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Tampons Poems

Tampons Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tampons poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tampons.

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January 14, 2020
I am typing this poem in a squat position
I cannot sit; the tampon feels strange down there.
Considering the -38 temperature condition
I’d rather stay home than go anywhere.

I want to go out; to the grocery
buy sanitary pads and something from the...Read More
Categories: tampons, earth, natural disasters,
Form: Rhyme

there once was
an English chap
that had a car
plate that read

he stopped in
the medicine
shop and
a box

of tampons for
his eldest but
instead of
one box

gave him a lot
he exclaimed
i don't have
that many

...Read More
Categories: tampons, muse,
Form: I do not know?
My room is no place for poetic inspirations
There are no hyacinths in painted vases
No ladybugs sneaking up my toes
Not even a potted plant 
But a bar of soap on a tiny plate
That looks like a block of cheese from afar
Clothes...Read More
Categories: tampons, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Most kids ride the school bus twice a day
School buses don't often have wood stoves
or beds you can sleep the night away
Ours did though

More than once I lived in one 
Some painted like a forest some with a double bunk
I...Read More
Categories: tampons, 1st grade, childhood,
Form: Free verse
A Woman
A woman is strong.
She is loving and wise.

She endures,
She moves hearts,
She laughs and she cries.

She nurtures,
She commends,
She supports and she mends.

All for the sake of her children and friends.

A woman does all this,
And yet,
She suffers the dreaded menstruation.

In modern countries,
She...Read More
Categories: tampons, deep, endurance, for her, repetition, strength, woman,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member But for the nervous it is much too late
Dandruff, menstruation ,acne , scent
Deodorants,shampoo  and strange new thoughts
The anxious adolescent  in torment

Tampons,towels. skin care and defence
Confession, absolution, count for naught
Dandruff, menstruation ,acne , scent

Wet and dry the dreams are wryly bent
We wake confused from what we never...Read More
Categories: tampons, analogy, angst, anxiety, confidence, fun,
Form: Villanelle
Unforgivable Sin
This world for some is so tough,
We keep spending money on useless stuff,
When there's kids out there dying,
Crying in poverty in need of surviving.
We keep buying to impress, 
Trying to look good in that new dress,
But a woman far away is...Read More
Categories: tampons, abuse, allegory, anger, angst, betrayal,
Form: Rhyme
-Tea For Two-
A Vampire by the name of Lee
Wanted to make himself some tea.
He searched far and wide,
He hoped he would find inside,
Two used tampons or three…
...Read More
Categories: tampons, funny,
Form: Limerick
What If God became a woman
What if God became a woman what a difference we would see,
And the first thing that she'd tackle is the way that we all pee.
She’ll have seen all the advantages that’s there when you’re a boy;
How it saves with all...Read More
Categories: tampons, fun, giggle, men, women,
Form: Rhyme
Texas Debate
Texas Debate

State troopers are taking their tampons
Maxi pads – those that have wings
They’re afraid that some women might toss them
Along with some old girly things
You see congress out there in Texas
Is debating the meaning of life
Abortion and anti-abortion
Protests at the...Read More
Categories: tampons, political, social, society, women,
Form: Rhyme

Tachyonic Antitelephone
****! Her choices establish tragedies
The key that fosters felicity long since marred
But now she’s found the freedom she so passionately sought
It was gifted to her as a straight jacket
In the colour of her choice

Every evening she sleeps within such paraphernalia
As...Read More
Categories: tampons, lost love,
Form: Verse
Introductions -part 1-
Underneath it all…
No, not clothe-less—not naked…
Skinless…we’re traveling DEEP within…
Imagine your skull cut…split right in the middle,
Opening up to reveal your AMAZING brain,
As the rest of your body unfolds…
The fancy clothes…the hair…the young or old,
Bones exposed…organs revealed…
The pupils of your eyes...Read More
Categories: tampons, adventure, allegory, angst, confusion, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
If I were a Guy Contest
If I were a guy
I’d actually enjoy wearing a suit and tie,
I wouldn’t feel uneasy about walking down a late night city street
And high heels would become obsolete,
I’d sleep an extra hour every day, never worrying about running late
For id...Read More
Categories: tampons, funny, life, hair,
Form: Couplet
If I were a Guy, I'd
If I were a guy…I’d…

Go on a hunt
Learn to punt
Fix my own brakes
Eat rare steaks
Sport long johns
Stomp on tampons
Start bar fights
Ignore red lights
Swing a big axe
Stare at huge racks
Pack a huge luger
Nail a rich cougar!

*For Frank's Contest...Read More
Categories: tampons, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Different Dreams
I had different dreams once, but they’re still here;
They’re in the bathroom trash with the tampons and empty cigarette packs,
They’re splattered across the sink with his razor trimmings,
They lay across our bookshelves with the dust.
A hot sun goes down and...Read More
Categories: tampons, life, love, love,
Form: Free verse
Conversations in third person, shaking legs, hands, feet, and fingers.
Diabetes, fish, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, lupus, cancer, AIDS, Chucky, 
sticks, trains, sunglasses, tampons, menopause, pregnancy, threats, crippleness, 
the end of the world, all of this masked through a nightmarish confusion.
Chemical...Read More
Categories: tampons, imagination
Form: I do not know?
Letter To A Love
 what do i ask of you?
not your life
not you breath
not your goldfish
not your shoes, dress, hair
not your understanding
not your lip stick smears
not your poems
not your voice
not your eyes ears nose
not your house
not your sun star moon
not your time
not your...Read More
Categories: tampons, hope, life, love,
Form: Free verse
The Man That Buys Tampons
So many men won't do it.
They have to hide their head.
If they must go...please let God know
he'd like to be struck dead.

Of course the store is crowded
It has to be that way...
How could this trip get any worse? 
'Hey there!...Read More
Categories: tampons, family, friendship, funny, life, love, people,
Form: I do not know?
Ruminating Ride
A 3,000 mile distance, A six hour plane ride
No place to run but a 4x4 hiding container,
full of generic tampons and cheap toilet paper
Left with nothing but the truth to face
The sorrowful clouds ready to burst, eventually
emitting drops of serenity...Read More
Categories: tampons, life,
Form: I do not know?