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Within Poems

Within Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of within poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for within.

New Poems

Premium Member 7 More Wonders of this World
Imagine life without touch, O we would miss so much.
Visualize no taste, so many joys we'd waste.
Without the ability to see, how sad would this be.
These are some amazing gifts, bestowed on you and me.

I'm forever grateful, for the endowment...Read More
Categories: within, appreciation, blessing, god, humanity, love,
Form: Rhyme

it's been a rocky road
deliciously swirled 
in mouth
a delectable treat
quickly melting within the heat 

a bite teased, aimed to please
more than sex appealed
WHIPPED creamed 
caramel covered 


shimmering glass beads
spooned and licked clean
in the moonlight
a midnight dance
cumulating into the kitchen

the...Read More
Categories: within, endurance, fun, youth,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Reminiscing On A Childhood

I have never once considered myself, unlucky, in anyway
I’m still very grateful for what I have had back in the day

All those childhood memories; of feeling safe and secure
Within the folds of my parents, I could grow...Read More
Categories: within, appreciation, childhood, family, grandfather, grandmother, meaningful, tribute,
Form: Couplet
My baby is shy
It pains me to know that my baby is shy
Afraid to speak up, she lets her tears dry
I’ve been that little girl, mild and meek
Offended, abused, but dare not speak

I grew up ashamed, to be anything less
Or anything more than...Read More
Categories: within, anxiety, child, mother, my child,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Democracy On Fire
In "On Fire"
Naomi Klein reminds us
win/lose capitalism invites a collective action vacuum
and abhors restrictions on money-accumulating freedom,

But Earth,
a healthy global climate,
healthy ecosystems
invite regenerative win/win climax
of cooperatively nurturing health systems
and abhor inhumane definitions of "wealth"
as privately-held and autonomously sequestered currency
natural resources
human...Read More
Categories: within, earth, engagement, health, integrity, political, psychological, social,
Form: Political Verse

A moment in the life of a volunteer firefighter
As I am sitting quietly, with my family
Watching TV and enjoying the night 
Then comes the tones from my radio
Signaling something is not all right

Not knowing what the call may bring
My heart rate begins to rise
It could be a house...Read More
Categories: within, fire,
Form: Rhyme
Worth waiting for good night 
So that I may I sleep
Worth waiting for
The day so that I may keep
Shine your light day and night
My awaken Journey praising Him
Worth waiting for within my right
Alas awaken Christian Soldier
It's been a good night
Awaken...Read More
Categories: within, caregiving, devotion, encouraging, humanity, inspiration, love,
Form: Free verse
Filled Up to the Core
I feel empty inside
Don't know exactly why
I just want to hide
Somehow close my eyes and die

Somehow let go and die
I wonder to myself, why?
I feel like a worthless fly
I just feel the need to cry

Sweet, yet bitter and harsh as...Read More
Categories: within, grief, growing up, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Among persons known within mine barbed ken
Analogous to black box
holding untold secrets,
I share the following self
introspection with ye,
which purported hidden truths
might set me free,
albeit laborious effort

to loose constituent amalgamated
compound elements unmined
tantamount to agony
riddling psyche effort to extract
thorny matters incumbent upon me
versus tapping Androcles and the lion
think...Read More
Categories: within, 11th grade, 12th grade, baptism, health, leaving,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Boat Rocks
Nothing more defended
than the status quo

To protect and covet,
never let go

Attacked by outsiders,
heels to dig in

Rocking the boat
—water within 

(Ashbridge Pennsylvania: February, 2020) 
...Read More
Categories: within, change,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Across The Sky
I was walking barefoot along the beach.
It was a sundrenched beautiful day.
A Seagull overhead, almost within reach.
Then it quickly turned and flew away.

A gust of wind caught my spirit and let it fly.
It began to soar upon gossamer wings.
It felt...Read More
Categories: within, beach, heart, sky, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
When I saw you today, I sensed your deep despair.
You’ve existed so long, in a world without care.
Your hair was a mess, your clothing all torn.
you frantically hid, when the light upon you shone.
You ran from me, fought with me...Read More
Categories: within, mirror,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Within My Heart
I keep them all in a secret place,
within my heart . . . 
      all those faces in frames on my bookcase,
         the beloved-  I wish...Read More
Categories: within, grief,
Form: Verse
The Sock
Just for fun...

The Sock

Is there anything lonelier than discarded clothing?
A sign of disappointment, of rejection, of loathing
Threadbare and stained, no fight left within
Wondering what events caused this great sin
Did you wear out your welcome, what did you do?
Was it a...Read More
Categories: within, humor, humorous,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Hawaii, Where The Meek Is Obsolete

Hawaii, Where The Meek Is Obsolete

When within a unicameral state,
Where there is no reasonable debate,
Whether you vote all yea,
Whether you vote all nay,
Why ask if a communist-styled dictate?

2020 February 16
"Ode To The Corrupt Unions"

10, 10, 6, 6, 10.

...Read More
Categories: within, abuse, betrayal, conflict, corruption, dark, political, power,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Conversations with a Daughter: Creeps

"Conversations with a Daughter: Creeps"

Time creeps
my beautiful, clever, daughter 

Weirdos are us 

There's that beautiful laugh,
that beautiful smile

Who wants to 
belong here 

they keep you on 
the outer edge

that’s cool, 
take all the time you require

that time that creeps
and...Read More
Categories: within, freedom, love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Filled with darkness
In the quiet calm of night
	resting in the warmth of what is
soundlessly being undisturbed
	only darkness fills the mind

memories of what she was
	and of the actions shared
hopes and dreams of never was
	passions the burned hot and clean

dreams of what was to...Read More
Categories: within, poetry,
Form: Free verse
A Warrior's Fight
It's been said that
God gives his hardest battles
To his strongest soldiers.
Those who endure
The seemingly impossible
And unimaginable
Continue to faithfully fight
To the bitter end.
A warrior's valor tested
Time and time again
Ends in the same result.
Like an eternal flame
The fighter within them remains
Giving up...Read More
Categories: within, character, courage, faith, inspirational,
Form: Prose
Now Think This: A Journey of Faith, Hope and Trust
As we walk the down
The path of life
We find some areas aren't
As well lit as others.
And it's within these sections
That our hope seems to fade
As we go through them.
Fears begin to surface
When we can't see
What's in front of us,
Questions of...Read More
Categories: within, hope, inspiration, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
A Prayer for Healing
Dear Lord, in these days of trying times,
I come to you humbled and fearful.
I'm in knowledge of friends, family
And the unknown battling heartache,
Depression, illness and death.
I've come with peace in my heart,
Love in my soul and belief in my mind,
That...Read More
Categories: within, appreciation, inspirational, prayer,
Form: Free verse
There Is Freedom Within And Freedom Without
Though you may be poor,
There is no freedom without cash,
Worked hard for the dollar,
Until I hit the floor,
The poor has gift of time.
The rich in cash has no woe of money,
where there is no lack.
Not where the green dog can...Read More
Categories: within, anxiety, appreciation, freedom, judgement, money, poems, power,
Form: Free verse
Sustaining your wellbeing
Is the happiness within you
Silence, say no more
Captivating your soul
Is the strength within you

Do not expect the journey
To be smooth sailing
The final destination
Is closer than you think
Do not expect the audiences
To understand who you are
To be yourself is...Read More
Categories: within, adventure, africa, blessing, celebration, change, desire, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Poetically Pickled Pink
I am poetically pickled pink; my muse is finally full of ink,
Thanks to Nina I’m back in sync, within a quick blinkity blink…
A pickleworm or picklepuss or maybe an obsequious octopus,
A pickledly positive plus, satisfying my dormant distant discuss…

Like a...Read More
Categories: within, confidence, dedication, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Slowly Drove He Knew No Haste Yet Still Runs This Race-
Those Impalas runs as shuttles car
Racing the mustangs through forest trees
Viroom, veroom, racing engines dust
Slowly vw beetles flutters fly far

Dart doubting datsons honey bees
Cobra shelby's viper dodge not trust
Racing metal objects within the breeze

Thunderbird hardly runs close flees, 
Sunbeam tiger...Read More
Categories: within, adventure, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, car,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Silence

I  love the singinng silence as I muse
Listening to this silence  brings delight
Deep within  the silence are the cues

Everything from classic to the blues
Make  my  better sentences take flight
I delight in silence as I muse

Slowness...Read More
Categories: within, allusion, analogy,
Form: Villanelle