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Creation Allah Poems

These Creation Allah poems are examples of Allah poems about Creation. These are the best examples of Allah Creation poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Secret Of Death And Life
 There is a "Secret To Life,and "There is a secret to "The Death of those who will not realize that they are"already dead in...

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Categories: allah, 12th grade, 1st grade,

Silent One of Light
Forged in silence
Birthed heaven alone
Why did light spread its rays?

Poem about the Silent One of Light (the supreme God) from Sethian theology....

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Categories: allah, god, heaven, light,

Premium Member Comply And Show Love To The Lord God Almighty
 The Lord God Almighty says "Believe On Me"! The small child "Complies",and says to him or herself: The Lord God Almighty "Created Me"! The...

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Categories: allah, 12th grade, 1st grade,

have you ever considered 
why we are what we are 

the elements of Stardust 
consider the electron of eons
That light from afar, drifting 

have you...

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Categories: allah, allegory, allusion, angst,

Premium Member The Face Of The Lord God Almighty
 The Face of "The Lord God Almighty" who is the only "LIVING GOD"
is "The True GOD" because "THE LIVING GOD" is "The Lord GOD...

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Categories: allah, 11th grade, 1st grade,

Premium Member Must Jesus Christ Bear The Cross Alone
 Must Jesus Christ bear "The Cross Alone And All The World Go Free"? There is "A Cross For Everyone",and there is a cross for...

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Categories: allah, 12th grade, 1st grade,

"From birth, when I opened my eyes
All I could see is a dark void
An open space thats endless
A world that was bare, my fresh canvas...

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Categories: allah, creation, encouraging, god,

Premium Member Violence Against Women And Girls
Violence against women is simply unacceptable.
God created men and women to love dearly one another, 
To enjoy each other until the end of the last...

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Categories: allah, anti bullying, appreciation,

Premium Member Freedom Of Choice

stay free,
enjoy life.
free yourself to fly
whichever path that you'll take.
you are in charge, master of your own fate.

you fail,
try again.
life is like a box --

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Categories: allah, courage, creation, faith,

Premium Member Lord I Love you

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Categories: allah, appreciation, blessing, care,

The creation of man
The story seems clear,
First we were given sight and an ability to hear,
But the story of man started when we crawled,
Before we taught each other...

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Categories: allah,

It's only him
He who dwells in my heart
Has strengthened it with his infinite love
Never does it cease to remind me 
Of how important I am, even if...

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Categories: allah, blessing, creation, devotion,

Premium Member Those Without The Spirit Of God Dies And Goes To Hell
 Religion and "The Holy Spirit".The Holy Spirit is "The Spirit of "The Lord God Almighty who"s "Holy Name is Jehovah"JHVH"! There is "Only "ONE...

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Categories: allah, 10th grade, 1st grade,


Upon Jehovah have I fixed my eyes.
The waves of the sea,
The creatures in the skies,
The vegetation and beasts,
Same do the mountains up above.
Adorations do...

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Categories: allah, appreciation, god,

God, Do You Understand My Language
God, my mother told me,
You are the embodiment of love.
Since then, I have adored you most.
But I wonder do you understand me?
I read your book...

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Categories: allah, atheist, bible, discrimination, faith,