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Accede Poems

Accede Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accede poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accede.

New Poems

Premium Member Prayer Life
Prayer Life
Written: by Miracle Man

We all encounter days without feeling God’s touch,
Seems prayer isn’t reaching HIS heavenly throne.
 Sometimes our heart ponders are we asking too much,
It’s then God reveals we’re never walking alone.

On those days when God seems to...Read More
Categories: accede, god, prayer,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member 'X' Rated - Infinite Stars
"X" Rated (Infinite Stars!)

Our God signs with an ‘X’ ’cause His name is “I AM.”
And like Him, so an “X,” LOVE just is!
Christ, I laughed at this joke (God can be such a ham!)
‘Truth Be Known’s’ a ‘great’ fan of...Read More
Categories: accede, faith, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pay No Attention
Pay No Attention
(To Cat Calls From The Shadows)
Written: by Miracle Man

We should live productive lives, not disrupt peace,
Protesters hold to this one premise and oft repeat. 
“The wheel that squeaks the loudest, gets the grease,”
And the loss of a single...Read More
Categories: accede, anger, change, dream, people,
Form: Lyric
November 6th 2018 election day
November 6th 2018 - election day

Later today after
     all votes get cast
post final countdown,
     the winning candidates
     ought to be known
     way before break...Read More
Categories: accede, 12th grade, anti bullying, fire, happy, judgement,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Gust wheezes behind the sill, fog on pane
I accede to its drift while moonglow dies ;
This heart longs for you, but would breaths refrain
From asking suchlike thoughts, when time implies—
A goodbye ebbing, cast, by rippled gloom
That drizzles speak of broken...Read More
Categories: accede, heartbreak, recovery from,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member The Greatest Gift
To give is good, most would agree,
When helping poor feel more secure.
A splendid thing's philanthropy,
Though motives are not always pure.

We seldom sacrifice at all,
Our charity, when we accede,
Is excess money we withdraw.
We rarely give what we may need.

Our gifts put...Read More
Categories: accede, community, giving, humanity, money, uplifting,
Form: Quatrain
Perfect World
Perfect World

In a perfect world there would be no fear
Not in schools, in neighborhoods, churches or anywhere
In a perfect world there would be no hate
No matter your race, your religion, or who you date
In a perfect world there would be...Read More
Categories: accede, america, anger, bullying, community, dream, hero, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member and so the bullies win
And so the bullies win

one stone
an avalanche,

is focused on

we accede
to their

we give up
our lunch money
our words
our right

to write
to speak
to share

our hearts
our minds
our souls

we withdraw
into the darkness
of the bully’s

we allow them
to perceive
as weakness

we submit						John G. Lawless
to their 						©8/20/2017
...Read More
Categories: accede, anti bullying, life, poetry, poets, writing,
Form: Free verse
all alone in journey of life
All alone in journey of life,
Endured painful murky days;
No more, 
Yep, no more;
I can't stand the lonely life;
Wandered in rain and dry,
Wandered in scorching
Sun and murky night,
In lakes and mounts;
A company I sought,
Who fills colours in life; 
The spring tide...Read More
Categories: accede, loneliness, lonely,
Form: Prose Poetry
Incarnation of Love
Walk en route to Greenhouse,
Stuck prepossessed all pretty rose;

Mind bear pent up blues,
Find near pool of bliss;
Apart thee,no par clues!

Fragrance mixed up blowing Breeze;
whence dressed up in glowing hues?
Droplets acne turn ye Freeze?

Disastrous touch wanna pluck;
Outrageous punch done whole prick;
Fantabulous!If...Read More
Categories: accede, rose,
Form: Alliteration

Riding the 4
I’m riding the subway (the 4)
Where you never know what is in store.
	A character stood
	Ranting loudly he should
Have a seat, which I tried to ignore.

His ravings got louder until
Someone rose to accede to his will.
	Though he sat with a plop
	His...Read More
Categories: accede, new york, people,
Form: Limerick
Is crimson the new black
Or just a poet's muse
Should I be standing before the jury
Yes your honor, it is true

What will be the new crimson
Candy apple red
That sounds crisp, and cliched
Perhaps scarlet instead

Oh yes scarlet sounds brazen
Is ruddy even a...Read More
Categories: accede, color, humor,
Form: Quatrain
Amongst the dregs of my cups
I do not, amongst the dregs of my cups,
Consider you worthy to be the theme 
For my untutored scribblings.
There, Madame, there: I put you 
In your place, amongst the detritus 
Of my life, the forgotten effigies of life, 
As she...Read More
Categories: accede, love,
Form: Sonnet
To God All Glory Be

To God all glory be,
All glory be;
In everything let me  
Accede humbly--
Throughout eternity,
To God all glory be, (2)
All glory be.

When I pass through a storm,
Or gentle sea,
I'll cry out to my Lord,
For...Read More
Categories: accede, god, song, spiritual,
Form: Lyric
Only You
I will be there for you any time you need
I cannot say whether you'll do the same
Whenever your heart may bleed
I'll be whispering your alluring name
Even if you refuse to accede
I will be there for you with no shame

I will...Read More
Categories: accede, beauty, conflict, i love you, love, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
A Little Kitten in the Garden II
It was absurd to think that an engineer, with an earned degree,
Would be caught in a quandary, like a cat up a tree.
Yet, his garden of orange iris in a bed of golden stones -
It seemed like the little cat,...Read More
Categories: accede, funny, humorous, irony,
Form: Rhyme

This mass of land, created from the amalgamation of two  
Stood alone as the most eastern Caribbean island in view 
Embedded with coral and volcanic ash, her strength
A peaceful place to inhabit and explore at length 


The onset of...Read More
Categories: accede, freedom, memory, slavery,
Form: Rhyme
Something in the way she stands there
Something she knows whilst serving serving all the customers sadly
But with temerity I approach whilst  stumbling over words to say
Rehearse and another till open
But I wont and accede my place
Still stumbling in my...Read More
Categories: accede, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Spirit Dancer
Hearts soaring in luminous moonlight
The night frees the soul 
The night frees the mind 
The spirit dancer at last takes flight
Leaping high it pirouettes on a star
A spirit so bright is seen from afar

The spirit dancer beckons we accede
Up into...Read More
Categories: accede, dance, dream, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Indolent Thought
Aspirations and labor will tire your sinew
And when all the wearying drudgery is through
Some slovenly fool will give you a careless burial
And take charge of your estate – proud and imperial.

This is the thinking of a million languid loafers
Who expect...Read More
Categories: accede, money,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Thirst and hunger
Thirsty people pushes on hungry people who stands up with his food trying to orderly use it. But thirst cannot be won by anything else than pure water and pure water is missing. Hungry people, on the other end, knows...Read More
Categories: accede, life,
Form: Verse
Scoffers Take Heed
A gut full of grease is a glutton for greed
A swirling cesspool of sinful man's seed
These men of corruption, a pitiful breed
They trust their own hearts, which deceives them indeed
Prey for the fallen and wicked to feed
Who whisper with promise...Read More
Categories: accede, bible, christian, jesus,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member HINT OF HIS SCENT

The hint of his scent invited me to enter
a forbidden door, running male fingers along
the fabric of my back…silhouettes melt
on the wall; jealous stars drift afar as
moonlight trails along with heaving sighs.
And my cheery lips heat beyond eyes
smoldering in flickers...Read More
Categories: accede, confusion, sad,
Form: Free verse
33 And Beautiful
I was strolling through the rich coast on a Sunday evening,
No doubt, I had glanced at beautiful Enid,
I have to accede; your face, all, of you, is incredible, pristine and attractive.
Through the swarm, I was transfixed,
Transfixed to look out for...Read More
Categories: accede, age, appreciation, dedication,
Form: Name
Premium Member Divine Comedy translation Hell Canto XIV
Because the charity of my native place
Obliged me, the broken branches I the picked up
Them giving back him, who was to debase.

Then we finally reached where had to leap
From the second turn to third, and just where
Horrible art of justice...Read More
Categories: accede, fantasy, , cute,
Form: Terza Rima