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Synthetic Poems

Synthetic Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of synthetic poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for synthetic.

New Poems

Home Sweet Home
I had occasion to move this day 
from the house I love for which I pay
to the Shambles Motel I now called home 
on Third near State between Fourth and Roam

in the travelers presidential suite 
from a paper plate I...Read More
Categories: synthetic, life, relationship,
Form: Rhyme Royal

Premium Member IVORY TOWER
Do not depend on synthetic power, it will not stand.
Only God's will endure, across our land.
Examine, and convert your humanity.
Trust in God, and embrace Christianity.

Don't waste your days, on what might have been.
Keep your eye, on man's one true gem.
Embrace...Read More
Categories: synthetic, christian, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
A little me time
In the forest I’ve found a spot,
every direction looks the same,
Nothing special about this place, 
doesn’t even acquire a name.

Somewhere you can be alive,
Not worry about a single thing, 
Just for a while it’s yours alone,
The silence of a day...Read More
Categories: synthetic, allegory, anxiety, appreciation, emotions, feelings, peace, simple,
Form: Rhyme
Primo Levi Holocaust Poem: Buna
by Primo Levi
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Mangled feet, cursed earth,
the long interminable line in the gray morning
as Buna smokes corpses through industrious chimneys...

Another gray day like every other day awaits us.

The terrible whistle shrilly announces dawn:
"Rise, wretched multitudes, with...Read More
Categories: synthetic, death, holocaust, horror, murder, race, racism, slavery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member contamination
synthetic heaven taking hold
          changing all that's lucid, cold
               down the gut or down the drain
 ...Read More
Categories: synthetic, dark, drug, history, humanity, introspection, society, wisdom,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Hidden Hand Inurned
Snake oily palms
got a-plenty 
under the table plans

Synthetic sly reptilian smile
bewitching many
Picking pockets with a hidden hand

Real filthy lucre fingernails 
have the zircon gluttonous glow
that enticingly Endora sells 

Dirty laundered money
boa clutches 
that unclean epidermal soul

Those cobra soundbytes ain’t adder...Read More
Categories: synthetic, allusion, corruption, money, perspective,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Classroom Nightmare

 .............. I found myself in a turning vortex, running , running
tracked by a horde of human Cyborgs..and their...Read More
Categories: synthetic, education, fantasy,
Form: I do not know?
Behind the mask

I’m on the synthetic stage, 
revolving my split mind, 
entrapped in polarity,
under the spotlight of contrived time,
with paradoxes I’m enmeshed.

In the drama of life,
I face some faces in plain mirror,
really reflecting the convivial heart.
I don’t perform by the prompt,
but I...Read More
Categories: synthetic, i am, identity, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Synthetic Stimuli Surfacing
Food for thought! Quantum physicists believe we live in a holographic universe...with multi-dimensional realities living side by side...and these multiverses only exist if observed upon...

Spurious spatiotemporal spacious synthetic skies

Contrarious curious conundrums critically compromise 

Mysterious matter melding metamorphically mystifies

Nefarious neurological nilpotent...Read More
Categories: synthetic, conflict, mystery, senses,
Form: Monorhyme
Sneakers are shoes primarily designed
For sports from one event to another; 
But which are now also widely used by
Many a person for everyday wear.

Sneakers are a footwear type, sort or kind
With a flexible sole made of rubber; 
And an upper...Read More
Categories: synthetic, poems,
Form: Quatrain


The legendary story is still alive as stupendous force,
the fire of the Gods the caring metaphor as source.
The warmth of concern on which strength depends,
forsaken in these days by commercial happy ever after ends.
The genesis of convenience in your hand,
modern...Read More
Categories: synthetic, computer, corruption, god, motivation, nostalgia, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Ballade
Pursuing greed, 
we go beyond taking for need. 
Our spirit corrupted,
forfeit to material gain.
A head-on dash to unseen goal.

Mankind pumped up with pride,
possessions and more and more.
We stand as plastic gods
on pedestals of shame.
Our new order, the synthetic world:
founded on...Read More
Categories: synthetic, care, god, nature, planet, pollution, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Rest in the sanctuary
The sanctuary of stillness within cold
Frames of stained glass windows
Shining a dim light
Illuminating an altar of sacrifice
Dead trees glisten with tear drops
Falling outside the window
Cascading leaves fly inside
Beautifully melting to wax as I lie
On the altar dying...Read More
Categories: synthetic, dark, deep, garden, grief, imagery, loneliness, sorrow,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Parking Geese

There are these small grassy islands 
in-between the sectional lots of cars;
you would presume that nesting geese 
would select these spaces
above all other less green choices,
but in the mall parking area
where acres of concrete march
toward distant outlets,
the geese have shunned...Read More
Categories: synthetic, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Riveting Thread
Riveting Thread

designs of antiquitity
Recovered ruins of the distant past 
Mix and match with modern taste
Adaptations and variations  
Cropped tops
High waisted pants 

Shoulder pads
Tie dye tee shirts
And acid jeans

Fringe Flapper strings and beads 
And head bands or ornaments...Read More
Categories: synthetic, age, culture, flower, hair, history, imagery, old,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member IF ONLY WE HAD
If only we had kept respect 
for higher things and higher being
when nature and the cosmic force
were deeply rooted in our mind.
But all of this we did reject.

If only we had kept respect 
and taken not the earth by force
in...Read More
Categories: synthetic, earth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Decussate Dreamscapes
Spiraling simulations surfacing,
scattering synthetic secretions...

Constitution compiling constructs,
chimera copulations condescending…

Hope harvesting hallucinations,
halcyon harmonics hovering…

Eternities embracing ethereal etchings,
engulfing endometrium’s echo…

Dissociation disrupting dreams,
daunting deflective deception…

Illicit Illusions idling,
identical igneous illusory immanent…

Astral ambient abode,
abeyant assimilation abductions arising…

Licentious lethargic lioness longing,
levitating luring landscapes…

Sculptural synergies succumbing,
sensual sensations...Read More
Categories: synthetic, deep, dream, imagery,
Form: Alliteration
Climate Change
                                       ...Read More
Categories: synthetic, change, earth, health, humanity, nature, science, sun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member S - Self
Soak into your senses 
Stop stepping down your standards for someone's satisfaction
Your skeptical because selflessness sent you staggering 
Stumbling and succumbing to something you are not
Something stagnantly synthetic
Submerged under the surface
Something inside you sees the shackles separating you from sustainment
Trying...Read More
Categories: synthetic, courage, feelings, growing up, growth, me, self,
Form: ABC
My Amphetamine
The anger I feel, it currently rains
Its the fuel that drives my reigns 
It pumps my blood through my veins
Breaking the skin at times, leaving stains 

It builds, increases, stacks and never ceases
It pumps, courses, I never know the reason
It...Read More
Categories: synthetic, anger, anxiety, conflict, dark, emotions, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Organic and Non Organic Foods
Organic and Non-Organic Foods
By: Ramona Stephens
Organic Food is the very best to eat.
Take care of your organs and your teeth.
No Fertilizers, No Pesticides.
Just White Rice with Fresh Vegetables on the side.
Do not inject Tomatoes, Apples, Bananas or Mangoes.
Grow what you...Read More
Categories: synthetic, 12th grade, culture, fruit, nature,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Jesus Torment - The Villanelle Of The Bible--
Jesus Torment - The Villanelle Of The Bible--

Jesus couldn't stop thinking about the bible
It was just so dear and energetic
Never had he known anything so royal

That morning, Jesus was shocked by the thimbles
He found himself feeling rather synthetic
Jesus couldn't stop...Read More
Categories: synthetic, anxiety, assonance,
Form: Villanelle
Exhaling Pathetic Depression
Cough it up & blood spots the faucet, I crumble love & toss it in my pocket... With this heart locket & dark chocolates, I vomit with honest promises...

 I’m broken bones in old clothes, a cold shoulder in love...Read More
Categories: synthetic, deep, depression,
Form: Narrative
My passion for you 
can lately be seen,
the electric stars of night,
no matter how synthetic 
this may seem,
my love for you, 
shines true and bright,
how this path,
was made to lay,
         ...Read More
Categories: synthetic, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Devil Made Desire
The devil made desire to hurt women.
He made wars to lessen the number of men
the cellophane whores with the hole
in their hearts
strong, masculine arms to hold masculinity
counterfeit caring
arrows aimed at the softer targets
“who had nothing but love for you baby”
iron...Read More
Categories: synthetic, desire, god, men, woman,
Form: Free verse