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Day Alexandrine Poems

These Day Alexandrine poems are examples of Alexandrine poems about Day. These are the best examples of Alexandrine Day poems written by international poets.

Joyful living
Smile, be simple
Choose to live each day
Think of good times along the way
Joyful living is being hopeful for a better tomorrow 
Joyful living 
Is being...

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Categories: blessing, christian,

She was fleeing from work,
That day was different,
The crocodile had lost its tail;
Soldiers had to find it for him,
Trigger happy soldiers set loose
There was no...

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Categories: betrayal,

Come on in tonight
Look straight in my eyes
Tell me how you feel
At the sight of me
Can you see I am hurting?
I am just not the...

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Categories: love,

good day
good day
searching for te lost poems...

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Categories: 1st grade,

Beautiful Suprise
Never knew you would be here
Since a kid I wonder about you 
I imagine about you,  always thought of you
Never thought it would happen...

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Categories: first love, happiness,

At the foothill of fantasy
At the foothills of fantasy I live
Keeping away from reality I live
Where ignorance is blessing I live
On dat beautiful level of existence I live
Day dreamer...

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Categories: fantasy,

I watched as you walked in with your flowing hair
I stopped what I was chewing and tried not to stare
Taking a seat on the other...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, body, care,

A bad dream
Dangerous dreams flood 
over me in darkness and 
the weight of them drowns me 
like a tidal wave 
sinking me into my mattress
and spiraling me...

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Categories: 3rd grade, boyfriend, bridal

Look to the skies,
Infinite is you soul,
Search through the dark,
Find your reason for life.
You have been through the roughs,
Every day brings you pain,
You are done...

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Categories: inspirational,

I saw you in winter
And the moon winked
In appreciation of
The occurrence of love.

Your weak-sexy eyes opened leisurely
Shone through my heart and I saw forever.
You saw...

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Categories: kiss, love,

My love is like the setting sun
It rises in the morning
When you kiss my eyes.

Don't you worry
I have had such a busy day
My mood is...

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Categories: kiss, love,

The Songs of Nature
To hear the songs of nature,
so pleasant to my soul.
Listening intently,
I want to learn them all.

Even as a child at home,
I heard them in the...

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Categories: nature, song,

To Come
Every day I have
Looked for you
To come and see me,
Tell me if
I am no longer of use.

Can we go
For an HIV
Test and counseling


We need to...

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Categories: love,

A Day
There is a day I am waithing for,
The day I will wake up and never think of you;
Or even mention you in my prayers,
The day...

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Categories: love,

Another Year
An anniversary, to mark another year
we celebrate by waves. I'm glad to have you here.
How beautiful, my love. Your laughter says it too.
How happy that...

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Categories: anniversary, beach, beautiful, happiness,

Rain and A Rainbow
I looked from my window into a open space                ...

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Categories: beautiful,

                   Was it, the one for me


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Categories: career,

Dear Son
Dear Son
 We haven't met yet, Well not per-say, 
First think I want to say, 
Know that with my heart I love you, 
I love...

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Categories: baby, birth, child, fathers

For Sure A Never

Your my wine
To my bread
I enjoy recalling
All the words you said

You take all my smiles
Put them in a jar
Never to place on...

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Categories: beautiful,

Behind Back There

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Categories: appreciation, desire,