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To Count Quantum Sheep

A slow, painful waking to a vessel that's shaking from the stress of its increasing mass,
And at once I'm made sure that it's all premature, for I should yet be sleeping, and fast.

Why I've not been kept deep in my long cryo-sleep, is a troubling notion, indeed,
For it's ten light-years' span to the world where we plan to propagate our human seed.

The cryo's defect is a slow reconnect, with my senses still frozen and bare,
Yet I need my devices to discover the crisis, and keep safe the lives in my care.

I fight what's still left of the cryopod's deft reduction of all that I'm feeling,
Grab food from the fridge, stumble off to the bridge, the emergency sirens still pealing.

I at once raise the shield from the ship's forward field, and I stare straight ahead at what's wrong,
A bright purple spark in a nebula, dark, that is almost a full parsec long!

The shapes and the colors remind me of Mueller's "Two Girls" and his fine Gypsy lasses,
Lush watercolor hues of soft greens and blues, all the products of eddying gases.

It is beautiful, yes, but I do not need guess what the center is, blackened as coal,
What no light could pass through, a SINGULARITY, true, and one that would swallow us whole.

Too fast was our rate, we could not navigate 'round the nebulous dark 'twas our curse,
And our increasing mass was now too much to pass by a course we could safely traverse.

I thought, for a piece, we might try to increase the reaction at the core of our drive,
But with more anti-matter, we were apt to just splatter in a vortex we could not survive.

If we had greater distance, or some added resistance, we might slow and alter our course,
But we were too near to the black hole to veer, and being pulled in by its force.

The process, one-sided, baryogenesis provided, made our futile spot very dire,
And without the ship slowing, we were quickly now going from the frying pan into the fire.

We could not stay pointed on the course now anointed, or we'd soon meet our end there in space,
Yet we couldn't slow down, or change course to go 'round the black hole that now stared in our face.

Big on heroes, I'm not, but we DID have a shot, though a slim one, I must admit now,
I would use, (beg the term), a thing called a "worm" hole, if our increased mass would allow.

I poured three libations and did calculations required for bending the void,
Then tossed back each one, toasted daughters and son, and the ship that I'd apt leave destroyed.

I blessed the crew's slumbers and entered the numbers, hesitated at "Enter" a smidge,
And breathing a sigh, (whilst I covered one eye), I launched the command from the bridge ...


Well ... what happened next has left me perplexed, as I'm not on the ship, nor with crew,
But it must've gone well, cuz I'm still here to tell YOU the story ... now isn't that true?

I'm not on the lam, but just where I AM, is the puzzle I'm working on now,
For without ship and crew there's not much I can do, but try to get homeward, somehow.

Deep space, can I span it from here on this planet? (Though it seems to be one I can roam) ...
Ah yes, now, if only I wasn't so lonely, for the blue marble that I call ...


** 7th Place in the "Jamie's Interesting Contest 2" Poetry Contest, Jamie Pan, Sponsor, Topic - The Speed of Light. **

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Free Verse Ranch

Hear the clip-clop of iambic beats
Sounds like Shelley with a side of Keats
Is that the scritchity-scratch of a goose quill flickin’
Or just the tippity-tap of some mouse you clickin’..?

So you a prophet poet, regular Marley meets Dylan
Writin’ about oppression and unjust killin’
Shootin' the Sheriff with a Reggae song
Inspirin' your generation with a sing along

Have a shot of tequila with a wedge of lime
Saddle up but bide your time
Every last line don’t need to rhyme
I can give you a million examples

If you can't stop hittin' that lyrical pipe
Try kickin' cold turkey with oranges ripe
That's the fruit that rhymes with nothin’
Fresh squeezed it's good for somethin’

Citric acid flashback, Tang for the brain
Hyperspacin' through wormholes you cannot explain
Sun dips below the rim of a rhymeless plateau
Cow skull and cactus, a timeless tableau

In the twilight gloom, a weather-beaten sign
Free Verse Ranch is the place to dine
Gorge on rhyme-free wordplay victuals
Linguistic linguini and cage-free visuals

Specialty of the house: lemon chicken couplet
With a side of mashed onomatopotatoes--plop!
Gravy sloppin’ down slopes like molten lava
Washed down with mugs of fresh-brewed java

Buzzards circlin' the sky in a lazy ellipse
Moon moseyin' in for a total eclipse
Flee in the dark, take a steed for a ride
Jump the split rail fence to the other side

Leap back in time to a buzzin' hive
Looks like the vortex, circa 1995
Can barely think amid the din
Perfect time for the ‘shrooms to kick in

Tie-dyed girl where I left her, spinnin' in place
Band still playin' a trippy Drums n Space
But how strange that I cannot feel my face
And how did twenty years vanish without a trace?

Tumbleweed twirlin' down the rutted street
Empty rocking chair swayin' skee-reet skee-reet
'Taters still steamin' like a mini-volcano
Room reeks of whiskey stronger than Drano 

Spilled orange juice tricklin' a fly-food slurry
Someone cleared outta Free Verse Ranch in a helluva hurry
The clip-clop of iambic beats, Sheriff on my tail
He wouldn't shoot an unrhymed man, would he?

Copyright © Brian McClain | Year Posted 2016

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A Girls Night Out

It's so much fun,
When the night's just begun;
Giggles and gossip among friends.

But the more we drink,
The manlier we think;
And that's when the trouble begins.

Hey! Bartender,
Could I get two fingers
Of tequila for each of us here.

And if that ain't enough,
Since we think we're so tough;
We'll all have a shot and beer.

We bump and we grind,
And twirk our behinds;
Then up on the tables to dance.

Usually laid back,
Our wild side alcohol enhanced.

We burp and we fart,
And dare to throw darts;
We don't even suck in our gutt.

We were doing so well,
Then all went to hell;
When a dart hit the bouncer's butt.

He started for us,
Not expecting much fuss;
But feeling no pain we avail.

We beat him down,
Ordered another round;
And as usual end up in jail.

Contest: 15
Sponsor: Casarah Nance

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Chastity is never fruitful, clever or right, 
But we should all have a shot of the kite, 
That lovers’ swing that makes you happy, 
Disallowing the impudent or the snappy. 

Sex sets you up for the day and for life, 
When computers, friends don’t have life, 
It propounds the right an raises good, 
Ramifies that which you have understood. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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Ode To The Unemployed

The dollar store around the block, I didn’t have a buck
McDonalds had a happy meal , I was out of luck
The ATM was putting out, my PIN was incorrect
My bank account was overdrawn, I couldn’t write a check
My car was running empty and my credit card declined
VISA called and left a message wanting to remind
The unemployment office said I’m ineligible to receive
The resumes that I sent last week no one will ever read
The doctor’s office said to me I am uninsured
The treatment that’s required, you cannot afford
My FICO score is falling, I cannot get a loan
I cannot pay the mortgage, and soon won’t have a home
My stomach is so hungry, it’s waiting for a meal
The dumpster is in lockdown, I cannot break the seal
The lottery that I didn’t win, The slot machine was cold
The metal detector’s on the brink, I can’t find any gold
The foodbank was depleted, the soup kitchen was closed
The shelter overloaded, the sidewalk overflowed
Comcast just around the block, I could not connect
K-Mart on the boulevard, they had no respect
Walmart down the corner, I wasn’t qualified
Starbucks full of young adults, middle aged need not apply
The hotel was hiring housekeepers, bilingual I was not
Hooter’s at the strip mall, I didn’t have a shot

Copyright © Kate Hoffner | Year Posted 2011

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A Slight Revision To Aesop's Tale

An arrogant hare challenged a lethargic turtle to a race.
The hare ridiculed the turtle due to its lumbering pace.

"The loser", declared the hare " will be destined for the pot!"
The "hare"-brained turtle agreed knowing he didn't have a shot!

The turtle desperately tried to figure a way not to become the dupe,
And end his long and illustrious life as a repast of turtle soup!

They began the race and the hopping hare surged way ahead.
The ponderous turtle trailed behind with a growing sense of dread!

O'er the meadows and through the piney woods they raced.
The turtle could readily see that he was being outpaced!

"Fiddle faddle!" wheezed the hare "I'm gonna stop and take a nap!"
The turtle trundled steadily onward and quickly closed the gap!

When the hare awoke the turtle had crossed the finish line!
"Aha!" quoth the turtle, "it won't be me on which they dine!"

The bewildered hare was stewed and made a fine rarebit stew,
Making a tasty meal upon which the turtle could leisurely chew!

The moral of this tale is one that is echoed from the past:
"The last shall be first and the first shall be last!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 1 in Poet Destroyer's "Turtle Soup" Contest - August 2010

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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Spit In My Face

Forgive me or condemn me.
I'm imperfect.
Nothing will change the way that I stand or present myself.
I will stand here until this world fades away.
In this place, we all die young.
So will you live or let me down like always?
I see the way you fall.
Living your life on your knees.
You fall for everything, give up on everything, you'll never have a chance.
I can see straight through your crooked eyes.
Infallible lies.
Again and again.
You can't help yourself.
Let the truth be told.
I got this feeling.
I don't think we will ever be the same.
We are bound to be polar opposites, you believe in nothing.
You fight for nothing.
You stand for nothing.
Am I the only one left with a mind of my own? 
This makes me sick. 
Get out of my face. 
Decisions need to be made.
You need to change.
How can you just let your mind be     d? 
Your free will just stripped away. 
It's like you make every effort to just spit in my face.
When will you stand?
When will you get off your knees?
I'm disgusted at your lack to live or believe in anything.
Get up.
I will not help you to your feet.
You're not that weak.
Will you stand or continue to fall?
You have a shot to end this all.
Pull the trigger or just spit in my face.

Copyright © Logan Saucillo | Year Posted 2009

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Bound and Unbound

I’m sure you’ve never heard of her – 
Her name was Judith Scott.
The cards were stacked against her
So she didn’t have a shot.

Both Down’s and deafness were her lot;
Her twin was not affected.
An institution was her home
Where nothing was expected.

When she was in her 40’s though,
Her sister got her out
And only then did she first taste
What life was all about.

A center for disabled folk
Taught art and Judith thrived.
In sculpture using cloth and objects,
Artistry arrived.

Her colorful creations now
In Brooklyn* can be found.
Together they’re displayed and titled
“Bound and” yes, “Unbound.”

No one knew what Judith Scott
Was thinking while creating,
But she’s the proof within us all
Potential might be waiting.

*Brooklyn Museum

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2015

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I think I will go to the boat Inn and have a shot or two maybe three

of burbon to smooth my skin, all the liqure yum yum that looks so deceious to me, I think i might move from this spot the guy sitting next to me thinks Im his go go dancer oh the foolish choices i've made ding ding I'm the winner.This place is getting crowed  to many hillbilly outlaws comming in the door they need to remove the buck shots from their *** hee haw and mop the floor,OH all the people are making a mess to think i have to clean there dirty glass if they only know how hard i work maybe they will get drunk enough to spit shine the floors.Yes i think i need to find a spot so i decided to get up and stumble out side, hey bartender looks like i need some more line em up buddy  four , five , maybe six will do the trick, Oh i love this boat  my head is starting to spin with the current of the wind.  And the music i hear i think I can take the stage oh now I lost my sheet of music i was singing to,now the word's we will never see,It was a classic wonder I sung a million before,but with out a beat I cant sing no more,cant stomp my feet cant feel the floor, All the violins don't play all the strings have popped and slung away,and my piano is missing keys and for the sake of me my guitars are busted out of tune i shall pass to sing for thee.Oh this place is such a mess to think i have to work in such a place.

Copyright © mary hardin | Year Posted 2013

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The New Resolution

On New Year's Eve I was a wreck,
I didn't have a shot...
fearing I would get extremely sick
and spill out my gut.

I went out without a coat 
gloves, scarf and hat,
thinking it was still Fall;
the harsh wind blew everywhere,
even walking was tough. 
I reached home before nightfall,
and drank hot tea to relieve 
the chills and the steady cough.
The new resolution is too unrealistic to keep,
I have to make changes to my diet: eat
more fruits and veggies, lose some fat
in my tummy and be as fit as an athlete;
I won't win a gold medal, but staying fit
it's worth my time and effort...wish me luck!

Written on 1/3/2017

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2017

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dancing with rain

i love writing about anything. it just so happens to be 
that drinkin that ole No.7 whisky is nothing new to me
i love a good hard drink makes me think
not of the world but of what cd to play
am i into rockin hard or should i kick it the country way
i love all types of music - reggaeton best of all
if you can crank up the bass i am happier than "jane
in my own world...gettin me would have to be insane
drinkin beverages of my desire's choice
is like speaking without words...a whisper-like voice
let my eyes do the talking for me
makes me wonder
last night i danced in the thunder
would have been great if a bottle i would have had
ah.. but i am a nature girl
the best times are in the rain wild.. 
i have no reason to be sad
i love dancing in the rain
staring at the sky
lightning decorates the night
yeah true a shot of liquor would have played out just right
maybe next time it rains and wind howls its melody
i will have a shot of Jack, Cuervo, Patron...maybe 3 

Copyright © Kathy Guerra | Year Posted 2009

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Addicted More Than I Think

I bet you won't call
You know its true
You're addicted to your buddies
I'm addicted to you

I stay up waiting for your call
Insomnia; sleepless
You will never realize
You are my biggest weakness

You said you would call two hours ago
It's cold and I'm still waiting
It will never be you,
Only the friends I'll be hating

Happy Anniversary baby!
What? out with the guys again?
Call me when your guys night out is over,
Maybe we can talk then

I don't like this side of you
Drinking, partying, buddies trying to fix you up with others, whatever
It hurts so damn bad
But I will leave you never

I wake up and see I have a voice mail
It's from you; I'm so happy!
"I lost track of time, 
your too controlling."

I break down crying
Realizing I'm no better than you
Grabbing the bottle, I say
I'll only have a shot or two

Time has passed
I'm drunk as hell
The saddest thing is
I love you still

Trying too drink away the pain
hours flash by day turns too night
tears falling down my face like rain
Why is loving you such a fight??

Please do not judge me by this poem. I wrote it when I was 19 and having a very hard time in my life. Drinking was what I turned too. Things have since turned around a little. I no longer drink so that's a plus

Copyright © mandy cabral | Year Posted 2012

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Throw In The Towel, Old Man

It's nice and sunny today
but this week's been rough,
more snow than I can handle
this Winter has been quite tough.

Twice already in three days
we've been blasted by snow,
I'd like to express to this Winter
"Come on. Just let it go!"

Father Winter wants to hang on
for as long as he possibly can,
"You have to give it up.
Just throw in the towel, old man!"

Spring is showing up tomorrow
she will want to have a shot,
sprinkling rain, making flowers bloom
making the air nice and hot.

I'm afraid that the snow
will stick around until July,
I won't take this anymore, Old Man
with me, it just won't fly.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

Saturday night into all day Sunday, we got blasted with 35cm of snow. Tuesday night into Wednesday, we got blasted with another 30cm or so, on top of that. This Old Man has been relentless. Our city broke the snowfall amount on Sunday, by 5cm. So far, we've received around 451cm since February. And to top that off, we're in for more snow this coming Saturday. ARGH!!!!

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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does anyone

        Does anyone have a shovel so i can bury away these nightmares
         And keep them stored away so i don't have to live in fear
          Does anyone have a magic eraser to go back and erase time
          And i wouldn't have to remember all your beatings and lies
          Does anyone have a pill that you can take to forget your life
          And you could start all over again and live without strife
           Does anyone have a book to tell you how to live life right
           And maybe i wouldn't feel so weak and be able to stand up and fight
           Does anyone have a shot to make a bad dad be good
           And stop breaking the kids hearts and do what a dad should
           Does anyone have a magic carpet so we can just fly away
           And we could leave with nothing to say

Copyright © crystal smith | Year Posted 2011

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Shattered Heart

Shattered Heart

Wish I had a story to tell
But I doubt I could tell it well.
For there’s a wall around my shattered heart,
Scribbled down lines at an attempt to start.

My mind is open but my thoughts aren’t free,
There’s a shadow of mystery surrounding me.
For every time you’re close, I run away,
While spending my days trying to make you stay.

I don’t know when I’ve gained, but I know when I lose,
I run around crazily with my neck in a noose.
I desperately search for what I already got,
But I’m determined to fail when I have a shot.

I’m a distant runner yet I’m standing still,
I’m an open book with a closed seal.
Trained to attack but this dog don’t bite,
I love to pick but hate to fight.

So my greatest advice to you is to let me be,
I’m way too complicated from what your eyes can see.
I’m a shattered heart with no time to heal,
A tortured soul left after a kill.

Copyright © Jeff Morehead | Year Posted 2014

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Captain Tossabout

On a dark and stormy night
A ship hit a rock
Out of dread and fright
Passengers cried “what the fock?”

Bodies went flying
To and fro
Some were dying
As you probably know

But there was a boat
Over the side
Standing afloat
30 made it inside

The boat was made for seven
Cpt. Tossabout had to choose
Who would go to heaven
You know, who would loose

He had to think quick
He had to think fast
He had to pick
Who would be first, who would be last

He brainstormed a bit
And he thought
“this is it”
“I have a shot”

All eyes fell upon him
As he cleared his throat
He wondered who could swim
As he looked around the boat

“Simon Says is the game we’ll play”
“And the winners will stay”
To this everyone agreed
Cpt. Tossabout said “I’ll lead”

“Simon says jump over board”
Amazingly each body soared
They all went to Davey Jones’ locker
Cpt. Tossabout was a smart motherfocker.

Copyright © lori hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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Driving Through a Downpour

When driving through a downpour
You must keep a careful watch
And hope your driving record
You won’t have a chance to botch.

You have to raise your highway skills
By more than just a notch
And once at home, the thing to do
Is have a shot of scotch!

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2013

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My fight

I fear confrontation. But i'm in love with temptation. 
His dark chocolate self makes me want to
let him pierce a hole below my naval. 
I fear being played. 
I'm in actor 
yet I fear being staged.
I don't want this to turn into some childish game.
This isn't some freezbie your tossing it's my heart 
and it will break like glass being thrown at a cop.
there would be not turning back.
My heart would be jailed.
In actuality my body would be free.
But the insides of my soul would be 
crispy like crown fried chicken with gravy.
I fear confrontation. Yet everyone's telling me this is my fight.
They say i'm either in it to win it or I should quit pretending i'm with it.
So many insecurities sink me below.
My lip gloss is popping, but I don't have a shot in hell
if I don't think i'm popping as well. 
Every step I go I think about stopping. He won't choose me.
So why keep rocking?
I feel like this is my biggest test of all. 
I fear confrontation. But I crave all these sensations when he's involved. 
This is my fight.
This is a pivotal moment in my history. She ain't always gonna be wifey.
I will see to it. By the end of this I will gain victory.

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2007

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My (one of those) Day

He loves me
He loves me not
I guess I didn't have a shot
We're over now
He's moving on
The tears are streaming down my face

The girls like me
The girls like me not
I guess I'm kind of caught
I don't want to play
They don't want me
The tears are streaming down my face

Have you ever had one of those days
Where everything in your world is falling to pieces
And the only thing you can do is
Let your tears fall with them...

Copyright © Jen H. | Year Posted 2009

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Comforts of Joy

Practice-practice-practice, be good at what you know;
Patient-patient-patient, it takes some time to grow.
forgive-forgive-forgive, you could make the same mistakes;
Kindness-kindness-kindness, be good for goodness sake.

He practiced and he practiced, but nothing ever changed;
It's  been some time so patients shown, yet he has no open range.
He did forgive the pet, for messing on the rug;
Now isn't that a kindness, he asks with shoulders shrugged.

He wonders what he's seeing, it looks like purple haze;
And what are all those walls about, is life some kind of maze.
By the law he's been mistreated and his car is out of gas;
And his lenders look for money, from some where in his ***.

It's said that money isn't everything, it's the root of all our evils;
Yet he has no way to pay his bills and his life is in upheaval.
Smoking is no good for you and drinking's probably worse;
And sex if you're not married, some call the devils curse.

Cities changed the boulevard to Martin Luther King;
Why not name the city after him, for he too had his dreams.
Jesus loved the little children; the British love their queen;
He's been told to be a patriot, but he's not sure what that means.

Take a look around, tell me what you see;
Do you see a lot of people, just like you and me?
Are we searching for acceptance, but we're not sure what is true;
Are we hoping for some better times, but the money man intrudes.

Have a shot of blended courage folks, the first ones on the house;
And the girls have imitation sweetener, up inside their blouse.
Welcome to the new millennium and welcome to the show;
Of course there is a service charge, its peace of mind you know.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2007

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I'm trying to keep this love from dying

This relationship is gonna bust
If you don't bring back the trust
That we promised to each other
You seem like its such a bother
To fix things that are going wrong
We used to be solid and strong
Now the weakness is on you
I don't know what else to do
I'm giving it all I've got
Thinking we might have a shot
But no matter what I do
It is not affecting you
I'm giving 100 percent
But it's not making a dent
In the problems we must nail
Your efforts making us fail
Your not tryna help at all
Like you want us both to fall
What's making you give us up
Am I boring, not enough
To keep your attention span
I want us back where we began
Come on give it one more try
Before you leave and say goodbye

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2018

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This mirage like distance
Are you there, are you not?
I could reach out to you for instance
Hold out my hand and feel like I have a shot
But this closeness is all in my head
Your image dissepates and I sink in quick sand
And it's this mirage like distance that I don't get
I can't understand, I hold out my hand
I can see you, always within my field of vision
But inches are really miles of land
Further and further, I have already lost my destination
My eyes are chasing this image that can't be caught
Are u there, are you not?
Reaching out, trying to grasp nothing more than a thought
This mirage like distance is all I got

Copyright © Shagesa Mattheeuw | Year Posted 2018

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I’m numb; tears only come now   
when I have a shot of whiskey.  
I miss the man you used to be,
or, the man I thought you were. 
or, the man I wanted you to be. 

Copyright © Becca Teagan | Year Posted 2018

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Sojourn 2 Part 1

Hidden in the crevices

Of the darkest cellar

The cobwebs grow

Upon the darkness of a heart

That hasn’t felt the light of a human connection

In the longest

The forlorn expression

Of a thousand yard stare

Where releasing tension isn’t being loved

Through and through

An island of doom and gloom.

Mushroomed into an apathetic misanthrope

Hating anyone that dares to knock at your gate

This isn’t an inspired fate

More of a reaction as to the first shot

Fired across the pond

And if any semblance of light comes through

It is judged, you got lucky

Or just a symptom of a deteriorating mental state

For I didn’t wish to be violated

Oh, I wish I could have pummeled you

Alas, I’m not a fighter

But question if I’m a lover

Logically, there must be someone out there

In the flesh you can relate to.


The road bleak




With no hope in sight

Until I saw the light.

I have seen the error of my ways

Live to fight another day

I’ve been waiting for this revelation

And no amount of frustration or alienation

Is going to sway me from this bountiful light.

Why yes?

Why not?

Everyone to have a shot

That opportunity for greatness

The golden ring


A bad ad lib?

A gaff?

The flag at half mast

Now it waves proudly

And I’m not going to forget

They can watch it on via a rerun

It’s time to breathe purity

Heaven sent.


This moment

You must seize

Slam the door to the past

Some believe you’re cognitively deficient

Or perhaps a masochist

Cause it’s easier to play the sympathy card

And become the erstwhile victim for life.

Undeniably smart

Without a lick of common sense

Selfish at the expense of others

Or so they assume

Emotions close to the vest

Castle walls remain sound proof

You could be an entertainer

Or an eccentric recluse

As you’re still waiting for the definite definition

As to what a human being is

It isn’t so black and white

You gotta think…

Start the process

And remain on the track

Don’t let others try to trick you

Into believing they’ve got something better

They are just conjurers

Of another soul crushing disappointing illusion

There is nothing but clarity

The truest of purposes

With the realization

You can’t do it alone.

P-3/18, 4/18, 5/18

Copyright © eric ploscik | Year Posted 2018