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Creation Allah Poems

These Creation Allah poems are examples of Allah poems about Creation. These are the best examples of Allah Creation poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Remind God Of You By Loving And Remembering The Love God Put In You
 Will you please remind "God"Of "God's Love by "Loving"! The love that God put "In You"should "Remind You"? God "PUT LOVE IN YOU"! He...

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Categories: allah, 10th grade, 1st grade,

To You My Lord I Call
I look at the earth and all the space, of your divine creation I see a trace.

I pray to you Lord of Grandeur, to grant...

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Categories: allah, appreciation, creation, devotion,

 God "Owns Me",because he created me and you! I own "God" and he owns me,because to be "Owned is a reason to love ,and...

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Categories: allah, 10th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member The Holy Spirit Comes Taking Flesh and Blood To Heaven Or Hell and Inanimate
The "Holy Spirit has come to take us to "Heaven or Hell" The "Holy Spirit Created Flesh and Blood",and that which is "Animate,and that which...

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Categories: allah, 10th grade, 1st grade,

An Apology From God
Dear God, my love for you flickers in wavering shadows,
Caught between the whispers of evening prayers
And the intoxicating allure of liquor’s path.
I am well aware...

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Categories: allah, america, atheist, bible,

Whirling Towards Fate
Basking in this serendipitous aura
Spinning out into the spiral
Inhabiting this illusory reality
For a fleeting moment

As fragments of the sublime one
Coalesce and manifest
Into the vast beyond

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Categories: allah, creation, god, journey,

Premium Member Good Fruit
He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be...

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Categories: allah, fate,

Inevitable Death Defines Afterlife - Deux
Inevitable death defines afterlife - deux

Flinty stones figuratively rolling inside
whooping out that primal 
binaural beat of your drum
ma mind haphazardly 
ricocheting axon to neuron
inducing inxs...

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Categories: absence, allah, angel, atheist,

Premium Member The Secret of Death and Life
 There is a "Secret To Life,and "There is a secret to "The Death of those who will not realize that they are"already dead in...

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Categories: allah, 12th grade, 1st grade,

Silent One of Light
Forged in silence
Birthed heaven alone
Why did light spread its rays?

Poem about the Silent One of Light (the supreme God) from Sethian theology....

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Categories: allah, god, heaven, light,

Premium Member Comply and Show Love To the Lord God Almighty
 The Lord God Almighty says "Believe On Me"! The small child "Complies",and says to him or herself: The Lord God Almighty "Created Me"! The...

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Categories: allah, 12th grade, 1st grade,

have you ever considered 
why we are what we are 

the elements of Stardust 
consider the electron of eons
That light from afar, drifting 

have you...

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Categories: allah, allegory, allusion, angst,

Premium Member The Face of the Lord God Almighty
 The Face of "The Lord God Almighty" who is the only "LIVING GOD"
is "The True GOD" because "THE LIVING GOD" is "The Lord GOD...

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Categories: allah, 11th grade, 1st grade,

Premium Member Must Jesus Christ Bear the Cross Alone
 Must Jesus Christ bear "The Cross Alone And All The World Go Free"? There is "A Cross For Everyone",and there is a cross for...

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Categories: allah, 12th grade, 1st grade,

"From birth, when I opened my eyes
All I could see is a dark void
An open space thats endless
A world that was bare, my fresh canvas...

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Categories: allah, creation, encouraging, god,

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