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Assonance Poems

Assonance Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about assonance. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for assonance.

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Premium Member Resolutions Poetry- -
Resolutions Poetry 

Related meanings I have to firmly determine myself
Everyone lies to themselves resolvere, "to loosen, undo, settle."
Stick-to-it-iveness pertinaciousness we find ourselves in abated promises
O bstinacy my power over myself obduracy obdurateness fosters my grit
Loyal testiments truths stout-heartedness
Unified in...Read More
Categories: analogy, assonance, change, character, recovery from,
Form: Acrostic

Together in a new formed way
I open up about things which I feel like saying
Words make me pray and give undaunting peace
So I feel that I should begin a new day in the understanding
Of God and godly ways even though...Read More
Categories: allah, allegory, angel, anxiety, assonance, baptism, beautiful,
Form: Light Verse
Beautiful becomes the rain
When it falls on the plain..!
Flying helter-skelter are birds
While I have no words
When eagle flies so high
Up above in the sky
Morning is full of dew
I yearn to play with few
After rain sun gets shine
Wow! Pleasure is all...Read More
Categories: angel, appreciation, assonance,
Form: Couplet
an octive noble
Begets each and every action 
Equal and opposite reaction 
Of course in divine measure
The revelation of all matter

Let’s patronize all the orphans
Fixation of third law of Newton’s
It is very tangible to navigate
All the needy and destitute

Checking many a portal precious
Full...Read More
Categories: angel, appreciation, assonance,
Form: Sonnet
60,000 thoughts are in our minds daily 'n that's why um droolin cause all my 60 is wit you..droolin wish I could smooth it out to some smoothin,meanwhile um still droolin..all 60...Read More
Categories: addiction, assonance,
Form: Light Verse

Believe in me like the air you breathe
Your friend 
Secrets reside here
Wherever you go,
I’ll be your shadow 
...Read More
Categories: assonance, best friend, care, cheer up, cute,
Form: Epic
Women's Reservation Bill
Being a highly self-directed person
Knowing how to speak and reason 
Today’s woman is alive to the sense 
Of her dignity and the importance 
Of her private functions straight
And domestic domain ultimate
Her talent is superb I state
In the public domain great
Being...Read More
Categories: angel, appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Unbelievably great contest entry for Brenda Chiri's Photo Contest

(Photo of the Two Lovers is available on contest site),

As any physical therapist worth his salt will tell you
   These two wannabee lovers are inviting...Read More
Categories: anger, assonance, how i feel, jealousy, lost
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bigger than You Think
Bigger than YOU Think

The internet, 
is large... indeed. 
It starts here and never ends. 
It just starts over somewhere else. 

In the beginning AOL, 
time spent waiting to connect. 
Now we sail across the sea, 
and stream everything from More
Categories: addiction, allah, america, angel, appreciation, assonance, august,
Form: Narrative
Resembling the heavens highly
The drape is resplendent fully
Polka dots are a treat to watch
On the blue top so top-notch
Being a tranquilizer great true
Bewitching is the effect of hue
I immerse in its limitless glory
Oceans blue for they’ve story
My love for the...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Sonnet
Never ever forget
You are ultimate
Being thy soul-mate
Here I state
You are fortunate
Soon get reinstate
All luck and estate
Dad’s away straight
With you I bet
He will let 
You feel great
So not fret
Just concentrate
On goals set
Forget never the future net

...Read More
Categories: art, assonance, august,
Form: Monorhyme
I love chicken grilled
Being antibiotic
Most relishing dish...Read More
Categories: art, assonance, august,
Form: Haiku
Jesus,  Jesus 
Christ child birth 
Jesus  whose born of a peasant woman

He'd worked, worked
Jesus a man a carpenter till he was grown
He is the secret savior God's  only son
Jesus, Jesus,  Jesus 

Jesus  Christ
Jesus  Christ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, assonance, blessing, forgiveness, inspirational, jesus,
Form: Lyric
Unique Flow
Buried beneath the delicate snow there are things you ought to know...
Santa came from miles behind so let your smile shine;
crazy to me......Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, assonance,
Form: Free verse
You confess me with your mouth;
Yet your actions have gone further south;

But am I am I in your heart;
O’ God or am I yet still lost;

You confessed me;
I reject thee;
Now I’m turnt myself around;
My obedience is now sound;

In remorse, I’ve...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, assonance, endurance, forgiveness, jesus,
Form: Lyric
I wish you a real merry Christmas
I wish you a real merry Christmas
As it said you've saved from Purposes
Being pure, quiet and moving around
Or staying peacefully under the Sun

I have been being full of dreams indeed
No hurtful things or worries going around
I live always in the...Read More
Categories: assonance, christmas, dream, romance, sweet love, true
Form: Verse
Great Advice

WILL NOT....Read More
Categories: assonance,
Form: Free verse
a cold haiku
desolate bleakness
a single soft bird singing...
in the warm center
...Read More
Categories: allegory, analogy, animal, appreciation, assonance,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Unrequited Love And Sad Nightly Calls
Unrequited Love And Sad Nightly Calls

Wherein solitude, shades long day's travails
my desire for your true love yet remains.
Nights arrive, I battle through living Hells
death knocking loud with heartbreaking pains!

O' that your deep sorrows, you had not found,
into your private island...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art, assonance, dark, deep,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member If Only I Could Soon Be Slain Again
If Only I Could Soon Be Slain Again

If only I could soon be slain again,
As first true love and she slew me.
With pure joy, from ear to ear I would grin,
We would settle down by the sea!

If only, life would...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Yet Ever Onward, Onward Keep Treading We Must
Yet Ever Onward, Onward Keep Treading We Must

Any moment we may lose a love one so dear
so exists that long black hand of foreboding fear.
Yet not until it comes into our lives and rips
away that treasure, do we see its...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art, assonance, dark, death, deep,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member A Poet's Thoughts On Love And Death
A Poet's Thoughts On Love And Death

Love unknown or love lost, which is the worst,
each has power to make yearning heart burst?
Life first seeks love, from its very first breath
may beg for it or curse it on its death!

Even deepest...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member O' That Such Spring Glory Could Last All The Year Round
O' That Such Spring Glory Could Last All The Year Round

Rain splattering across bright green lawn this new morn
wetting earthen soil, soaking new baby grass soft born
distant thunder, echoes blasting that Nature yields
more of her sweetness, on man and his...Read More
Categories: age, appreciation, april, art, assonance,
Form: Sonnet
by Michael R. Burch

How can I write and not be true
to the rhythm that wells within?
How can the ocean not be blue,
not buck with the clapboard slap of tide,
the clockwork shock of wave on rock,
the motion creation stirs within?

Originally published...Read More
Categories: assonance, extended metaphor, language, metaphor, music, poetry,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Fulfilling Rushing Waters That Never Runaway--
Lord I'm so thirsty my mouth is parched
I am so hungry I need nourishment
It all Lord I am thirsty
You are my cup of water
In a drought
And Lord You Are My substance
Throwing my stomach Cries Out
When I'm hungry oh Lord...Read More
Categories: allusion, analogy, assonance, blessing, confidence, engagement, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme