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Vapor Barrier Mastic
Oxygen is depleting from what remains within the confines of which, a means to an end, lie guarded. Watch as hope disappears within the aftermath of this wreckage, which was constructed-meticulously seeking absolute perfection…; only to be as free as fatalities-secrets’, which barriers this perimeter—forming a mastic that—not even vapor is able to escape from this prison. Present in thy eyes lie a truth that cannot keep its whispers from escaping; eventually… Beat down by life itself, wave's crash against its walls—as seasons change—along with the illusion of time—whose wrinkles prove such reality with lightning bolts that strike-! An innocent child born without choice, clinches his blanket that safety is associated with, provoking made belief…; unknowingly. Development reeks of bad habits that we can smell through memory and we are constantly reminded by; an individual society. Habitual offenders nibble on the cuticles of man; robbing innocence. Cracks form on fingers, and we can smell the fear of big bully pointing out who’s at fault. Convenience revealed, seems to relevant actions; opportunity knocks off another unsatisfied customer; sold a life that feels nice, warm and cozy; safe. Consumed by a social class that really is not all that classy. Dogs are eating other dogs, and considering the grim outlook of animalistic superiority; to be considered complimentary… All inclusive seems to be a matter of opinion, paid for in blood bathed warfare-concealed by our trusted representatives. Betrayal is but a birthright, as mass graves are mocked by the biggest tombstone. Suffocated by an imaginary prison that is all too real. Perceptions’ believe in concrete evidence that is evidently normal. Vast majority compares this ideal with John Doe. Jane’s addiction is double-wrapped; stapled, and coated with vapor barrier mastic; to comply with code. We appoint an inspector to review your work. This is yet another massive blow to morality. Integrity is locked in the basement with Jose. Entitlements’ misery is communicated through misinterpretation, resulting in the dissolution of marriage. Secretively seeing select traits, overshadowing what good may be left to salvage. Society of our misunderstanding is not to be spoken of; is that understood!? Follow the leader and obey your master. Hide in your prison cell that is what we call a human body; a house for a soul. Damaged goods, we are mentally challenged, which we call special… Only to be identified by the exact difference. “Nobody’s perfect! You are not special. How dare you?” Limitations placed on life, enforced by invisible boundaries that are merely as fake as the vapor barrier mastic we hide inside. Insulation that we weren’t born with is installed by an illusion. Man created this illusion. This illusion is man. We call it society. Truth is kept hidden. People who test the invisible boundaries are called delusional. That is because they truly must be, detached from this illusion. Man is limited by man… Something deep inside the puzzles of our souls, are missing pieces. These pieces are being held hostage within the confines of our vapor barrier mastic. Faith that we are of a higher meaning, certainly must mean we are capable to achieve a more codified comprehension of collective justice. The missing pieces are inside us. Fear driven, limited individual perceptions' is the vapor barrier mastic. We create this illusion. We bring this illusion of reality to life through the collective consciousness that—we can only identify with as society. Questions cannot always be justly answered. Answers are but an illusion of perceptive truth. Truth is only what we individually deem just. Justice just is. Just is what we are. We are all is. We all are afraid of what we just do not understand. The answer for this questionable life just is. The truth just is hidden beneath our vapor barrier mastic. 4-21-17
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