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Faith Ballad Poems

These Faith Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Ballad Faith poems written by international poets.

Tell me sweetheart that I am not unkind when being sweet to you is on my mind!!!! I think of sucking your sweet breast,and I...

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Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade,

Author Dana Redricks 
June 11, 2019 

I'm dripping sweat on my shirt 
I think it might even hurt 
My heart is swollen like a river...

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Categories: blessing, christian, confidence, faith,

to be given the gift of life "oh" what a wonderful thing"
to have been created from man and woman
to experience life's many challenges,from birth to...

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Categories: blessing,

My soul* acknowledges You, my God for Who You are…
…Majestic in Your grace that’s never afar
…Splendid in Your goodness brighter than any star
…Wondrous in Your...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, devotion, faith,

America the Beautiful, continued
O beautiful for freedom of religion and the press
When combined, faith writers use their words to bless
America, America, God please inspire each writing group
Grant us...

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Categories: america, faith, poetry, poets,

The Old Unemployed Man or a Suburban Poem
His oars (mind, arms and legs)
were insufficient as a propellers to earn a living.
In the underground´s nasty passageway;
or was in his life´s nasty passageway?
Anyway! There,...

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Categories: age, destiny, fate, hope,

Jesus is the Only Way
Author Dana Redricks 
April 30, 2019 

Jesus is the way
He is the only way
The truth and the life
No one comes to
the Father accept
through Him 

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, hope,

Lord I Need You
Author Dana Redricks 
April 18, 2019 

Lord, I need you 
Lord, I need you 
Your the only one who 
can help me
This journey is hard...

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Categories: blessing, christian, deep, faith,

Author Dana Redricks 
April 17, 2019 

Myself got in the way
I knew I to go somewhere 
and pray 
Drawing in my sorrows 
thinking tomorrow 

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Categories: blue, christian, deep, depression,

Lord I know You Hear Me
Author Dana Redricks 
April 17, 2019 

Lord, I know you hear me 
and you are with me in the 
midst of storm 
Never will I...

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Categories: blessing, christian, courage, dedication,

Hallelujah Praise Your Name
Author Dana Redricks 
April 11, 2019 

Hallelujah praise belongs to 
Hallelujah praise his name 
Hallelujah all blessings 
come from above 
Hallelujah thank God for 

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Categories: blessing, christian, dedication, faith,

a great oppurtunity
beyond the scope of her understanding
she sounded and resounded
for all to know
her refusal to have him as hers
that she wished something
from someone else and could

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Categories: faith, for him, music,

Evil Rode
Evil rode as they passed us by
And we did not look them in the eye
What was needed was strength and faith 
We knew then the...

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Categories: evil,

Some paths are long and forever uphill
At times just a rest you ask in the deal
And it seems the only light 
Is just a distant...

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Categories: faith,

Hagar the Horrible blessing
We sing of Hagar the Horrible, yet she is a brilliant blessing -
This late in April 2019; no not for April Fool's Day
I must submit...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, analogy, april, black

The Guest of a Sinner
'The Guest of a Sinner'

“The Guest of a Sinner”

The guest of a sinner
climbing heights to
away from titles
above the crowd,
unrealistic expectations
solely to meet with God
in flesh...

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Categories: allusion, black african american,

Look around
Just slide along
No-one will notice
The herd is going your way
They won’t even know

When they’re not looking 
Stick you head up
Look around but not too long

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Categories: life,

A,I Waltz
My body is this tower
My bones are the iron beams
My eyes are the cameras on the walls
There are white lights in my seams 

My body...

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© Jaz Yeats  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change, computer, conflict, faith,

Do you
Do you believe
Have faith in the world
As it was created
In all its wonders

Do you feel the warmth 
Of the shining sun
As it travels across
The azure...

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Categories: faith, god,

Precious Grandma
My Precious Grandma who I adored
Grandma play your harmonica for me
Sing to me when ill
Sing to me when I am frail
You taught me to be...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, care, faith,