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Abnormally Poems

Abnormally Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abnormally poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abnormally.

New Poems

Premium Member Pat the Bird Nest Woman
The dye job on Pat’s hair was patchwork at best.
Colors popping in and out all the way to her chest.
Beautician not licensed she just confessed.
But did she do it as a dare, joke or was it a jest?

Pat knew for...Read More
Categories: abnormally, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Monorhyme

Premium Member Just Write She Said
Just write she said. You can edit it later.
I open the notebook to a fresh page.
Throw words upside down and right side up.
They are pinging my brain with wild abandon.
I am drawing doodles now – stars, moons, flowers, trees.
Editing as...Read More
Categories: abnormally, writing,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member I Knew They Were True
The stories kept coming. 
They were so abnormally crazy I knew they were true.
No child could make things up this fast or this hard. 
And the tears were real.

They were not living under a bridge yet, 
but they have to...Read More
Categories: abnormally, hurt, stress,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Need More Jesus He Yelled
Can you come get him today? The teacher texts me. 
I cannot take it. It’s awful. It’s bad, you see.
I rapidly discover it is the child, little Lee.
His story makes me feel sad, a tale not of glee.

The truth is,...Read More
Categories: abnormally, god, jesus, parents, prayer, sad, teacher,
Form: Rhyme
'Prodigious Philanthropist'
Remarkable or impressive in extent, size or degree.
Archaically unnatural or great abnormally.

The difference between, only being slight of hand.
Biblical in proportion as before the great flood,
The living grieved must now take an archaic stand,
Banish this dead philanthropist anointed with blue...Read More
Categories: abnormally, abuse, anger, celebrity, corruption, courage, irony, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme

I quit
It's time I admit that I am a quitter 
No longer, am I, a cigarette sitter
The stick, I flung
To save some lung
And now I am abnormally bitter...Read More
Categories: abnormally, addiction, humorous, i am,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Synthetic Telepathy
A dopamine-drenched frontal lobe drowns in an amphetamine's amine receptors,
Exciting the neurotransmission of the cognitive euphoria in its grandiose risen scepter. 

Motivation awakens alongside focus and patience in the stimulated ADHD brain,
Which, without a pill, is a tiring wiring of...Read More
Categories: abnormally, addiction, drug, feelings, imagery, mental illness, psychological,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Ecclesia
An old Greek word, ecclesia,
is often translated as church,
but could also be thought of as a civilization
acting civilly,
as a citizenry
acting as responsible citizens.

The noun side of Ecclesia
casts residents as consumers
of democratic and economic cooperative systems,
while the verb side
speaks of residents...Read More
Categories: abnormally, culture, fear, health,
Form: Political Verse
Foolish Beauty And Emotional Tragedy
Around the world people seek beauty
Hate rough, ugly, 
Hear sweet tone, melody
Avoid harsh, sharp all that cry,

A foolish beauty endangers all
For it always receives
And always responses
Every body's proposal and call,
The beauty laughs just outwardly
To charm the surrounding
But for heart...Read More
Categories: abnormally, imagery,
Form: Rhyme royal
Red Sky
From the glimpse of my eye
It's came to a surprise
The sun rise still beautiful 
It's breathtaking
How the pinkish colorbleeds red as it fills the sky
It frightens me
I try to gaze away
But it's abnormally color
A deep red
Through the sky's red haze
A...Read More
Categories: abnormally, best friend, destiny, freedom,
Form: Free verse

Vanessa Daobry
Vanessa throws the shot put, track, 
In the F34 classification, wheelchairs, 
And is a wheelchair racing coach,
For English Athletics, also an activist. 

Whilst doing the job she received a call, 
From Alison O’Riordan a throwing coach, 
Just after she’d survived...Read More
Categories: abnormally, courage, desire, destiny, engagement, health, sports, strength,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Denouement
Her  m a d n e s s  was the result of an unfortunate series of events. The epilogue came to a halt as she was  b r o k e n  from her articulate ailment.

Feared...Read More
Categories: abnormally, anxiety, sick,
Form: Narrative
Assure of love
Ser,  look at the follower 
A want , eager to fight
Of course , maybe not .
But A glass founded around her mass
Love is for you , you feel it
Can there be a more profound prestige  feeling ? 

Maybe...Read More
Categories: abnormally, confusion, happiness, love, relationship,
Form: Light Verse

Anger is an acceptable and normal emotion,
but I must not be;
such an emotion is only for the free.
No matter the commotion,
I must take care not to act abnormally.
No matter what’s...Read More
Categories: abnormally, abuse, anger, black african american, emotions, hate,
Form: Rhyme
Suicide Suicide
I went to watch the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings
I cried a lot afterwards
It's not the fact that I personally felt the two "brothers" were more abnormally closer in the movie than how the story of Moses is depicted in...Read More
Categories: abnormally, suicide, mental illness,
Form: Prose
That I said -Yes I Do-
Just Because I Said I do

From her words I put out this,
Both in her words her wish is scoop:
“Whatever I do, this I, worth a note”
-She said she needs answers.
For nag I will not play the part,
But for proofs, I...Read More
Categories: abnormally, education, life, love, marriage, peace, philosophy, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Positive Abstractive
It's not figuratively thinking but abstractive!
Avoiding over abstract. 
The road is clear.
The eyes within their limits 
See the appearances of things
& their expressions, figures.
An eye is a tool for seeing .
Like an eye, the brain is a tool for the...Read More
Categories: abnormally,
Form: Prose
Harmattan is here again!
The air is cold and dry
Gone for the while is 
the rain
The children are cold, 
hot and so they cry.

Their parents 
themselves are on the 
Of frustration cos 
everywhere is covered 
in dust
And scarcely available 
is water...Read More
Categories: abnormally, nature
Form: Sonnet
The Slender Man
far in the forests
deep down in the undergrowth
easier to find 
in hindsight of open minds 
there appears the slender man

he has not a face
and is often found walking
stalking silently
he makes himself known through fear
though hidden within the trees

strangely tall he...Read More
Categories: abnormally, fear,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member If you don't see me around
Hi, Soup pals!! Hubbie soon to be home from a very long drive. He was gone an abnormally long time trucking this month, so I doubt I will be here much in the next few days. Just to let you...Read More
Categories: abnormally, husband,
Form: Bio
Resurrecting Poems from Death
Every time and anytime,
i mistakenly delete or loss a poem 
that i have sweated so hard to compose

i feel like,
i have lost a golden child,
but after couples of struggling to retrieve back the poem, 
from the land of lost poets,

I...Read More
Categories: abnormally, dedication, me, loss, lost, loss, lost, me,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Hello There, Runt
Hello There, Runt

By Elton Camp

A cry of outrage comes from the politically correct
For the very word “runt” they will angrily reject
But I have used it only to gain for this poem attention
That it’s insulting and demeaning you needn’t mention

Certainly to...Read More
Categories: abnormally, life,
Form: Rhyme
illusions of reality
compassionate beauty flowers from the innermost pain, ignore the words stirring amongst an abnormal brain, and when i speak to much truth just label me insane, weak minds will never understand the knowledge in which i obtain. surrounded by deaf...Read More
Categories: abnormally, art, education, introspection, mystery, passion, peace, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
Love Story
Thinking of thee day when I went to see, 
accidentally looking at you made me feel like I was on Extasy. 
                 I watched...Read More
Categories: abnormally, dedication, devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, romance, uplifting, day,
Form: Light Verse
Cemetery Of Your Mind
(In the 80's, Pueblo, Colorado, poets Kyle Laws and Tony Moffeit played cemetery zombies in a Pueblo-directed, written and filmed horror movie, "Curse of the Blue Lights". They and Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus agreed to write poems, either entitled with or...Read More
Categories: abnormally, funny, night, blue, prayer, blue, night, stars,
Form: Free verse