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An Epulaeryu poem is a poem that is entirely about food. It has seven lines with a grand total of thirty-three syllables. The meter of the poem is set so that it is, 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. This means that the first line has seven syllables, the second has five. The third line also has seven syllables. The fourth and fifth lines each have five syllables. The sixth line has three syllables. The seventh and final line concludes with just one syllable. 

The poem is supposed to revolve entirely around the dish. Each line is supposed to present information about it. The end of an Epulaeryu poem ends with an exclamation point because the poem itself is about the writer's excitement and enjoyment toward the dish that they are writing about. The final line, the one-syllable word is meant to sum up the feelings that the writer has. The Epulaeryu poem is a way to express these positive feelings about food and is a fun way to do so. 

The “Epulaeryu” poem is about delicious food. It consists of seven lines with thirty-three (33) syllables. The first line has seven syllables, the second line five, the third line seven, the fourth line five, the fifth line five, the sixth line three, and the seventh line has only one syllable which ends with an exclamation mark. Each line has one thought relating to the main course. Therefore, this new poetic form, the Epulaeryu, which has corresponding lines built around the main course, and ending with an exclamation point, concludes with the ending line expressing the writer’s excitement and feelings about the poem.


Eggs Rolls (Epulaeryu)
Egg rolls wrapped with soft thin dough
Chopped spiced shrimp cooked slow
Sliced carrots and cabbage mixed
Ginger sauce affixed
Veggies and less meat
My Chinese—

© Joseph, 6/1/07
© All Rights Reserved
Halloween Candy (Epulaeryu)
Halloween candy so nice
Like sugary spice
Crispy, creamy, chocolate
With tasty raisins
Trick or treat goblins
My tooth is

© Joseph, 10/10/2007
© All Rights Reserved


Easter Hunt (Epulaeryu)
The egg pots are bubbling
Stove’s fire is bright
This will be a great delight
Kids will like the treat
Multicolored feast
Easter eggs
© Joseph Spence 2/9/06
© All Rights Reserved

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