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Blades of Kindness

Vexatious destroyer of my soul behold what has been done
Timeless and eternal I cycle through endless days of woe
Into the shadows of chaos I go - seeking, searching and lost
Swiftly your knife slices cleanly in, into my flesh so weak
That blade of kindness cuts to the core
Digging, delving and sore
What’s there to find? Nothing but air -
a hole in need of repair
Such a tattered soul as mine today can hardly take it in
Grasping for hands lovingly sent ethereal mists enshroud
Pain and anguish tear through my being, for what does this portend?
Loss, abandonment, deeper sorrow - punishment for my sin
One more kind word will slay me
As ribbons of flesh lay scattered
Scattered in this world of pain
I need, and hate, and yearn, and cry
A total wreck am I
Tears escape unbidden as endless cycles resume

Copyright © M. Kari Barr | Year Posted 2016

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Diamond In The Rough

Diamond in the rough, diamond's beauty framed
Upon hand of the lady loved by man
Lady who wears honor graces her domain
Lady possessed, owned: his games began

Diamond in the rough cuts to the core
Breaking down polished diamond whose surface
Begins to crack becoming his captor
Fed lies, half-truths, manipulated abased

Her confidence destroyed, looking at ring
Too tight like life, at least it sparkles still
Man_diamond in rough, untamed, would be king
Never will be, to dream of change unreal

Life being suffocated or life free
Choices made will life always this be?

Sponsor: Joann Grisetti
Contest: Copy Cat Contest
Author that inspired: Edna St. Vincent Millay
First Line of Poem:
Only the diamond and the diamond's dust
In the book that I have it is untitled
First line of poem used to find the work

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2012

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String Me Up

It moves me,
soothes me,
cuts to the core
and pierces 
right through me.
Prison of wood.
Bars of strings.
Captured notes. 
The canary sings.
Broken hearts burned to ash.
Melodic nuclear winter.
Injustice causing retort. 
Revolution's chief dissenter.
Weaver of composers basket
to carry heart's message.
Ballad of a howling wind 
mourning a loved one's passage.
Light burst of a sun cloud.
The note of depression's end.
Version audio, a springtime flower.
New life and courage to lend.
Dancing light on the water.
Cheerful bird in flight.
Rising as the morning sun.
Shooting star across the night.
The music flows and bends.
Following the player's will.
Causing my breath to catch.
Making my heart lay still.
Some chords speak of romance.
Others mourn and cry.
Those that delight at dance.
Symphony carried on a high.
Who knew a simple piece of timber
could share something so human?
May the artists' fingers stay limber,
and express all that they can.

-Angel Fatale-

Copyright © Ryan Tyler | Year Posted 2016

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making It great in 2008 (part 10): how to handle heartbreak

life is not always fair, but God is always good
and if you want to learn to handle heartbreak just do as Jesus would

you've been disheartened, discouraged and your dreams have been dashed
the shroud of disappointment is now hanging over your path
on the road to Emmaus two disciples were in route
followers of the Messiah now walking in despair and doubt
trying to comprehend the tragedy at Mount Calvary
in a state of heartbreak over what had come to be
Jesus had been crucified and His tomb was found bare
the True Prophet was gone and His body had disappeared

the world will always favor a kind pastor and a good priest
but a real prophet reveals truths that many don't want to see
he does not sugar coat the message, he cuts to the core
he sheds light on the darkness and tells you what for
and whenever a true prophet gets into the face of society
he causes men to reexamine their sense of integrity
he exposes men's morals and makes many question their thoughts
he interprets the righteous word of God and principles we've been taught
he'll tell it like it is and challenge the powers that be
he'll remove the blinders from our eyes and expose the lies we need to see

on the road to Emmaus a man those two disciples did meet
they did not recognize Him at first but to Him they did still greet
they continued to lament about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
until the man said to them, "ought not Jesus have made the sacrifice,
how slow of heart you are in your belief of the Prophet's stories,
for Christ had to suffer those things so He could enter into glory"
they then invited that Man to stop and share a repast
and upon the breaking of bread they recognized Him at last
Jesus was right before them and then He disappeared
their hearts were now burning for the words that Jesus shared

in a state of self pity to heartbroken to see
that a true prophet will turn tragedy into victory
He'll open up the Scriptures so that one can start
on finding strength in the Word and handling the break in one's hearts 
no longer despondent nor in a state of despair
Jesus had arisen in order to draw all men near

from heartbreak to heart search and on to heartburn
let the Holy spirit give you the power to discern
the way to handle heartbreak just do as Jesus Christ
by turning gloom into glory and restoring the joy of life
the way to handle heartbreak is to live like Jesus Christ
to look for triumph in tragedy and then continue to speak life

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2008