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Abuse Poems

Abuse Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about abuse. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abuse.

New Poems

Hej Hello
Hej Hello
Ciao bello
Do you think I am a wild  fellow
Do I have my blood yellow
Hej Hello 
Ciao bello 
Why do you want me on bellow 
Why injustice makes a  mellow
Hej Hello
Ciao bello...Read More
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, conflict, discrimination, holocaust, life,
Form: Ballad

Premium Member One More
One More

Raise the curtain, 
I am ready. 
Let's write and read together, 
for hours without end. 
Dressing up in costumes, 
singing crazy shanties, 
or Round the Mountain western tunes. 

Wear an apron, 
a cape, a bonnet. 
Be spontaneous and laugh....Read More
Categories: abuse, appreciation, grandparents, happiness, miracle, muse, peace, prayer,
Form: Free verse
Where do the birds go

Where do the birds go? 

Why do they come back? 

How do they know where to go? 

How do they know when to come back? 

Are they on their own? 

Or do they have something...Read More
Categories: absence, abuse, allusion, anger, confusion, hope, wisdom,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Third Row, Second Seat
Third Row, Second Seat

The empty chair at church has a name. 
It changes from time to time, 
but remains somewhat if not always, 
the same. 

My friend "May" and I...
we talked about the lost ones. 
Then we traded numbers and...Read More
Categories: abuse, angel, atheist, christian, forgiveness, friendship, inspiration, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Blip Offering
A Blip Offering


a show
a play
a picnic
an event



soul mate


(free verse until it is no longer free...) 
...Read More
Categories: abuse, america, celebration, history, humor, humorous, innocence, inspiration,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Sitter
The Sitter

They rushed me in. 
I had no time to prepare. 
Talk they said. 
We will not be... long, 
it was a song.

My first response.
should have been. 
In the end, 
adrenalin and panic
gave way to remembered 
moments with...Read More
Categories: abuse, child, childhood, chocolate, daughter, mother daughter, mothers
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Blip

This is a short poem. 
Not a long one like the rest. 
(not haiku)
This is about time, 
and saying a lot in a small space.
Updates to follow.
Be quiet... (calm)

...Read More
Categories: abuse, courage, heartbreak, heaven, mental illness, soulmate, spoken
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Gathering the Bones
Gathering the Bones

You must believe me, 
I am in power. 
I know what is right for you. 
Your vote put me here, 
you can not possibly be wrong?
You have too much pride for that. 
I have been here now, 
nearly...Read More
Categories: addiction, allah, america, child abuse, environment, mental
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Wishes In Silence
How I wish you knew ...

Do you know?
Do you realize how beautiful you are?
Do you notice the people whose heads spin as you pass?
Do you feel ANY worth after he's done with you?
I watch you walk past each day as...Read More
Categories: abuse, anger, emotions, hope, silence,
Form: Free verse
Love not Evil
Intellectual progress with thee
beyond this, that, here or even there
of matter within what color, shape, size, weight, etc
All in all, we started with for example if you were to use a pencil or a pen, marker, etc. Indefinitely once that...Read More
Categories: abuse, beauty, deep, inspirational love, life, love,
Form: Light Verse
Fight or flight
I see him in my dreams
Behind my eye's sleeves
In the darkness
In the night

Flight or Fight?

In my drawers,
In my mind.
On the wall,
In the sky.

Down the hall,
Take a right,
That is when it's Fight or Flight.

Decide then and there.
Too late, I've already met...Read More
Categories: abuse, anger, anxiety, sad, violence,
Form: Rhyme
While She Stood There And Laughed
He lay so peacefully 
Like a baby sound asleep
No color to his face
No color to his life

So helpless..

You remember him
Laughing, having fun
Like he always had 
Like we all had

Then you remember 

His cry for help
His struggle to breathe
His fighting to...Read More
Categories: abuse, anger, betrayal, death,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Wormwood

There is a place, 
in the middle of nowhere... now. (hushed whisper) 
It is hot and cooking,
and yet...things are green. 
Nature has taken back, 
what man destroyed. 
Maybe not the way it should be, 
but maybe it does not matter,...Read More
Categories: abuse, allah, conflict, earth, gothic, heaven, nature, obituary,
Form: Narrative
false wishes
You seem happy
But of course, everyone puts on an act
A full face of non-existent make up
You put it on before you take the first step out your door

I do not despise all happy people
But I prefer the un-happy people the...Read More
Categories: abuse, betrayal, bird, love hurts, sad love,
Form: Blank verse
On Pendulums And Rocking Horses History Is Made
While racing on the rocking horse of youth
Going nowhere closer to the sun or faster there 
When swinging pendulums from Democrat to Republican 
Age picks up the pace, in speed it keeps us in our place
Remains the same with nothing...Read More
Categories: abuse, corruption, judgement, political, religious,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wash Your Mouth Out
No poetry!
How dare you suggest
Such an indignity?...Read More
Categories: abuse, discrimination, poetry,
Form: Questionku
its  a worldly thing
what being homeless bring
walking around
to self talking
up and down
some on canes in pain
and blind
Categories: abuse, adventure,
Form: Prose Poetry
About Dead People
Respect dead people and never sleep with them
Don't expect call backs from the dead
Smoking, drinking and deceased in trunks of cars
Are bad habits and probably against the law in Alabama

It is impolite to shoot dead people out of canons
Or drop...Read More
Categories: abuse, appreciation, death, judgement, life, relationship,
Form: Quatrain
Opera - What I wanted
As a young child, I could remember writing down on a piece of paper on what kind of girl I would want.  This type of girl would need to be a student like me, if she was a B-student...Read More
Categories: abuse, appreciation, confidence, desire, emotions, love,
Form: Prose
Meet the Sociopath
Meet the void called she
A walking lie for 30 years
No one knows who she is
But she walks gracefully dressed in false pretense

She can easily turn everything she touched to dust
She struts and leaves the dance floor in ruins
Her eyes, knows...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, change, mental illness, psychological, sick,
Form: Free verse
I'm Not A Victim
It starts in a basement age 4.
Then a bedroom age 15.
A doorway while blacked out age 16.
My boyfriend made me when I was 19.
I was drunk and heartbroken at age 20.
I was saved by the man who did the same...Read More
Categories: abuse, depression, growth, mental illness, suicide,
Form: Prose Poetry
I'm Not A Victim
It starts in a basement age 4.
Then a bedroom age 15.
A doorway while blacked out age 16.
My boyfriend made me when I was 19.
I was drunk and heartbroken at age 20.
I was saved by the man who did the same...Read More
Categories: abuse, depression, growth, mental illness, suicide,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Voices In Her Head
The voices in her head
The voices in her head
Here she lies
Trapped in this place

Till she dies
She is trapped in a deep and dark abyss
This isn’t a fairy tale, she can’t be awakened by true love's kiss
Someone has trapped her there

They...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, abuse, anxiety, bullying, depression, sad,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Time is the essence of life
We should take it
In our stride...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, africa, allah, april, arabic, beautiful,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member The Contest
The Contest

I would like to enter, 
and sometimes I do. 
Occasionally I even win, 
to my surprise. 
How cool!

The true rule, 
to every fool,
or pirate on a mission;
is write,
and write,
and write. 
Do something, 
say something in words, 
that will ripple...Read More
Categories: abuse, america, friendship, hero, homework, military, seasons, simile,
Form: Narrative