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Quirky Tercets Poetry Contest

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Terza Rima poetry form only.
Poetry Contest Deadline: Wednesday, May 1, 2019
11 poems of the maximum 35 allowed have been entered.
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5/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description

Write me a NEW poem with an unusual or quirky theme, using terza rima form.

Terza rima consists of interlinked tercets with the rhyming scheme


You can write as many tercets as you like, but at least four, then close with a single line or couplet that rhymes with the middle line of the last tercet (so here, FF or F).

Terza rima has iambic rhythm but you can have as many feet per line as you like. I don’t count syllables and I have no objection to the odd syllable hanging out the beginning or end of a line if it’s needed! And I don’t mind the odd little variation or break in the iambic rhythm, but only if used to good effect.

I’ve written an example poem. This illustrates the both the form and the level of quirkiness I enjoy!


Please read carefully:

NEW and DATED poems in English please, take your time, and avoid clichés. Keep your formatting neutral (left-aligned and not all in italics) and if you normally format your footer in a certain way (eg writing the contest name in capitals), please change it so I don’t recognise you! Go!