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Allah Poems

Allah Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about allah. This list of allah poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of allah poetry. This list of works about allah is an excellent resource for examples on how to write allah poems.

New Poems

Premium Member Pass Trade Already
Pass Trade Already
Do not waste more time!

It is fire and spit,
thin water and urine. 
All lies from city folk. 
The swamp smells, 
it is dying. 
No new water, 
just the old cesspool inlets, 
all the outlets, blocked. 

Cockroaches running,
for the...Read More
Categories: abortion, allah, america, heartbroken, jesus, political, religious,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Bound by the Unseen
Bound by the Unseen

Straps, and wire, 
cutting ropes…
that make you bleed. 
Not that anyone can see, 
but they are there. 

We all have them. 
Some are worse then others. 
Some have lives,
that never…
feel peace.
The word safe, 
never spoken. 

Be aware...Read More
Categories: allah, america, atheist, internet, islamic, jesus, jewish,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Race
The Race

Click-ity clack, 
the wagon tools along, 
the road;
as fast as it can go. 
The wheel(s) barely…
hanging on. 

That is how we run through life, 
riding on three of four, 
or maybe half footed, 
left footed, 
or even…
three toed. 

Slow...Read More
Categories: adventure, allah, america, angel, anti bullying, appreciation,
Form: Narrative
My self
I am growing older now
I wear a frown each time I groan
I am not a poem you know
Just a person who measures her words
Each time she talks

I have gone through happiness
I have gone through pain
I have met the prolific and...Read More
Categories: absence, addiction, age, allah, angst, animal, appreciation,
Form: Ballad
Tea Time
Wisdom is a cup of tea
Growing in symphony
Flowing with love and laughter
Echoing enchantment
In every sip...Read More
Categories: age, allah, america, appreciation, arabic, art, beautiful,
Form: Romanticism

Premium Member Church Today
Church Today

The small church sanctuary was empty. 
Well, not really, that is never exactly true. 
There are always angels, 
playing in the rafters, 
tiptoeing across the piano keys, 
or chasing each other, 
back and forth among the flowers.

Sometimes they go...Read More
Categories: allah, angel, appreciation, atheist, bible, christian, creation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Cane
The Cane

Not made of candy, but real wood. 
It belonged to my father’s father, 
and his father, before him. 

No, they were all good man. 
all equally healthy and mostly happy. 
The one thing they all had, 
that was shared…...Read More
Categories: abortion, abuse, allah, morning, political, psychological, sorrow,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member An Alliance
An Alliance

The world is calling out, 
for a time…
when things the are true, 
they are not, 
and they should be.
yet ordained opposites,
facts instead of dreams. . 

the normal…

got my scripts.

The weak and the lost, 
a band...Read More
Categories: abortion, adventure, allah, america, angel, anxiety, atheist,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member New and Reused
New and Reused…Wrappings

blue, green and red, 
yellow and gold together, with bells. 
I dream about all the holidays, 
that have passed by, 
since you left. 

They have been good, 
and bad, and hard and full.
Many were also empty. 
Some were...Read More
Categories: allah, angel, christmas, heartbroken, miracle, mountains, pain,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Line
The Line

At the store, 
there was a sea of people. 
Not one or two or a thousand, 
drops from heaven, 
that never stopped
On a parched land
of holiday cheer. 

Shopping lists, 
wish lists, 
Christmas lists, 
and the like, 
none to show...Read More
Categories: allah, america, angel, atheist, god, heaven, jesus,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member What Party Are YOU
What Party Are You?

Does it matter?
Who I voted for? 
I am alive, 
so it was legal. 
I have not been dead, 
for thirty years. 
Surely that is enough. 

If I tell you this or that, 
you will condemn me
for the...Read More
Categories: allah, america, atheist, metaphor, patriotic, political, racism,
Form: Narrative
Katarina Cries
Where shall I go to embrace your heat?
...where the waves upon the sand beat,
and the palms in answer sway …
O Sun, to Karina, sweep me away ~

Where shall I go to behold your light?
…where torrid rains mist to a rainbow...Read More
Categories: allah,
Form: Kyrielle
Premium Member Impeach my Peaches
Impeach My Peaches

I voted for Donald Trump. 
I wanted a change in life. 
I wanted to believe, 
that my country, 
still was the best in the world, 
then when the prior 
told me (all of us) we, 
would never...Read More
Categories: abuse, allah, america, angel, anti bullying, patriotic,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Singing In the Dark
Singing in the Dark

You are everything to me, 
why can’t you see, that you are…

I wake up,
and breath you in, 
I want to cry
and then, 
You make me laugh, 
You make me smile, 
You make me believe, 
if just, for...Read More
Categories: abortion, abuse, addiction, allah, angel, anxiety, atheist,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Stolen Statues
Stolen Statues

The glory of yesterday, 
taken down and destroyed. 
Pummeled into dust,
by those that stole their rights, 
to be where they are. 
They promised good things, 
and took away all that 
meant anything. 
They replaced our heroes
with shadows, 
and demanded,
more...Read More
Categories: allah, america, angel, atheist, graduate, patriotic, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Life's Unexpected Hurtles
Life’s Unexpected Hurtles

We are in a race, 
for our very existence. 
It is about the idea, 
that we are here to live and die, 
and die… 

Forever is a long time. 
God is real. 
There is only the truth
of that...Read More
Categories: allah, america, angel, atheist, death of a
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dead Man's Shoes
Dead Man’s Shoes

They were leather. 
Black, brown, and green. 
He wore the best, 
as his feet were his weakness. 

He had strong arms, 
strong legs, 
a grasp of iron, 
and could run like 
no ones business. 
not from things, 
but...Read More
Categories: allah, america, angel, atheist, christian, god, jewish,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Protecting the Small
Protecting the Small

How do people in power rise, 
when all they are talking about, 
is against everything that can be 
taught in school? 

How can people hold high office, 
while the people, the poor around them, 
sink ever lower into...Read More
Categories: abortion, abuse, addiction, allah, america, angel, atheist,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Heroes Undone
Heroes Undone

We train men up to go to war. 
We train them to fight and kill,
the enemy. 
The people…
in foreign and domestic lands, 
that have no honor, 
and care not for law. 

We tell you to shoot, 
and maim and...Read More
Categories: allah, america, angel, anti bullying, art, atheist,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Everything
Everything Was Right All Along

Everything was right All Along....Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, allah,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Do You Think Of Me
Do you think of Me?

I am not sure I think of you. 
I guess I wonder sometimes, 
if the sky is still above your head?
I would like to consider, 
if you had only…
but that is not likely, 
nor real. 

So,...Read More
Categories: abortion, absence, addiction, allah, angel, anti bullying,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Living Word
The Living Word

In a country, far from this place. 
The word is not written down. 
They are not allowed. 
They will hunt you, 
and kill you…
for speaking
hope and heresy. 

They gathered. 
The sons and daughters…
Missionaries of Light. 
They read by...Read More
Categories: allah, america, atheist, death of a friend,
Form: Narrative
Forever In Your Eyes
Having your own piece of mind,
And solely reacting to your heart,
That is what separates
Little flings and companions apart;
This is how we let it flow,
And why I just can't let you go.

...because it's forever in your eyes.

Let me take you around...Read More
Categories: allah, destiny, god, gospel, people, poetry, self,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Searching for God
When in the darkness of soul
Hope suffocates 
And the mind is plumbing for 
A safe escape
A hand reaches out
To help you out 
From your depths of misery.
The hand may have a physical form
Or may be a voice on the phone
It...Read More
Categories: allah, angel, christian, prayer, religion, spiritual, star,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas!

I say it already. 
Ever since the President, 
put the Merry back,
in the step of America. 
Jesus is real…
Christ is Christmas!

Happy thoughts, 
Window trimmings…
Yes Thanksgiving is not over.
I don’t care. 
I am Thankful every day, 
that we are FREE!

I...Read More
Categories: allah, america, blessing, christian, christmas, corruption, jesus,
Form: Free verse

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