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Watch the frolicking squirrels scamper hither and thither, tree branch to fence, fence to ground. Follow the leader! Across a telephone wire, they dash, then flash down the poles; scurrying through yards, they play. Energy to burn.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2015

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Dance With My Words

Dance with my words,
and I'll dance with yours
Let's do a pen pirouette,
lets make some passionate scribbling noise

I'll let you teach me how to move
in perfect iambic meter
Take me through my paces just right,
doing odd cadence swirls
as we play follow the leader

I speak,
you can hear
I heard you dear,
your voice is so clear
Now come close, closer here,
let me whisper in your ear
The things I want to say,
how I do love you ...
you love me too
Dance with me,
just you

I'll dance with your words,
and you'll dance with mine
Let's do a pen tango dip step,
synchronized thoughts forever entwined

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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Inching, inching, slowly inching;
Inchworm loopingly inching along.
Measuring, measuring, carefully measuring;
Careful to measure no measurement wrong.
Reaching, reaching, slowly reaching;
Front-end reachingly seeking a hold.
Following, following, other-end following;
Follow the leader unerringly bold.
Onward, onward--ever onward;
Inchworm tirelessly inching away.
Answer me, answer me, measure worm, answer me,
How many inches have you inched today?

Copyright © William Robinson | Year Posted 2005

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Not Ready Yet

If you think I need to be sitting 
On my back porch wishing on a star
I’m not ready yet for that rocking chair 
I’ll rock to the stereo in my car
I’m not ready yet for the second part
Of this long and hard journey
I won’t play follow the leader
The leader can follow me
I can’t dance to someone else’s tune
They can’t dance to mine
I’m not ready yet for the BINGO set
And I’ll never walk the line
I may be a little crazy but that’s okay
I’ll greet each day with a happy smile
I’m not ready yet for going home
I’m going to be here for a while
There’s a big bright beautiful world out there
And a lot more that I want to try
So I’m not ready yet for that rocking chair
I’m going to keep living until I die.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2008

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Follow The Leader Please

Confident, assertive
Leading, aiding, helping,
Friends, admirers, haters, destroyers
Gossiping, bossing, glaring
Passive, aggressive

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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.              ***
.              ***

___hello kitty___

pretty and stylish
clean sassy paw print shower
purr-fect flower smell

__sea of stupidity___

life without reason
beauty vanished common sense
follow the leader

___city dreams___

low rise grey sunrise 
dusty wind music terror
crystal clear sunset.

___brain storming___

business in the sky
thirst engraved in my sand wall
wishing well compel

___live bait___

catch me if you can
deep under salty water
aquatic spew smell

___turtle wax___

twisted fresh smell
beautiful shine in the sun
clear crystal rain X

___lonely and apart___

an empty kettle
fall like a flower petal
wet window ledge

___ Margarita Time__

stainless creation
blizzard form from tornado
cold temptations

___ withdrawals ___

clouds hide down below
my heart, my body, my soul
a certain form lost


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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Two By Two, They Took A Cruise

As Noah gathered his flocks, and he gathered his herds
Two by two, from the frogs, to the birds
They would follow the leader, right into the ark
Indeed, he was told "Build a ship, and embark!
There's a flood coming soon, 40 days, 40 nights
Some thought he was crazy, his decision a plight!

Noah's two monkeys, had a devilish side!
They quickly jumped on the back of the elephants' hides
They took unfair advantage
Even carrying their luggage
While these jumbo sized taxis....gave them a ride

Horace and Doris were at the end of the line
As tortoises go, they would need extra time
Inching their way up, took an slow
While the rest of the group, cheered them on from the bow
till finally they were sealing ship's bolted door shut!

And soon rains were pouring, first sprinkles, then lots!
At dinner each night, as they would gather to dine
Like a cruise, quite gourmet, .....big buffets , even wine
They bought in the first course, a huge bowl of soup
In the hot broth was a rabbit, swimming in loops!!

"Oh Noah! Come quickly!"..."There's a hare in my soup!!"
And soon all the twosomes, were laughing and hooting

The ark was party, filled to the brim
Two for the road, and one for the swim

They would follow the leader, right into the ark
Indeed, he was told "Build a ship, and embark!
There's a flood coming soon, 40 days, 40 nights
Some thought he was crazy, some partied all night
But the risk was a good one, it seems he was right!

Circumstances might make us lose faith in our whims
And it might look as if all our chances are dim 

Do not give in !  Or at least have fun
For laughter's the best medicine under the sun!!


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Confidence Shines

What's up with all y'all?

I'm awkward and tall

Catch me before I fall

I'm dancing in the Hall of Fame

Shame just came...just came...

Tame me up in God's name

Liar and cheaters aren't tolerated here 

Lick me with your fire and hold me dear

Have no fear; darling, have no fear

Steer the boat away from trouble...

Danger will double...double...

Don't burst my bubble...bubble...

Bubbled up by bubbles...

I'm not dumb - I'm a young teenager right in front of your face

I'm super deeduper smart and fantabulous in vast grace

The future has got me many places...I remember the traces

In a coma 

Add on my stress like a comma...

I pause, then I go

You know, I'm living just foshow

Leave me alone, negativity

I invite you in, positivity 

I need You to make me optimistic 

I don't wanna be so pessimistic 

Sarcasm was rolling off my tongue

You're my other lung

Lunge into me, breath of the Holy Spirit

I have a boyfriend, so quit your ****

You can eat me up bit by bit...

Because I don't throw those 5-year-old fits

Too many times have I covered up for you

You belong with me, darling, it's true

I'm a wild child for a reason

I am as magical as the winter season

Like, seriously, brah, you good in the hood

Because shame on me - I'm misunderstood

My confident stride 

Is due to my bipolar ride

My confidence shines

Paying your fines

Punks and dorks are filling this room with doom

Let me bloom like a butterfly flower...consume

Happiness...resume on with your joy and peace - get a room!

I am growing like a mushroom...

I hear the explosion of excellence - boom!

The writer, the fighter...

Has came back 7-fold

I'm a sensitive guy, so don't go higher...

We are on the same level, my darling devil

I am oh so bold...

Maybe a little too much for my own good

I'm in the arms of a billion angels

In all angles...stripped down by devils

I blush, for you are the one for me

I crushed on you, my blessed baby

Let's live on and die a mighty winner

For, you are a winner, reader

Confidence shines...let's follow the Leader

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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I now stand before you,
I am beggign you, I plead.
To mark the prefect man,
For the end of that man is peace.

There is nothing sweeter,
No greater thing around.
Than to follow someone,
With a mind that is sound.

For a double minded man;
Is unstable in all of his ways.
And he is hard to follow;
And you will find that it pays.

To mark the perfect man,
For the end of Him is peace.
Follow Jesus the great Leader,
And keep your mind at ease.

Copyright © Daisy Marie Yant | Year Posted 2015

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Masters versus masses

If the masses works a slaves and servants
For these politician… great and giants
       Poverty will prevail
       More families will fail
There will be a war of the plants and ants.

For follow the leader contest

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2010

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One's Own Slipstream

One’s Own Slipstream
                    by Odin Roark

Movement frozen
Knows of risks in waiting.

Three lanes,
Seven lanes,
Life’s autobahn,
Always beckoning,
Seduction to follow.
Isn't that what it's all about?

Starting way back…

A grade school playground,
Force takes power.
To stay on side lines,
The longing to steer into the "follow" lane,
Surge to the power's fast lane,
Grab the pull,
The bully in front,
Breaking resistance,
Its girth of momentum unstoppable.
You glimpse for the first time…Free rides,
No risk,
Cocooned safety.

School yards,
I-Hop revisits,
GPA encroachment,
Pedal to the metal.

"The World is a Vampire"
You know not,
Not yet.

The interview
The job
The greater pull,
Fast lane in view,
Entrance ramp available.

Quintessential speed…yes.

Follow the leader,
Rise to the top,
Meet the power,
Meet the future spouse,
The speed,
The even greater pull,
The free ride really looks free.

Perpetual hang-overs follow…

The grind,
The history,
The babies,
The promotions,
The divorces,

Finally the peace…

The return,
The dirt roads,
The two wheeled bike,
The ruts,
The flats,

Discovering one’s own slipstream,


Copyright © Odin Roark | Year Posted 2014

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when did I start loving you???????????

before Jeezy and Weezy
before going platinum was easy
before rock wit it snapping and leaning
before the souls of B.I.G and Pac was leaving
before the media hyped the east and the west into beefing
before thugging was a part of emceeing
before your image was the star it was words and meanings
before the girls in Compton sang we want Eazy
before Rakim told us to follow the leader
before Run was rhyming about his Adidas
before Grandmaster Flash got his first set of needles
before rappers delight pumped out of radio  speakers
before djing,break dancing,emceeing,grafhetti
before I learned to tie up my sneakers
before my mom felt the kick of a fetus
before Africans were kidnapped and beaten
before Harriet Tubman lead them to freedom
before blacks were considered 3/4 people
before  the pilgrims left for religious freedom
before Judas sold out Jesus
before the serpent deceived eve in the garden of Eden
before light seperated the morning and evening 


Copyright © michael white | Year Posted 2006

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Down or Mediocre

I went berserk
I went Down 
Down Under the ocean
Down Under the sea
Sea for invisible to be
Sea for none to see
See the limits
See the Rules
Rules to restrict
Rules to follow
Follow the leader
Follow the mediocre
Mediocre is the way to be
Mediocre is the way of life
Life that is bourgeois
Life that is ordinary
Ordinary gets accepted
Ordinary gets praised
Praise the like minded
Praise never the merit
Merit excels
Merit kills
Kill the Merit
Kill the competition
Competition breeds competition
Competition needs competitor
Competitor works 
Competitor takes risks
Risk may earn 
Risk may reward
Reward is a bribe
Reward is a carrot
Carrot is shown to a horse
Carrot encourages greed
Greed is unending
Greed never stops
Stop the work
Stop the downfall
Downfall cripples 
Downfall hurts
Hurt those who push
Hurt others
Others need to imitate
Others need to follow
Follow you
Follow the mediocre
Mediocre is guarded
Mediocre is protected

Shrineetee Kar
Aug 21, 2015

Copyright © Shrineetee Kar | Year Posted 2015

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Vapor Barrier Mastic

Oxygen is depleting from what remains within the confines of which, a means to an end, lie guarded. Watch as hope disappears within the aftermath of this wreckage, which was constructed-meticulously seeking absolute perfection…; only to be as free as fatalities-secrets’, which barriers this perimeter—forming a mastic that—not even vapor is able to escape from this prison. Present in thy eyes lie a truth that cannot keep its whispers from escaping; eventually… Beat down by life itself, wave's crash against its walls—as seasons change—along with the illusion of time—whose wrinkles prove such reality with lightning bolts that strike-! An innocent child born without choice, clinches his blanket that safety is associated with, provoking made belief…; unknowingly. Development reeks of bad habits that we can smell through memory and we are constantly reminded by; an individual society. Habitual offenders nibble on the cuticles of man; robbing innocence. Cracks form on fingers, and we can smell the fear of big bully pointing out who’s at fault. Convenience revealed, seems to relevant actions; opportunity knocks off another unsatisfied customer; sold a life that feels nice, warm and cozy; safe. Consumed by a social class that really is not all that classy. Dogs are eating other dogs, and considering the grim outlook of animalistic superiority; to be considered complimentary…

All inclusive seems to be a matter of opinion, paid for in blood bathed warfare-concealed by our trusted representatives. Betrayal is but a birthright, as mass graves are mocked by the biggest tombstone. Suffocated by an imaginary prison that is all too real. Perceptions’ believe in concrete evidence that is evidently normal. Vast majority compares this ideal with John Doe. Jane’s addiction is double-wrapped; stapled, and coated with vapor barrier mastic; to comply with code. We appoint an inspector to review your work. This is yet another massive blow to morality. Integrity is locked in the basement with Jose. Entitlements’ misery is communicated through misinterpretation, resulting in the dissolution of marriage. Secretively seeing select traits, overshadowing what good may be left to salvage. Society of our misunderstanding is not to be spoken of; is that understood!? Follow the leader and obey your master. Hide in your prison cell that is what we call a human body; a house for a soul. Damaged goods, we are mentally challenged, which we call special… Only to be identified by the exact difference. “Nobody’s perfect! You are not special. How dare you?” Limitations placed on life, enforced by invisible boundaries that are merely as fake as the vapor barrier mastic we hide inside. Insulation that we weren’t born with is installed by an illusion. Man created this illusion. This illusion is man. We call it society. Truth is kept hidden. People who test the invisible boundaries are called delusional. That is because they truly must be, detached from this illusion. Man is limited by man…

Something deep inside the puzzles of our souls, are missing pieces. These pieces are being held hostage within the confines of our vapor barrier mastic. Faith that we are of a higher meaning, certainly must mean we are capable to achieve a more codified comprehension of collective justice. The missing pieces are inside us. Fear driven, limited individual perceptions' is the vapor barrier mastic. We create this illusion. We bring this illusion of reality to life through the collective consciousness that—we can only identify with as society. Questions cannot always be justly answered. Answers are but an illusion of perceptive truth. Truth is only what we individually deem just. Justice just is. Just is what we are. We are all is. We all are afraid of what we just do not understand. The answer for this questionable life just is. The truth just is hidden beneath our vapor barrier mastic.


Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2016

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Follow the leader

I am the thing humans want most
Changing hands, this way and that 
Dirty, stale, but this wasn't always so
I was born clean, perfect and neatly stacked 
Issued from a cloning machine, brothers-in-arms 
Cut from the mechanical womb, separated 
Dispensed to all of you reading this 
you have all known me, grasped me with 
your oily skin, all of you guilty of
using me in varieties of ways, sometimes 
I make you sick, so you turn as green 
as my outer-self, I am as old as 
the faces that are etched onto me
Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson 
and Franklin all smile up, as you
dispense with you affairs. I am the 
universal drug of humanity. The tool 
that proceeded fire, the invention of 
all doomed societies. But I am 
simply the usher, showing you to 
you seat. The grand-show is what
I simple lead you too, your Paper 
Guide. Follow me along the river of 
greed, as we all follow the Ferry-Man 
along the River Styx. You think little of 
ME, and yet I bring you  all of your 
desires. Sit down and enjoy yourself
with me, your friend, Money.

Copyright © Colin Amato | Year Posted 2009

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Follow the leader into the unknown,

   Proving just how little we’ve grown!

      Never to be more than pawns,

         Nothing more than thoughtless spawn!
            And they wonder why our minds are blown!

~6th Place in the "Follower or Leader" Contest by Carolyn Devonshire~

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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a passion that's passionless

the rations of hope tears me down, wears me down, and scares me down
why must i follow the hollow regions in which i dare choose to wallow
the enjoyment of the employment is so strangely and mysteriously flamboyant
i will never ever pull the lever like i am the poster boy for 'clever'

where my heart goes, it plays 'follow the leader' with yours
you never know i am watching because you always know i am there
reciprocity is like the constipated gymnastics that makes my reflexes feel arthritic
there are two raindrops on my coat in the cold, and as a result i die a slow death

what must i do to find a clue to dissolve the vapors of this voodoo
how must i be to prove to The Main Me that somewhere internally there still exists a zest and some glee
why can i not truly conceal the lack that is always off track in a sooty veil of pitch basic black
it must be because the pause that life insinuates always seems to have that inevitable hidden clause....

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2014

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Follow the Leader

Wisdom to follow
Is often more powerful
Than wisdom to lead

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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however here we still remain

the road to her was not easy
the valleys of her mind were not smooth ones
there were times when love smelled like new suitcases
there were times when hate and its pungency was the freshest scent
however here we still remain wrapped in each others arms
how we can be big kids teasing adult things is beyond me
how we can remove the thorns and clean and bandages all the wounds is not that plain to see
the road to me was not that easy either
the volume of my moodiness brought out the worst in the worst
my loner's mentality was like arrows playing follow the leader with arrows
there were moments when we were plotting murder schemes in our minds
there were moments when we wanted to just jump from some high place ourselves
however here we still remain kissing each other like halloween candy bandits
how what comes next transpires is beyond even the most vivid imagination
how what ultimately becomes the conclusion occurs befuddles even the most genius of a mind
all we know is that we simply love each other
the rest we put in the Healing Hands of God....

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2014

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Where A Dark Path Leads

If you have a troubled teenager or a child with a trouble teenagers tendencies this is for them. I hope that I can change the way that they look at life and please leave a comment if I helped in any way. I need to know that there's hope for them....

You live your life how you want because of your upbringing. 
You're either spoiled, was exposed to so much negativity, dealt with a lot physical, sexual, or emotional pain, feel like your parents didn't care enough, or just plain bored.
Your mom cried and your dad yelled.
How could they ever understand you when they're part of the reason why you are the way you are?
Their words goes in one ear and out the other.
You're going to do what you want because you're against the world on the outside.
Inside, you're at a constant struggle with yourself. 
Still, your outside always win.
So you curse, party, and get involved with people just like your outside.
Everyone else is boring and seems old before they get there.
They should get with the trend or get teased and bullied.
Besides all the arguements, you're life is fun and exciting. 
You couldn't ask for better.


But who can you talk to when you hit rock bottom and your support system gives up on you?
Who would believe that you're going to change when you say that constantly?

Think about it.

I was all of the above. I said I'd never do most of the things I've done. I lived my life how I wanted to because I felt alone. I Ignored the positive words given to me thinking that they were negative because people were angry or I thought that they were jealous of my life. Now I see it's because of disappointment. Dont think that your parents or guardians are being hypocrites because in reality they want you to be better than them. Never take them for granted because they could be here for one moment and gone the next. If they're telling you that something is unhealthy then listen to them. I'm just now doing it at twenty-one with a preschooler, anixety, down to two friends who didn't follow me and Im not in a relationship. Im still just a baby myself. I look at my child and pray that they're different from me. Don't play follow the leader and never let anyone get the best of you just because you're different or trying to be for a better future. Know your worth and how much you mean to those around you because your current blink could be your last. Don't waste your life. Love yourself positively. 

R.I.P. to those we've losted to bullying, drugs, abuse, and diseases.

Copyright © Ms Renee | Year Posted 2016

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06 Generation X

Another year upon us
raw and longing
Swallow the feeling
and nonsense they're feeding
Corruption of souls
out of control
Missing in action
disasters are maximum
Defenses, expenses
apparent regreting
Incisive decisions
still failing their missions
Brainwashed from the womb
lead astray through bitter days
Broken wing in fields a blaze
programed to the pain
Follow the leader
that bleeds you dry
Follow the leader
that helps you die
Never ending
mothers cry
Same old story
diffrent times.

Copyright © Nathan Anderson | Year Posted 2006

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You used to laugh every time Charlie Brown fell for lucys same old trick you never said it but your brain smiled and told you what lucy would say next .football head .
You came to work with goggles a cape and slippers on your boss thought it a bit odd and said heros dont live here go home. You moped down the walk then  snoopy and Woodstock  appeared on your shoulder and you understood there language and what they wanted to take you for a ride.and they took you past the sky.
You cheered for linus in all his precious moments the day he became friends with a girl with cancer and even faithfully defend her from mean little chicks.the days he carried that blanket around like it was his soul and caused every little kid in the world to follow the leader and if mom stopped to wash it they all had a fit and the days of the great  pumpkin  were you told your mom to never plant a pumpkin in your backyard after watching it but secretly were saving seeds.
Your childhood you grew and your last Christmas as a child you still watched the peanut christmas special wether they were dirty or playing the piano or just a brave dog kissing lucy they were all there at Christmas giving you something to hold onto.

Copyright © tifarrah miller | Year Posted 2015

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Stuck In Traffic

I was going to change to the fast lane,
when abruptly the traffic flow ended,
red brake lights giving amber alerts say,
better slow down or you'll get hurt,

Follow the leader like a pied piper snail,
then stop and go like your delivering mail,
sit and wait patiently for some small movement,
interstate constipated needs motor routing,

Mysterious destination exit a little bit up ahead,
some daring cars take the detour and anxiously fled,
I want to be adventurous and follow and meander,
cautiously I sit stuck in traffic and in my frustration wallow,

I hear the helmsman up above say "steady as she goes"
and that in time all things good come to those who wait,
and with that the snarled traffic starts to once again flow,
patience, prayer and a steady course is what I'll try to take.

140 words

Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2017

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You Dont Have Permission To Break My Heart

You have held onto me all this time,
It's not my fault you had tricked your own eyes,
You played follow the leader, and stood in line,
You made the wrong choice, you'll see in time,
But I refuse to be around to see,
Or to be part of that mess, because that's not me,
So when you wake up....give me a call,
But until then, man, I'm out...I'm gone!,
My heart can break from a distance,
But don't you dare come back until you've fixed all this.

Copyright © cortney bartholomew | Year Posted 2015

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Nuremburg Notation

When ruling orders are given,
subordinates must make it so
If they are evil decisions,
then lesser ranks should not yield their integrity
They should have enough moral fortitude to say no
A Jezebel justification
is an ancient war crime against humanity
A Nuremberg notation,
is it's modern day footnote in European history
If you were a patriotic German soldier in WWII,
did you blindly do what Hitler ordered you to?
If you were a loyal Nazi partisan,
did you without question 
kill Jews who were innocent?
Party politics sometimes play morality tricks
Before you follow the leader,
do you examine their moral views?
Weigh whether they’re healthy or sick
Don’t let political cowardice
get medals of dishonor pinned on your chest
Don’t let fleeting power greed
record you as a Jezebel flunkey 
in the annuals of history 
A Nuremberg notation
is a reminder to every civilized nation
Follow not a multitude to do evil,
let your conscience be your warning bell
Obey not the wicked voices uttered by sons of Belial,
for they will lead you down the path to hell
Exercise your freewill ...
don’t be a robot who only marches 
to nationalistic pre-coded programming
Reject a devilish deal ...
Dorian portraits sold by a con artist
are a most unprofitable thing
Remember well, this historical footnote: 
At Nuremberg,
on trial was a question of treason and loyalty
Nations come and go — 
that is the way of creation
In the Book of Life,
if a blood-red tear stain be next to your name,
denying you eternal salvation
Then, God has cursed your soul ... 
marking it with a Nuremberg notation  

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017