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This is me

You wake up in the morning to look in the mirror,
To say "This is me".
To Compare yourself to what you think you should be.
"I'm fat.",
"I'm ugly.",
"How can this be?",
"Why did God do this to me?",
You put on some make-up or some acne-cream,
To cover the blemishes that others can see.
But it doesn't mater what others see,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
And the beholder is me.
So stop annotating,
And start complimenting,
Not on what should be,
But on what is!

You were created in God's image,
To see who you really are,

In that mirror is not,
"I'm fat.",
"I'm ugly.",
But a scientific creation from stardust,
Something that's way beyond us.
And what's inside is something so unique,
So special,
Because no one else has it,

It's you!

You are the most amazing thing to walk on this Earth.
With the ability to wake up and show your worth.
So why wake up and talk negative?
When you could wake up and smile.
Why not be happy for a while?
Why try to please everyone else,
When all you have to do is be yourself?

People say "What matters is on the inside.",
And you say "But look at my outside.".
And I say there is no good side,
You as a whole is the creation,
There is no separation.
Each person with 46 chromosomes working in perfect symphony,
Destroying themselves with negativity.
Just Stop!

You are beautiful because you are rare,
Because no one else can compare.
Your face,
Your nose,
Your eyes,
With your sense of humor to comprise,
Someone no one else can match.
Try to make it in a lab...
Try throw it down the hatch.
You compare yourself to everyone else,
When you are one of a kind.
Why can't you get that in your mind?
Diamonds aren't perfect so why should you be?
Beauty is not symmetry.
Look in the mirror and what do you see?
The beauty that you are...
This is me...

Copyright © David Neuman | Year Posted 2014

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I Am A Robin

On the wing in the dawning light, Spring's new growth comes into sight. Flowers, berries, nuts and seeds, a smorgasbord to meet my needs. I am a robin in grey-brown attire, with my orange-red vest adding some fire. A harbinger of Spring am I, give ear to my joyous cry: Spring! Spring! Wonderful, marvelous, glorious Spring! Oh look! A fat juicy worm. Don't you just love how he wiggles and squirms? Gulp...down the hatch! Wow! What a treat! Now to my roost I must retreat. My mate and I must build a nest, a comfy home where our young can rest.
Robin means new growth 5/14/15 For Andrea's "Picture yourself as a bird" contest.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2015

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Secret Recipe

I have a little something that I want you to see.
It’s a sample of great-grandpa’s secret recipe.
Blend of ingredients in the right combination;
hidden formula passed down to my generation.

Great-grandpa was a man having great longevity.
He lived to the ripe old age of one hundred and three.
This stuff was a contributor without any doubt.
When he was cremated, the fire wouldn’t go out!

Grandpa took over after great-grandpa passed away.
That’s why the legacy continues up to today.
The neighbors didn’t show the slightest inhibition.
Because grandpa made big bucks during Prohibition!

Another generation passed, and my pa would say:
“My son, it’s time to make some more of that stuff today.
But please boy, bring out the still without making a sound.
Somebody told me there’s some G-boys coming around!”

So my friend, I want to make a toast to you right here.
May you be filled with happiness without pain or fear.
So down the hatch with this stuff that I want you to try.
L’chaim, happy landing, here’s some mud in your eye!

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2011

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Billy The Kid

He traveled alone, rode town to town,
A campfire here, a cowhand there,
Billy the kid kept roving around,
Always headed somewhere,

One certain day he rode into town,
His forty-fives strapped to his side,
Just to stop and drink one round,
Then continue on with his ride,

He hitched his horse, and went in thru,
The front tavern bat-wing doors,
He didn't see anyone he knew,
Just a couple cowboys and some _hores,

He moseyed on up, ordered a drink,
Sarsapirilla I'll have here for me!
Down the hatch, smooth as a wink,
Then he was given another for free,

He thanked the man kindly, turned around,
To leave thru the bat-winged door,
A cowboy stood up and stared Billy down,
Lookin' for trouble and more,

[Cowboy]: Hey boy! let me teach ya ta shoot!
Come"ere gimmee that there gun!
If'n ya don't I'm gonna plant this 'ere boot!
I'll show ya how the real west is run!

[Billy]: Mister, I'm not here ta play!
I've dealt with yer kind before,
So please kindly step outa my way,
And be thankful if ya don't see me no more,

[Cowboy]: Boy! yer messin' with Danger!
And yer jawin's 'bout ta seal yer fate!
[Billy]: Mister, yer soon to be Dan the damned man!
If yer gun ain't shootin' fast 'n' straight!

Like a rattlesnake springin' from the devils hand,
Billys gun cleared his holster so fast!
His bullet knocked the gun from the cowboys hand!
In a single straight shot blast!

[Cowboy]: Ain't never seen a gun so fast!
As the one ya shot sure coulda killed me!
Should ya pardon my trouble, may I ask...
What is yer name....really?

[Billy]: Mister, it's how ya live, not how fast the gun...
that makes a man a man,
Most my life's been on the run,
Killin's no future or plan!
I'm stranger to most, still livin' the past,
Feelin' bad in what I did,
Some crossed my path, ain't here ta boast,
"I'm Billy The Kid!"

Copyright © Lawrence Ingle | Year Posted 2008

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Pickles and Tickles

I'm going to free that pickle from the jar
Free for a minute but it won't get very far
In my mouth as the juices flow
Down the hatch here you go
Poor pickle was gone before I got to the car

Faleshia Murphy
FOR P.D. contest 

Copyright © faleshia murphy | Year Posted 2010

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Good Luck Meal


Hog jowl fried so crispy brown
Black eyed peas abound
Collard greens from the truck patch
Sweet tea down the hatch
Candied yams as well
My, do tell

	Curtis Moorman
	21 December 2011

	For Russell Siver's contest

Copyright © Curtis Moorman | Year Posted 2011

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The Eating Habits Of Vanilla Gussett

I am me!

I am beautiful greediest me!

I'm quite simply gigantic, enormous, colossal- bigantic!

I'm huge I'm not small I could fill Albert hall -

What a beautiful thing to be me.


I can eat a cake shop in one sitting

Forty boxes of chocs without quitting,

If I had half a mind to-

I could well be inclined to

-Start over again, food permitting.


They say I've no stomach to diet.

'Lazy lummock!' they scream. 'You must try it!'

I just laugh from my belly

Till it wobbles like jelly,

'Come on then,' I say, 'come and fry it!'


It is said I'm too lazy to chew.

It's an art, It's not easy to do.

I just open my gob

And with a flick and a lob-

Down the hatch, tallyho, toodaloo!

Copyright © Wayne Riley | Year Posted 2014

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I'd Drink It Down Like Water

Bring out your white, bring out your red,
Bring out the grapevine's daughter,
Enough to fill a waterbed,
We'll drink it down like water,

Pour it cold, pour it cool,
Pour it a little hotter,
Fill the glass - the golden rule,
Sobriety to slaughter.

Like rivers flowing with the tide,
Wine to soak the blotter,
Wine to fill the oceans wide,
Wine to drink like water.

Toast your sainted mother sure,
And toast your alma mater,
Pick up a wee dram o' the pure,
And down the hatch like water.

Whiskey smooth as ermine pelt,
Or mayhap that of otter,
Here me lad, let's have a belt,
We'll take it down like water.

If you want a hearty brew,
Then I will be your spotter,
Quite a lineup will ensue,
We'll pound 'em down like water.

Leaning on a beggar's crutch,
The merest rabble squatter,
With glass in hand I thirst as much,
As any kingly yachter.

Whether 'tis crystal with golden rim,
Or clay from the local potter,
Fill that bad boy right to the brim,
Then it gets my imprimatur.

Set the bottles, and set me a glass,
I'll mow them down like excess fodder.
Nectar of the gods or cuvée crass,
I'll knock it back like water.

The thirsty man with teetotaling wife,
'Twon't be long before he's fought her,
Serve the liquid love, avoid the strife,
He'll drink it down like water.

Scheme to take my booze away,
Ye righteous little plotter,
Ye may pay, and ye may pray,
But it's going down like water.

I'll slug it back - the sweet, the dry,
Enough to weave and totter,
Tomorrow I'll wake thirsty, aye,
And probably need some water.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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Who Needs It

Who Needs It For two years Wee Willie has forgot to rise So I thought to give my sweet wife a surprise Down the hatch that little blue pill went To make Wee Willie look like the pole of a tent My wife I found cleaning in a back bedroom She turned, hollered snake and swung her broom In pain to the bathroom I rushed And down the toilet those little blue pills I flushed © 7/19/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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G- gingerbread man run as fast as you can
I-  if I ever see you again I'll cook you in my pan
N- next I will nibble all about 
G- getting you will be easy, with out a doubt
E- ever consider someone might eat your eyes out
R- red jelly eyes I wonder what flavor they are
B- buttons on your belly might be tart
R- run away from me now that eating may be an art
E- ever think about how it delicious candy clothing may be
A- average American snacking, just like me
D- down the hatch is what you'll be

M- morning, noon or supper for eating you up I'll be the man
A- after I eat you I'll wipe out the pan
N- now I am going to eat you, come here Gingerbread Man   

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2012

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You Look So Tired

8:12      The machine carries me 
             Where I need to go

8:30      Not so loud 
            Not so loud

8:55      I wish for sleep
            Sleep is not an option
            Must medicate

9:10      He looks upset
            I promised him it won't happen again
            He hates it when I lie

11:00    My eyes hurt
            They feel burdened 
            And heavy

12:00    Chicken salad on whole wheat 
            Lettuce, tomato, light mayo, pickle
            Bottle of Diet Coke

1:00     For the love of all that is good
           This can not be happening to me

2:30     He seemed happier to speak to me this time
            He seemed pleased
            I'll have to try harder

5:05     I'm not stopping
           I don't care about your cause or
           Why you want my money
           Please leave me alone

7:00     I wish for peace
           Peace is not an option
           Must medicate
           Down the hatch

9:15    I could stay like this forever
          Silent and
10:30   Give me your strength Angel Girl
           And I will give you mine

1:30    I wish for sleep
          Sleep is not an option
          Must medicate  
          Breathe in the air

Copyright © Yoni Dvorkis | Year Posted 2009

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An acquired taste

  Sweet sweets,  the marrow and feets.  This lusting for organs, sinew, and meats.  Lovely is this vibration of death echoing along my taste buds.  Warm, pungent breath.  Like a holocaust nightmare filling my lungs with blood. I’ve that slow motion gaze. Trapped in a moment on repeat. It’s flavor. It’s a dream. The dull click of bone shards meeting my teeth, and the pop of my jar meshing together in one single romantic duet.  Lament for decay, consumption. Everything devours everything and we’re all lost in oblivion. Beyond the mouth of madness, down the hatch onto our final movement.  Stomach lining of the abyss is where we’ll meet at last.

Copyright © Pauly Plaster J.R. | Year Posted 2014

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Down to the Sea

He left this morning after tea and time with me.
before the early morning dawn and between sleepy yawns.

He has done this all his life and the better part of
the past thirty years his wife left behind.
To his mistress the gray misty sea to see her face,
to chase the winds to fill the deck hull of deep-sea catch.

I shout a reminder to tie down the hatch be watching
at unset have supper on the table button ye weather coat do be careful.
never have I said to cheerful for the day is long and the worry strong.

The skies swell with darken clouds the winds whip past and chills my thoughts.
He leaves me behind as he heads for the sea as his father before him.
She holds him tight within her embrace her face he seeks the sea his mistress the one that
holds half his heart.

Her wild call a clear call he cannot deny for she calls the running tide is up.
Hoist the sails and listen to the sea-gulls cry from within the darken sky.
He must go down to the sea where he answers the call of a fisherman.

Copyright © Peggy Bertrand | Year Posted 2007

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Laughter is the Best Medicine Lim'rik Contest

Pizza Dream

Dreamt I was eating mouse soup
rodents lined up in a troop
fell in the broth
then they got tothed
down the hatch and turned to poop

Copyright © lim'rik flats | Year Posted 2016

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Santa The Fat-Bellied Stranger

This is a poem I wrote for the Crazy Christmas Carol member contest.
It is in reference to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Hope you have some laughs!

Santa The Fat-Bellied Stranger

You know Batman and Robin
and Shakespeare and Poe
Oprah and Elvis
And Monet and Van Gogh
But do you recall
The most famous person of all?

Santa the fat-bellied stranger
Had a tummy full of ho's
(like Pavarotti)
And if he ever tried to
(tried to)
Couldn't even see his toes
(like a horse)
Now that he's getting older
With impotence and bum knees
(like McCain)
They never let poor Santa
Savour all his common glees
(like Mrs. Claus)

Then one lonely Christmas Eve
Blue pill down the hatch
(please oh please)
Oh meds to my wife's delight
Won't you guide my libido tonight
Mrs. Claus from that day forward
Always shouted out with glee
(have mercy)
"Santa you fat-bellied stranger
You'll go down in history!"
(like Casanova)

Author-SJS '08

Copyright © s schantz | Year Posted 2008

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All Apologies

from me / 
""" Your Enslavement """

""How dare you."" 
""Now wipe that look of contentment off of your face."" 
""Why aren't you wearing the clown mask you've been ordered?"" 
""Don’t you think for an instant that you’ll not take your medicine"" 
"" I’ll guarantee you this much ,that you’ll be raked across the coals and thrashed with a brine soaked strap long before the taste of that warm apple pie has crossed your precious gums"" 

Do you see it clearly 
is it as plain as day 
or as dark as night to you now 
No one is allowed to be in the middle 
there is no such thing as peace and harmony 
You are forbidden to be centered 
They can’t have it 
It won’t be tolerated 
You shall be punished for it 
It has been abolished 
Surrender or be crushed 

""There's a good lad, just what every growing boy and girl needs, 
down the hatch."" 
""Now, give us all a great big smile."" 
  "" Off you go.""

all the people sing...   Da…da..da da  De… de   don't worry be happy

Copyright © Edwin Baldwin | Year Posted 2012

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Opening the kitchen cabinet for a morning cocktail, line em up in a row
one two three four five on the counter as the smell of am coffee brews.
Down the hatch they go, five for breakfast, two with lunch, one more
for dinner and two at bed time, three cheers for me whomever I used to be.

Debbie Mills Kelly

Copyright © Debbie Mills-Kelly | Year Posted 2014

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Street Life Survivor

A corner lamp post is home
a fiery steel drum keeps 'em warm
eyes that never say goodnight
cigarettes that hold 'em tight

up the nose in the arm down the hatch
drugs and alcohol just dont match
everyones looking to be free
feel'n cool such a fool

in there eyes the silence cries
all these people walking  the streets
so many distorted visions
the cry of help just echos on

so many say escape is impossible
a no way out street situation
misguided and misinformed
street life survivor

all the vibes are right
her fish net stockings look outa sight
the grin of your appetite
life and death penetrate the night

teenage runaway and so afraid
used and abused pregnant or confused
the list goes on 'n on
on the streets trust is rare when your the shadows prayer

Copyright © Ron Flatow | Year Posted 2006

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Singing Sounded Awful

Singing Sounded Awful

When singling he howled like a hound
And had emitted such an awful sound 
Like metal being scraped with a trowel
Sometimes sounded like a horned owl.

For his singing no one gave a hoot
Of all evil singing was surely the root
About his singing we kept on stewing
What beer next should we be brewing.

His singing ended after reaching its tail
We did drink down a pitcher of pale ale
After we had drunk it down the hatch
On his big mouth we applied a latch.

Now his singing no longer can be heard
To hell he and his soul were transferred
Down there poor souls hear his singing
When he is herd they still start cringing.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Send this to the Vegas Vagabonds
Who in yard have many plush ponds.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2017

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Finally - Rid of You

Another day walking in fear
Another day of hiding inside 
Why me?
Cowering down all the time 
No where to turn; he’s always there
They can’t help me 

I tip the bottle over,  the little pills spill out
plop, plop, plop Down into the water 
Shaking…. I frantically stir, hoping they dissolve
Soon - all of my problems will be resolved
Down the hatch trying not to gag
Helping myself finally rid of you

Blurry images coming through……my mom crying by my side?
No! no! I wanted to die.
Tubes in my nose and down my throat
They just don’t know what I’ve been going through 
Why oh why couldn’t they just Let me be…………

The man in the white coat softly ask “why would a pretty young girl like you want to turn yourself off?” REALLY!
Why oh why couldn’t they just Let me be

Copyright © nancy mitchell | Year Posted 2016