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Abide Poems

Abide Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abide poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abide.

New Poems

Premium Member Until The Sandman Comes
* For my dearest children, who now have children of their own *

                           ...Read More
Categories: abide, children, father, love,
Form: Rhyme

Sweet Days of Youth
How fast have flown sweet days of youth
gone now forever more
unto that mystic far off land
that unfamiliar shore

Gone are the dreams and wonderings
those memories held dear
whose recollection brings us smiles
and very often tears

That I might find that distant shore
that land...Read More
Categories: abide, age, dream, old, remember, youth,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Inside
In the padded cell of my confinement I think and feel and slide

Down a slope of reason and emotion dressed in gloves and mask

I am rebel but in times of these I learnt to follow orders and abide

Though staying sane...Read More
Categories: abide, character,
Form: Rhyme
You take the fifth
distilled and delusional
drunk, disorderly and disrobed

fallen to your knees you plea
and pretty pretty plead
your prayers
to multiple dimensions

boots made of stone
you can't run
no directions nor diversions
you can't hide
you abide

songs ring softly in your head
you're alive but somehow dead
life's...Read More
Categories: abide, dream,
Form: Free verse
God’s love* assures us within His quarantining compassion…
We therefore trust His guidance of omniscient precision.

Knowing that the Lord loves us so without any break…
In this lockdown situation, we can still be spiritually awake. 

Embraced with Christ’s love around gracious fellowship…
We...Read More
Categories: abide, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, true
Form: Couplet

Premium Member BLESSINGS 2020

(Dedication: For kindred spirits everywhere)

May the new year bring faith and hope,
Yield thus dear heart fond acts that cheer.
Heed bold pulse strings as love sculpts scope,
Apt art funds start of poise right here;
Prize each fine day you live with joy,
Play...Read More
Categories: abide, blessing,
Form: Acrostic
Tomorrow’s glowing hope welcomes with bliss
Assuring good news of betterment gain*
Security’s peace that my heart won’t miss
While I abide in the Almighty’s reign
Sufficed to share more His bountiful grain.

Today’s turmoil will end, offering best 
Gracious gain comes enriched by blest...Read More
Categories: abide, blessing, christian, encouraging, faith, god, jesus, uplifting,
Form: Dizain
Premium Member This Too Shall Pass
This Too Shall Pass
By: Miracle Man

Life today has become all about adjusting,
It becomes easier when in God we’re trusting.
Our faith tells us God will see us through,
so we do each day, what life forces us to do.

Each sunrise brings...Read More
Categories: abide, god,
Form: Rhyme
Breaking A Rule
Breaking A Rule 

Rules, yeah they have to be followed 
But I really start to choose 
To get answers to what happens when you break a rule 
First thing , you own up to it 
Honesty is the best key...Read More
Categories: abide, age, america, art,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Covid-19- Composing Elegy
The Gigantic Powerful,
The Omni-mighty,
The Omni-present
Covid-19 has come
can kill anytime anyone
infecting the lungs

Oh! Shut the mouth!
Take a mask!
Don't speak anymore!
Otherwise, the virus will infiltrate into your throat and……..!

Oh! Now take home quarantine
Spend an isolated life!
Live in self-distancing!
Don't think more about imperialist...Read More
Categories: abide, fear, life, world,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Our Lord and Savior
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Received a humble birth
But through his love and sacrifice
He proved His time on Earth

He came to save the soul from sin
The rich man and the poor
And by His sacrifice we win
The right to live once...Read More
Categories: abide, faith, forgiveness, gospel, inspirational, jesus, love, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Abide: after Aubade by Philip Larkin
by Michael R. Burch

after Philip Larkin's "Aubade"

It is hard to understand or accept mortality—
such an alien concept: not to be.
Perhaps unsettling enough to spawn religion,
or to scare mutant fish out of a primordial sea

boiling like goopy green tea in a...Read More
Categories: abide, addiction, death, depression, drink, fear, religion, solitude,
Form: Sonnet
We Call The People That We Love Inside
The shops are shut.  Our hearts are open wide
Before we put the Closed sign on the door
We call the people that we love inside

‘Last orders at the bar!’ the barman cried
Our days of wine and roses are no more
The...Read More
Categories: abide, england, family, fear, home, hope, love, sorrow,
Form: Villanelle
“Trust in the LORD*.”  Such declares God’s sovereignty
Along His leadership as the supreme Almighty Deity---
We must bow to Him with humility
Submitting ourselves to His authority.

“Trust in the LORD.”  Such affirms God’s greatness
Along His omnipotence while manifesting gentleness---
We must...Read More
Categories: abide, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, trust,
Form: Rhyme
Never Defy The Light
Waiting patiently, we await anxiously. Is this day our last, we’ll never know so let’s pray & tip our glass. A toast to the people that mean the most, take hold & show in truest form why they keep us...Read More
Categories: abide, humanity,
Form: Narrative
Backslide Companion Blues
Of all the gin joints, 
and pool halls, 
on bar stools, 
and in the shallows of oceans, the Siren calls.
It calls us men back.

If only men can bust that Jack!
Oh, for years you evaded all men like me,
and kept hidden...Read More
Categories: abide, success,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Of Sand, Wind and Sea
In solitude I drift with the sand, wind, and sea.
  Not remembering where I started nor where my ending will be.
    Thoughts shifting like the sands washed by the tide.
      Swirling...Read More
Categories: abide, fate, future, journey, perspective, philosophy, remember, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Trust In Jesus - The Linked Style

~ Trust  In  Jesus    ~
 (  Linked   )


Trust in Jesus 
Jesus loves you 
You, me and all 
All in this world 
World needs the Lord 
Lord...Read More
Categories: abide, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse

China is the source, they say,
Origin from a lab one day.
Reached out quickly to infect,
Other nations to direct.
Now we see it worldwide
And may soon with ME abide!
Can I do much to protect
Of its virus to infect?
Read the CDC post every...Read More
Categories: abide, satire,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member There will be Times of Sadness
Life cannot all happy be
in life there will be misery
So cry that cry you hold inside
and through time it will abide
Remember happiness a plenty
in those times there isn't any
And as the ages show
everyone has pain to sow
Be it treasure, place...Read More
Categories: abide, cheer up, sad,
Form: Rhyme
If you abide in Jesus Christ
My fellow believers many temptations enter into our lives on a regular and reoccurring basis.  The closer we draw living water through our beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The temptations seem to only intensify.  The distractions and...Read More
Categories: abide, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Narrative
Rat Race
Drifting alive, waves of human tide,
money and power slaves nine to five 
project deadlines nauseate in stress 
endless chase, mortgages magnified.

Vacillating minds, weary woes abide
big cars whiff smoke on sullen faces. 
insidious pressure, to be  a 'someone'
mad huff and...Read More
Categories: abide, future, race,
Form: Rhyme
Full Public Domain Translation of Avalokitesvara Hymn from Lotus Sutra Chp 25 Part 2
The manifold states of woe, the hells, ghosts realms and
Beastly domains, the suffering of birth, old age, illness, and
Death shall all recede. Heeding purity and truth, heeding the
Vast body of wisdom, heeding benevolence and compassion, 
May all forever admire him...Read More
Categories: abide, angst, anxiety, art, august, wisdom, words, world,
Form: Epic
Full Public Domain Translation of Avalokitesvara Hymn from Lotus Sutra Chp 25 Part 1
The Bodhisattva of Boundless Will then asked in verse:
“O World Honored One of wondrous countenance, 
I now seek once more the origins of the One Who Hears 
And Heeds the Sounds of the World!” 

And so, The Eminent One of...Read More
Categories: abide, angst, anxiety, art, universe, wisdom, women, world,
Form: Epic
Let your light shine
Oh! Please let your candlelight shine amidst the darkness.
In order for the whole wide wonderful world we would
dearly love to see.  Will see and understand your moral clarity.
And will desire to come to the guiding candlelight.  The
person of...Read More
Categories: abide, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Lay