         I was looking for old souls                                                                                                                Sometimes impatient  they appear as if everyone should know whats going on by now         Their in a hurry and always act like you are wasting their time                                                        Then you spot a few souls with all the time in the world with loving and kind gestures                               Souls  on a mission that look as comfortable as the day is long                                                   Glad to be here                                                                                                                                 And smiling because they know everyone makes it home in th end                                            Smiling becouse they know everyone finds their own perfection                                                    In the clear and unending preasents of God                                                                                 Think about it God dosen't make nock offs                                                                                     And God made you with the same love and care that God puts into everything else                    This world is an illusion                                                                                                                             Tailor made with the  expeariance that you need to lift the vale from your eyes                             So that you may one day see wonders that you have only dared to dream of

Copyright © Michael Ainsley | Year Posted 2013

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Frozen in Time


Hand in hand they meander through  the deserted lane, 
freshly fallen snow crumpling under foot 
Littering the sky, Bright stars,  glittering like coins on a belly dancers belt,
slowly surrender to the coming dawn

Inch by measured inch the glory of Ra overpowers the starlight. 
In a pale blue sky, a pale golden disc, the colour of ripe oats at harvest time, 
looking close enough, and cool enough, to reach out and touch. 
Brilliant rays, arrows of liquid gold, capture the pristine landscape, 
splintering like a million shards of shattered glass. 
No sound, only silence, profound, in the clear crystal air.

In the distance, a cock crows.

Long morning shadows cast by tall pines, 
revealing a lone stoat, resplendent in his ermine coat. 
Emerging from shade, merging with sunlight, 
loping across the virgin snow with bounding grace.
White on white, 
only the black tip of his tail and tiny footprints betraying his presence.

In the distance, a dog barks,
A small cottage, a stone chimney, a whisper of smoke announcing a new day,
A hardy little robin pecking with determination to uncover water under ice. 
A door slams, the robin takes flight. 
Snow slides from the roof to gather in piles like miniature Himalayas. 
Icicles drop pearls as the thaw sets in. The world is awakening.

In the distance, a train whistles.
Still holding hands they walk on.


Copyright © Margaret Foster | Year Posted 2010

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Wondering wolf

Two decades old,
Soft skin light toned,
Bushy brown hair,
skinny slim built,
Eyes blue as the sky,
Emotions and mind,
All so very shy.

Born a Capricorn,
Raised in a working class,
Ball full of energy,
shattering plates and glass,
Father held the iron fist,
Mothers mind in a mist,
Smacking, screaming, shouting,
Reminders of him as a kid,
While she was there to kiss.

Talented athlete at school,
Hung out with kids to cool,
Social pint was empty,
Only half filled with Pepsi,
Peers drank beer,
while I stayed in the clear,
Teachers had crumpet faces,
telling me to tie up my laces,
I wish id listen,
But crunched an apple,
kneeling down in the chapel,
ignoring those prayers,
fed up with restricted care.

Flickering strobes,
Shiny lazer beam lights,
Bikie gangs making me feel so bright,
Strange faces everywhere,
in a cosmos they share,
lit up like christmas,
While satan grants their wish list,
Drenched in sweat,
I realised I was running,
from throbbing headaches and pains,
Cloudy Sunday mornings,
driving me insane.

Spaceship landed,
Half matured man,
half wondering wolf,
Paws deep in mud,
preventing my quest,
for a partner in love,
Mary howls her hisses,
in strong gale winds,
Sunrise to sunset,
Fed up waiting for him,
To taste a teaspoon of courage,
To pop a balloon full of wisdom,
Sitting too comfortably,
In his own prison.

Copyright © Hayden O'Neill | Year Posted 2017

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Mystery Of A Dead Child

Pardoned through the postmortem black
The green air like gas driving through
The dense flakes laid on my head.

My body lay heavy with the sunken Red Sea.
My clearness clear all eyes, I feel nothing now,
Not the vivacious flashes of a Summer Lady

Nor the rowdy screams of children at funerals.
My body lay cold, cold as a ferret’s nose,
I could hear it scream through pale October.

And all I remember in the weary twilight:
The seat belt clamped against my silent heart
My body threw itself from the vigor of metals,

Your hell widens to the flush of my form
And I felt my psyche evaporate in the clear air
Flashes of red and blue tango perfumery against the senseless black.

And all I remember in the weary twilight
Was a slim light calling my concealed name… I answered.
The red and blue steadily vanished in the blackness.

I watch my numb body lay flat on silver
Piecing together the weary twilight of red and blue
And shutting doors, though dead stiff, it was nothing new.

Copyright © Marcus Bailey | Year Posted 2016

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Winter Dusk

The first crescent moon
Following the setting sun
With Saturn above
In the clear December sky
I send a wish to a star

Copyright © Jim Wilson | Year Posted 2008

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The Questioner

The moon fills from the top
Each day gets lighter, growing
How it hold the light and it not run out
The bottom just pouring

Seeing the moon in day
Up in the clear sky blue
Makes mind search for way to express
Ones' questions about you

Momma always said that
I could ask more questions
Than Philadelphia lawyer

(My mother always said that I asked too many questions ...Very inquistive child was I....Still 
wonder.....The word abstentions means do.)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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The day was bright and sunny
The temperature was high
The birds were singing sweetly 
High up in the clear blue sky

The babbling brook was babbling
To the sighing of the trees
The butterflies were coasting
Way up high upon the breeze

I gazed at all the wonders
Mother nature had in store
And I marvelled at her beauty
As I stood outside my door

That life affirming moment 
Sent a shiver down my spine
So I went to watch the tele
With another glass of wine

Copyright © John W Fenn | Year Posted 2011

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Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2012

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The Mountains of Colorado

A PLACE CALLED BEAUTIFUL CONTEST Sponsor: Janis Thompson Mountains of Colorado On a mount up above towards the peak of the pike, Sets the sun in the west way far up in the clear sky, The blue and pink mixed within each other alike, Snow-capped and white-laced wrapped lifted up high. As the mighty bald eagle soars beautifully overhead, His white head full of majesty with robust feathers, Brilliant orange talons watching as his prey all fled, I look all around me and see multi-colored Heather’s, Pikes Peak rises over fourteen thousand feet high, A rocky heap looking like it’s touching sweet heaven, As I watch in wonder a tender tear falls from my eye, The remarkable sights could become an obsession. Far in the distance lives the Garden of the God’s, Rusty-amber colored mountains full of wonder, The stature of these monuments may seem quite odd, Because tourists can walk through them and under. A famous attraction is known as the “Kissing Camels”, Two peaks of the mounts connected smooching in love, Last year on our vacation I told my grandson Daniel, It must be a love affair gifted from God up above. The most unique mountains seen in North America, And has captured tourists to see Mother Nature so great, I’ve educated my daughter from the Encyclopedia Britannica, Wow, Colorado sure holds beauty within its dignified state! Date Written: June 17, 2016

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2016

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The Hue of Blue

The wind rushes through the valley
whispering your name.
Autumn trees begin to release their leaves
reluctantly, trying to hold on to summer.
I see your reflection in droplets of rain,
I share your joys, and feel your pain, yet
you have moved on without a thought of 
what we once shared that summer so long ago.

As the crisp air and rain touches my face 
all those memories tend to cascade.  .  . 
flooding my mind and nearly drowning me.
Blue is my mood and my chosen hue that
lays to rest happier times in the summer sun,
in the clear cool lake, under the trees in your arms.
I, now in my autumn years, and feeling so much
like those lovely trees, reluctantly let go.

© August 24, 2013 

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2013

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Our Hero

A little piece I wrote for Flips Funeral
 There is an interlude to the beginning
 But the present has now passed
 As I record this passage
 Of a hero to the last
 So I beat a hasty path
 On my outward journey

 Two hours I estimated
 One and a half hour was the plan
 An hour by calculations
 Baring cancellations and disruptions
 So I set off on the journey
 Using my wits and guile
 To reach there on time

 Rushed from my home 
resplendently dressed
 With a sacrament at hand
 And a focus in mind
 Soon I arrived at the station
 To test my master plan

 Soon reality was to strike me 
When an announcement was made
 There are delays on the overhead
 And also on the underground.

 Plan A now a reject
 Plan B takes the stand
 Never try a one way focus
 With any task at hand

 After the interruptions 
Stops and starts
 Arrived at the next station
 With a racing heart.
 Zig, Zags the platform
 With obstacles in path
 But there waiting on the platform
 A train, ready to depart

 Then on to Brixton
 The portly man arrives
 With camera on shoulder 
And a bounder to his stride
 "And do you know the way to Bikley?" 
The portly man exclaimed
 " Are you going to the funeral?" I asked
 "Yes I am, but were you asked?"
 Me neither, You either
 As I shook my head,
 exchanging bemusing glances

 Then in our carriage, joined a mourning throng
 Bonding together our conversation of mission planned
 For we had come to pay homage to our hero
 Radical to the core
 Who taught our African history 
And did so much more.

 We soon alighted our carriage
 Then climbed up the stairs
 Youngster bounding along
 As our aged knee got sore
 Then out of the platform, to Bikleys charm
 Towers the spire of a church
 In the clear blue sky

 Where is the church in Bikley?
 A question we all asked
 Then came the reply
 Underneath them spires 
Over yonder skies
 Now as I end my journey
 So too must he ascend
 Now we are to laud his praises
 His Accomplishments.

 As I raised my head,
 the terrain did I explore
 A right and a left, a ten minutes walk 
No less no more
 Then out of to the fresh air
 The silence of the trumpeters note
 Soon at the gates we arrived
 To be greeted by ta tree, the previous night I dreamt
 For under it was laden 
Passion fruits you see
 But when I open one up
 Crystal clear water did I see.

Copyright © Reggae Magnet | Year Posted 2014

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Friday the 13th

riding out the night 
searching for that solar storm
instead, up ahead
columns of wind 
breach the scene
green trees clobber the place 
as bedlam pulls out the white swords
and once again it's on

808 Boom! 
808 Boom!
808 Boom!

moonlight exsanguinated
even though it was full as can be
no sign of Jason Voorhees either
maybe he's graduated from the mask

this place ain't so scary
I said, 
(stirring up the devils)
only 15 minutes 'till we're in the clear
Saturday 14 is near

©2014 ~JSL PoetTreez Publishing

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2014

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A place in my memory

Those lonely roads lined with touch-me-not's rain smudged walls and thatched roof tops long walked paths between the grass hearty smiling faces that pass a tiny spec at a distance far looming high in the clear blue sky a close glance at the house so dear with flowers blooming nearby The coconut trees swaying with the breeze tranquil river flowing on with ease fishermen holler and row on the sun up high its already noon the cattle rustling in the shed tired farm hands toiling for bread the smell of fresh baked rice cakes and of smoke that emanates Grannys dear face lit up bright crooning pleased at my sight hugged me close enclosed in warmth i ventured on inside The familiar room bathed in light I lay face up on the old cot ravishing the familiar feel fading into slumber longed I wake from a distant dream and ache pining for the long lost home however i may move on for within me my home lives on.
© Nadiya (25 Jan '15) * Placed 2nd in the contest 'Golden Days' by Rob Carmack on 08 April 2015.

Copyright © poesy relish | Year Posted 2015

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Under The Canopy Of The Pine Trees

Under the canopy of the pine trees we lay in our warm sleeping bags, which lay on the hard ground full of pine needles to cushion our bags, while our campfire sheds its soft glowing light that fills the night air with the scents of the smoke and forest pine.  

We’re  up so high on the mountain top that the night air is cool and so clean, free from pollution from the city below. 

We lay gazing in awe, hypnotized in the clear night sky, a theater of sparkling Stars and Constellations dancing with the North Star .The full moon is so large and bright you can almost see the man in the moon.         
The sounds of the gentle breeze blowing through the brush, and tree leaves, and away in the distance an owl is hooting, perch to dive down onto its prey, while the wildlife is out feeding by the light of the full moon.
My husband says, “There is nothing to be afraid of because the animals are more afraid of you.

Under the canopy of the pine trees we lay in our warm sleeping bags, while our campfire sheds its soft glowing light that fills the night air with the scents of the smoke and forest pine, we finally fall immediately into exhausted sleep.

By eve roper 10/19/2014

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2014

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Three ducks on a pond
With tall, tall buildings , hotels surround
This charming oasis
Quite downtown
Lures the soul weary
Something about the zigzag
In the sky blue water
So smooth
So tension unaware
And from time to time one will bob, duck
Bob then shake
Then swim quickly about
In the clear, clear water
And the seekers will point,

Dsve Austin


Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2015

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When the Weight of the Sky Pushed Them Down

      I've been doing my current job for 32 years; lots of travel, places and people.  A few memories stick out; my own Book of Hours, it would be almost one per year. 
     The first job I was on was Four Corners Power Plant, near Farmington, New Mexico, on Navajo Nation land, where the turbines brought electricity to the people, and the smokestacks brought death to the indigo plants in the area.  Shiprock, the volcanic mountain, stands to the west.  I was working the nightshift, and one day went to see it.  After sleeping in the morning, I drove west along US Highway 64, toward the mountain.  On the way, I passed a slower moving vehicle, a red pickup truck with lots of people in it, four in the cab, five or six sitting in the back.  Locals, Native Americans, Navajos. 
     The mountain was superb in shadowed relief as the afternoon sun went lower.  I got good pictures in the clear air, under nothing but blue sky.  At 8 p.m. I'd have to be back in to work, so the time came to return east toward the hotel.  After a few miles there were flashing lights in the distance; as I got closer I saw they were Navajo Tribal Police vehicles.  
     There had been an accident - the pickup truck I had passed had run off the road.  It was where the highway went through a cut in the hills, red rock walls rising on either side, red sand and dust below.  Bodies wrapped in white sheets, out of place against the red; blindingly white, impossibly white, shouldn't be. 
     I drove past the scene very slowly, and now I don't know if the three Navajo Police officers were moving or not.  I see them standing stone still, burdened, slightly bent over, heads looking at the ground, with that big, beautiful blue sky above them.  Shock and sadness stepping down from above, grief being born.  Navajos are quiet mourners, and I wonder if in the great cycle of all things, of which death is a part, the spirits were then walking away, softly, across their hearts.  Law enforcement is no stranger to traffic accidents, and tragic loss of life is sometimes seen, but this was more - this was their people.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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Strength Within You ch-1

There is beauty in your wild nature
You are the gay (happy C;) rainbow,
Painted vibrantly in the clear sky
Search for some wisdom somewhere peaceful 

Don’t walk away…

I’ll take action to change 
Who I was before…I didn’t mean to disturb you
That’s something I can’t ignore – there’s some healing in store

I wish you a good time,
Tryin’ to find determination in your heart
I know you’ll receive love when the time comes
You are curious to the core
Your strength is what I simply adore

There is strength within you
So, why are you so scared of the dark?
There is strength within you
Look up to the eagle for a fruitful flight
There is strength within you
You got to dig deep to find the gold
There is strength abiding in you
When I’m with you…we need to get along 
As long as He notices our teamwork
I’ll be your flashlight in the dead of night
I’ll be there by your side forevermore
We’re on this bumpy ride
Don’t lose faith in the long run
You have strength inside and out 
There is strength burning in your heart no doubt

Restoring might in your heart
In your heart

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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The Tombstone

It was simply an old rusty tractor
An eyesore for passers by
A graveyard, at the back, of a pasture
All covered with weeds and vines
Curiously, on slow approach, 
I wanted a closer look
Carefully climbed the barbed wire fence
Hopping over a weed wild brook
What once had been paint was flaked and gray
Oxidized and turning brown
Left to die, to bake in the sun
And weather back into the ground
Some of it's parts were stripped away
Others hanging by wires
The steering wheel and seat had strayed
Yet four worn out flattened tires
Days of use had long since passed
The weather had taken it's toll
A necessity which was built to last
Still standing and left alone
But to me it stood for something more
It stood for time and growth
Shiny and new a dream of yore
Some family's lives and hopes
How times have changed lives been sustained
The wind and dust have swirled
With growth of crops, growth of a country
The growth of a starving world
Though time had been unkind to it
Now a tombstone out in the clear
As I rubbed the rust from the relic's side
Engraved was the name John Deere

        An original poem by "poemdog" Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016