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Together Poems

Together Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about togetherness. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for together.

New Poems

Together in a new formed way
I open up about things which I feel like saying
Words make me pray and give undaunting peace
So I feel that I should begin a new day in the understanding
Of God and godly ways even though...Read More
Categories: together, allah, allegory, angel, anxiety, assonance, baptism, beautiful,
Form: Light Verse

Hockey The Expensive Sport
The expensive sport
Is the hockey game
Big kids and small
Play at the arena

Many sports fans watch
The hockey games 
Hockey is expensive
Uniforms cost money

The hockey sticks and pucks
Together these items add up
Ice skates are needed
These are special skates

To purchase the skates
Its a...Read More
Categories: together, hockey,
Form: Free verse
Twenty Years Together
   By Julia Shaw
     May  2019

Two people met many years ago,
Their hearts would soon embrace,
They wouldn't let each other go,
Love could not be erased.

They married in a garden fair,
With flowers all abounding,
Their love...Read More
Categories: together, anniversary, children, devotion, life, marriage, romance, sweet
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Terrible Timing

         ...Read More
Categories: together, boyfriend, celebration, girlfriend, new years day, night,
Form: Alliteration
Matthew The Apostle
One day Matthew met Jesus
as collecting taxes there he sat
Jesus called him to follow
in an instant obey he did just that

Just as Jesus accepted Matthew
so on a day, I came like Matthew too
receiving God's love from Jesus himself
and followed the...Read More
Categories: together, bible, christian, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme

Elizabeth and Rpbert
Elizabeth and Robert were friends,
Each and everyday.

There was no other way,
To say they cared.

They had a friendship with no end
Seeing each other from day to day.

Becoming companions  and good neighbors,
They fell in love, unpredictable .

A hug and a kiss...Read More
Categories: together, appreciation, blessing, celebration, devotion, friendship, god, happiness,
Form: Free verse
One Morning

One early morning in darkest February
I will lay still in my bed
imagining a summer garden,
and you 
walking toward me smiling.
It will be a dream
the way this world is a dream,
but this last time
you will take my hand;
together we will enter...Read More
Categories: together, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Autumn trail
long dark fingers lie across
	a trail so deeply worn
as pale cold sun settles low
	and cooling breeze begins to flow

leaves high in the trees rustle so
	bright green fading to pale gold
softly gently a few to fall
	to the ground so far below

through...Read More
Categories: together, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member TWO FLOWERS
Can two flowers fall in love you ask…
when a heart they haven’t got?
But in love…if anything is possible…
I have to ask…why not?

Two flowers on opposite sides of a road…only a short distance away
a red rose and a white and yellow...Read More
Categories: together, flower, love,
Form: Verse
Show me that you deserve my love
Love me enough to make me long for you
I want to crave for you
Make me feel like I really need no other
Many are yearning for my love,
At least a hug
Or even just a...Read More
Categories: together, divorce,
Form: I do not know?
Humongous Amount of Horn Humanistic Haiku
Humongous Amount of Horn Humanistic Haiku

we have heard in spring
beautiful birds when they sing
happiness will bring

animals all crawl
from late spring into the fall
heard birds when they call

a propensity
as well as intensity
exist in ministry

did find that denial
may have always been on...Read More
Categories: together, allegory, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Keep Me
Drifting away, a worthless slave to fantasy's demise
Not a very uncommon feeling to feel today
Reality is filled with evil deception and merciless lies
Not a very uncommon thing to say these days

I could not heal the scars within my heart
I could...Read More
Categories: together, angst, emotions, hope,
Form: Free verse
Sooner to the stars
With Indian Ocean greeting the South and Himalayas guarding the North,
Everything was plural in our minds as in our rebellions, birds and beasts!
Now there could be a thousand laws, attempting the odds, to break the bond,
Yet remember well, our United...Read More
Categories: together, humanity, peace, people, social, world,
Form: Ode
You have a unique gift...a magical aura
that makes me feel alive
whenever I'm close to you.
The first time I saw you
I was instantly attracted
to your angelic face,
it was like an indescribable force
drew me to your smile.
Your captivating sent, entrapped my heart
and...Read More
Categories: together, 10th grade, 11th grade, beauty, emotions, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Lemon Yellow Hat
A Lemon Yellow Hat

The morning light of a new day, 
cascades through the bedroom window. 
I am alone. 
Your pillow is soft, and close by, 
it still smells of you...
I can close my eyes, 
and pray to see your...Read More
Categories: together, appreciation, christian, dance, hero, inspirational, jesus, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reason to Celebrate
I overheard you say
you are planning a big celebration
for later this year,
when Trump is defeated
for re-election.

I am ready to be invited,
if you would be so kind
to reverse your motives
to celebrating positive alternatives.

I have an uncomfortable memory
that celebrating the former regime's...Read More
Categories: together, celebration, earth, environment, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
First Snow
It falls in elegant crystals, forming blankets of pure white.
The whitest of the white that you have ever seen.
Each flake different to the other, unique in its own way.
The proudest of proud the snow has ever been.

It dances and twirls,...Read More
Categories: together, appreciation, beauty,
Form: Free verse
It says in the bible
that Jesus was the word
another name for the words of a man
are the thoughts of man

It says in the bible 
that Jesus was there in the beginning
so the thoughts of God 
were there in the beginning

That...Read More
Categories: together, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Perhaps people will argue with me
saying that's your interpretation
But I did not write the bible
Thou shalt not kill

appears to me means
we should not kill anyone
I don't know how you can
interpret it any other way

It did not say
you can kill people...Read More
Categories: together, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Year I Give to Myself
I hope to redeem myself by being nicer to me
in this new year
I was not kind last year, or the year before,
angry with my body for failing me
Taking no blame
This year I am smarter, wiser, an owl really.

I will take...Read More
Categories: together, new year,
Form: Free verse
There was pity for one second for the victim in this case,
when 'Hilly', 'Bee' and me were walking to our drinking place.
We were slobbering in thought for what keeps us all afloat, 
then 'Hilly's' eyes flew open wide - "Is...Read More
Categories: together, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member MY PHYSICAL LOVER- -
Let us, 
set our hormones aside
So come hold me tonight
Let's not kiss but let us...
fold our hands in majestic prayer
Let us chant not dance
singing prayers and praise to the King
Onto His Glory
come not to romance
Allow us to praise God together
Shall...Read More
Categories: together, analogy, devotion, encouraging, engagement, for her, god,
Form: Light Verse
Through the forest tear thirteen fine thoroughbreds
Fraught with tension they flick their fair heads
Thrashing through the thickest thickets fittest first
Thundering from forest for the fields they thirst
Freed from their flight they finish together
Thirteen fine thoroughbreds frolic forever

...Read More
Categories: together, animal, horse,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Healthy Democratic Climate
Earth's health
is robust eco-democratic wealth,
I said
to the growing,
maturing Democracy Works advocate.

The occupying Advocate responds,
Resonant democratic resilience
is an economic
and political climate
of healthiest wealth,
like Mom
and her ApplePie economy
and vanilla chocolate brown Cake
not yet eaten
into total

I stop repeating myself,
to listen better,
more democratically 
investing...Read More
Categories: together, appreciation, earth, emotions, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member An Eerie Warning
Birds seen flying together in large flocks tonight
Words of warning sounds emit as coos and cackles
Herds of cows start running toward the barn door light
Blurred together as a murder of black crows and grackles


From my poem " A Terrifying Night"...Read More
Categories: together, fear, horror,
Form: Rhyme