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Sweetened Poems

Sweetened Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sweetened poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sweetened.

New Poems

Stone Lilies
my virtue bowed a humbled head
stripped from my gut leftovers bled
wolves sought carrion pursuing a shred
fervor severed splayed by a silver thread

baring deepening ruts of dejection
an animated face mirrors rejection 
soured sweetened candied confection
snubs a reflection pursuing perfection

stone lilies from...Read More
Categories: sweetened, love,
Form: Monorhyme

Tea for Two
she spoke of two in metaphor
consequence and heretofore
laced her pouring bawdy brew
with a sweetened blinding cue

she hypnotized 
dancing emerald eyes
trapped me with her wily guise  

we drank a tepid tea for two
concocted by a crafty shrew
sweaty salty we both...Read More
Categories: sweetened, relationship,
Form: Rhyme
Kiss spectacular
Beyond the spectrum
Those broad beams of
Light the world at both
ends marvels the sight

Yolks of eggs sweetened
By sugars luciuous kiss
Fattened by the oils of
Coconut this
Perfection of glamerious
Delicible love
I log with knowing my
Need shall be quensed
I desire its satisfying
That those without shall
Those...Read More
Categories: sweetened, business, character, extended metaphor, fashion, visionary, wine,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Mum The Financial Advisor
Mum, The Financial Advisor

‘You are the tea leaves I am the teapot, I the tiny snowflake and you the snow’
Thus sets the stage of similarities and whatnot, lighting the mood for the afterglow,
The morning after, we see what had been...Read More
Categories: sweetened, food, meaningful, money, morning,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member That Day In '73
That Day In ‘73

That day in ‘73 was as clear and pristine as glass ice,
Torched by a brace of smitten souls falling in love.
There was no lush music to be heard in this duet,
No swiveling rhythms or conga lines for...Read More
Categories: sweetened, cancer, memory,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Payment, Past
"Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows." - Native American Proverb

                  ...Read More
Categories: sweetened, adventure, age, analogy, time, travel, true love,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Babykin's
Sleepy little baby lying on billows of sheets
Stories read lovingly to lay him to rest
Kindly Grandma whispered words repeat
Softly painting dreams on a hugging-pillow caressed

Fairies that frolic in mist laden places
Carry Johnny's dreaming far and wide
Cherry blossoms fall to lighten...Read More
Categories: sweetened, baby, care, dream, fairy,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Amaryllis Rising

Planted too late in the season
 they missed the beauty of the Christmas rush
 when evergreens, mistletoe and hollies blushed
but now, with a little soil, water, warm sun hookup
 the amaryllis stretches high and up,
 tall and gangly, lank and...Read More
Categories: sweetened, flower, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Go Ahead Take The Fall

When Cupid comes with arrows he goes straight for overkill  
and for this tender type of ailment well there is no magic pill 
you have to join the cherubs as they clang their cymbals loud 
for Valentine's Day is...Read More
Categories: sweetened, valentines day,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sense In Sensual
The redolence of tropic garden orchids
          A hush of tender whispers in my ear
               The tang upon...Read More
Categories: sweetened, emotions, feelings, love, passion, senses, sensual,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Word of Mouth

When the larynx shifts
(a caviling bone) darts for cover,
as if caught in its bell tower
with a high-powered rifle.
I see his desperate need to talk.

those damn people,
ingrates, free-loaders, punks.
Salty epithets march up and down his throat,
as if menacing the very fabric
of...Read More
Categories: sweetened, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Angel Laughter
An Autumn thrill of red atop a bed of crimson leaves 
a rustic mitted October sweetened by coolant scents 
five dormant branches beneath a canopied heaven 
respiring with the memory of lingering summers past 

a rustic mitted October sweetened by...Read More
Categories: sweetened, appreciation, child,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Dawning Desires - Repost


Whispering apricot beams shine upon frilly sheers,
lazy shadows dance in daffodil dawn colors,
pirouettes of pleasured moments,
silently flowing on smooth brush stroke walls

You breathe, softly, the sweetest sonnet,
rhythmically exhaling beneath satin sheets
symphonic…bringing a grin to the sunrise,
blushing clouds hide behind a...Read More
Categories: sweetened, morning, sensual,
Form: Free verse
From the cookies that sweetened the truth,
The green grass fields upon which the gander faded into goose,
The harmless swings that made it smooth,
To all the silver coconut trees that bought candy-truce.
If you ever doubted where it all began,
It was back...Read More
Categories: sweetened, 2nd grade, africa, corruption, parents, poetry, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sweetest Sugar
Oh, mine, the coldest heart to thaw
               With but one touch, your little paw

A tiny heart to love me through
      ...Read More
Categories: sweetened, animal, appreciation, cat, love, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member for you the life
good morning of day
tailor birds chirping out my window
mild breeze flowing

dawn of the white diamond
golden sunshine from the far sky
a piece of your smiling

fair and coolness  of the surrounding
feeling of drizzling in rainless daybreak
news paper on the table

sipping on...Read More
Categories: sweetened, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Winter Blacken Skies Snow Succulent Brights-
Mountain blizzard succulent Whirlpool night knows
Upon the heighten bridge light steadfast stalls
Ranges mountains bucket filled with snow
Frozen is the rain fall and winter calls

Blizzard Blues it storms over
Temperatures frozen air threatens us
Animals run for warrants cover
Where is the Abominable Trust

Succulent...Read More
Categories: sweetened, adventure, environment,
Form: Pantoum
One of the laity
O’ clergy, hark to the tuning,
The song that echo disdaining to the ear
Not sweetened nor amusing to repletion.
Must be you the listener of the tainted blood:
The bragging traits in the shadows of disgrace
Except the humbled alive in justice and truth.

O'...Read More
Categories: sweetened, business, character, christian, feelings, religion, religious,
Form: Free verse
Recess 1
Recess 1

Third grade
Ms. Greene
Handed me tightly wrapped Chinese candy 
And Starburst occasionally

A little girl
Fresh out of Haiti
Teased, punched and kicked
Scared and scarred
Yet well mannered 

Blue she wore “going on a date?
Ms. Greene giggles and smiled

In my mind I wasn’t pretty...Read More
Categories: sweetened, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, age, bullying, christian,
Form: Narrative
For Sometimes Love is not Enough
Hey sugar I’m defriending you
The time has come to say adeiu
A long time pal who undermines 
the plans I make to change my life.
Sweetly in my life each day 
your crystal heart has caused decay.

Lurking unexpectedly
Any chance to ambush me
You’re...Read More
Categories: sweetened, sweet,
Form: Free verse
make way for lovers
she asked for a great thyme
a day for festvel and enjoyment
a day to marvel in the creativity
of love
and day for people to come together and celebrate the need
to love

she made beautiful drinks of
cucumber jucies and apple jucies
with strawberry jucies and...Read More
Categories: sweetened, music, sports,
Form: Ballad
The Man From The Desert, Part II
...They said the diggings had all been tapped out,
ain’t no way a man could strike it rich now,
but there was work for men, hearty and hale,
had I ever thought of wearing a star?
It’s not the sort of job I had...Read More
Categories: sweetened, adventure, conflict, destiny, horse, meaningful, men, sad,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member Asteria

Have you not seen the keeper of my dreams?

     The moon of wishes combs her chestnut hair,

         And bounding from the brightest of its beams,

   ...Read More
Categories: sweetened, beauty, dream, fantasy, metaphor, sky, stars, universe,
Form: Quintain (English)
In blinded morning, a can of sweetened milk on hand.
Ran to Papa, telling him its emptiness.
Papa said, "Mama is being so busy" 
while I was thinking "Maybe, Mama has a liter of milk"
He sealed my mouth by his promise, buying...Read More
Categories: sweetened, humor,
Form: Free verse
I refuse to be contented
No, not with the deceptive fluffy garment of the coconut fruit

I dare to reach to the skull-breaking shield within
That discouraging thin sheet that reminds me the wall of Jericho 
I know my resilience will pay off...Read More
Categories: sweetened, character,
Form: ABC