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Ablutions Poems

Ablutions Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ablutions poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ablutions.

New Poems

Premium Member Have a Cuppa
We used to just have a cup of coffee


		Possibly with milk

			Maybe with sugar

Mostly on Sundays and with cream as a bonus

Today they call it caffe latte or cappuccino

	Americano for the purist

         ...Read More
Categories: ablutions, happiness,
Form: Free verse


Wow, a 2nd camping trip,
Now please don’t flip,
How on earth did I agree,
After the snake and me,
My husband asked so nicely,
And explained precisely
Where we would go,
Not to the bush,
Where a snake lay in ambush!
So hitched up our boat,
To take to...Read More
Categories: ablutions, boat,
Form: Rhyme

I had never been camping in my entire life,
This was a first for me as husband, and wife ,
For our two boys this was bonding time,
CJ a seasoned camper, Ricky a rookie, ,
So far, all was fine.
We...Read More
Categories: ablutions, africa, humorous, scary,
Form: Rhyme
Absolving Ablutions
Some people believe that sin
Is easily washed away
Like scum on a bathtub wall
Sin sticks to your DNA

Although you may feel absolved
There is a Judgment Day
When all of your offspring discover
They have the Devil to pay...Read More
Categories: ablutions, atheist, baptism, bible, christian, judgement, religion, sin,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Smelly Stuff Absorbed
Smelly Stuff Absorbed 

There are many words for those excrements that appear on the fabric in
incremental solid and deliquescent motions because ingestion fulfils that
autonomous need to shed ablutions but here I declare ‘Waste not Want not’

Whatever notion ‘shit happens’ frivolously...Read More
Categories: ablutions, pain,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Electroni Germ Xfer
Ladies and Lords
when ensconced upon
your porcelain thrones.
I pray you,
leave your cell phones,
completely alone.
Then when your 
ablutions are done,
wash your hands,
and resume your
texting marathon.
Yet, further still.
apply phone cleaning wipes. 
So, when we share 
phone photos,
neither of us will 
likely become ill,
that...Read More
Categories: ablutions, anxiety, best friend, encouraging, friendship, how i
Form: Rhyme
Loose Stools
I seethe with livid rage within the bowels of my being
when sitting upon the porcelain goddess ample defecation doth cling
immediately triggering an internal self hatred 
   charge of body electric to signal an inaudible ding
though a figurative lid...Read More
Categories: ablutions, anger, angst, body, emotions, grave, health, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Pain and Rain
Pain and Rain

On a wet, spring day
Branches drip loneliness.
Sunbeams stream gentleness
Pain and rain stain the soul.
Distance separates.
Ablutions wash winter's grime.
Absolution is near.
...Read More
Categories: ablutions, baptism, forgiveness, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Art Marcel Duchamp
How to take a leak

Marcel felt quite an urge when he set out to purge understanding of how to when
we view misconceptions of who is taking the piss now never thereafter and then

A fountain trickling urinal porcelain pissoir on display...Read More
Categories: ablutions, art,
Form: Couplet
My Carers
There's two of me, but only one of you,
So can I please use your hands to see me through?
As my invisible person in a group of five or more,
Having no mandate to boast, control or score. 

Will you watch me...Read More
Categories: ablutions, body, care, caregiving, conflict, desire, i love
Form: Heroic Couplets

I recollect we would,encircling a fire,congregate
Brew tea and pregnant stories of ancient time narrate
My grandpa would hours during nonstop preach
The inestimable merits of Dawn prayer and teach

Deserting wintry bedstead and its comfort 
Cleansing,doing ablutions and to the masjid resort
Yet would...Read More
Categories: ablutions, family,
Form: Free verse
Wilammena's Wish
Wilamena’s Wish

Crouching in the corner is a very dirty place,
I’ve dust all in my hair and an awfully grubby face.
I haven’t done you any harm please let me on my way,
I’ll go past very quickly, don’t stamp on me today
Your...Read More
Categories: ablutions, animal, character, children,
Form: Blank verse
The Radical Religious
The Radical Religious

Like chickens they sit on a roost in the dark
With their toes holding tight to the perch
They feel safe in the night ‘gainst their neighbor beside
If the neighbor not jiggle nor lurch

They rise in the morn to the...Read More
Categories: ablutions, religion, religious,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Ruba'iyat of Creteil Lake - Part Twenty-Two
The Ruba’iyat of Créteil Lake – Part Twenty-Two

The day broke on this fateful date like gravestones pushed asunder
Transcontinental wagons hooted their humming blared thunder
The Faithful six million alerted to the confrontation
Made their way in unison to the muezzin’s call yonder

The...Read More
Categories: ablutions, allegory,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member The Ruba'iyat of Creteil Lake - Part Twenty-One
The Ruba’iyat of Créteil Lake – Part Twenty-One

Meantime the Faithful gathered for prayer sans delusions
His Holiness excused himself for the usual ablutions --
The Commandant backtracked to an official car for pow-wow --
Lights dimmed as indoor lights were turned on for...Read More
Categories: ablutions, allegory,
Form: Rubaiyat
Love Song
'We' you and i
drink not from same water,
But in ablutions
We prepared in spring
For a beautiful day

Have you ever had a dream
Tell me, if yes
In whispering- hold my head
I know soon, they will get jealous

Ibasepe- is not in our dictionary
Ti nba...Read More
Categories: ablutions, angel, baptism, celebration, cute love, love, miss
Form: ABC
Premium Member Break Of Dawn
I stir sleepily stretching awake
an hour or so before dawn
tossing back the covers
I get to my feet and stretch

Ablutions now done
I call the dogs to heel
we all pile into my car
drive off in the predawn

Heading for a great valley
tucked sleepily...Read More
Categories: ablutions, nature,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Birdbath
The first is like an imaginary vision;
a tiny apparition, in three quick flashes.
The landing, one sip, then disappearing,

sweet fairy wren.

Then, there is the brazen, full, plop of the Currawong;
raucous, self proclaiming
 with flapping ablutions

and on exit, stealing one
of the floating...Read More
Categories: ablutions, allegory, bird, garden,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Day in the Life of The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man awakened by the winter sun,
saw evidence the wolves had been and gone.
They'd left him some breakfast, a big chunk of meat
from an unlucky deer they had pulled down.
After rudimentary morning ablutions
and a brushing of his long beard...Read More
Categories: ablutions, adventure, fire, fire,
Form: Rhyme
Dark as a demon, but with the soul of
an angel, he's a Portuguese Water 
Dog who's never been to sea, but, as 
he oughta, he loves water, and highly
proprietary when you're watching 
TV, downtime is shared, so it's his paw
on...Read More
Categories: ablutions, family, water, water,
Form: Ballad
Osama Bin Laden
Obdurate Sadistic abductor as Machiavellian now abashed
Senseless Saboteur with Sabre sword,
Ablutions of wickedness as apology from vagrant
Mercy and peace mixed fleetingly against unprovoked America and the innocents
Abomination of true God explained as religion, hatred, wickedness, murders, and Jihad

Bigots brewing bestial...Read More
Categories: ablutions, angst, religion, satire, peace, peace,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member The Oracle at Tibetan Stok Monastery-w
“Patients, carefully wash your hands and mouth
As the spirits are offended by our smells
And get yourself clean of the defilements”
Thus Matho announced the arrival of the **Dakini
To the séance of the Stok Monastery.
Then Dakini donned her ritual costume
Preparing the alter...Read More
Categories: ablutions, religion,
Form: Narrative
The Religion of Everyday Things
We return at nightfall, shoulders bowed, weighed down by slights and insults. They 
fall from us at the door,
as everything beyond these walls recedes. The horns and sirens, the pain and 
desperation that invade our outside life,
all are silenced.

We join...Read More
Categories: ablutions, lifeprayer,
Form: Light Verse
Summer Ablutions
Summer Ablutions

Stunned by July in a hammock
he remembers the apricot wife 
no longer here
one curler more and the flutter
of leaves in the orchard
the sound of trees 
letting go
a downpour of plums
flowing over
the wicker
propped open 

Donal Mahoney

...Read More
Categories: ablutions, wife
Form: Free verse
I bought my house for its mirrored walls 
in the master bath from which you could fancy 
yourself as a forties' film star, your flawless 
body soaking in billowing suds, or stepping into 
a glassed-in shower, large enough for a...Read More
Categories: ablutions, funeral, house, grandmother, house, cancer,
Form: Ballad