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Swarm Poems

Swarm Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swarm poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swarm.

New Poems

So many stand alone in sorrow
beneath bare trees and grey skies
I remember when our hearts sung with joy
and our eyes smiled at all they saw
think to the time when we walked in fields of green
to a time when the world...Read More
Categories: swarm, analogy, courage, humanity, perspective, spring, strength,
Form: Free verse

Lines from the Midlife
I winged with the doves
in my unbounded boyhood.
Those rainbows and the contrails
still stay in the soul.
I sweated several times 
but that never lost me sleep.

Now anxieties sprout 
in the sweat.
I lose me 
in the parching forebodings.
Conditioned by the symptoms,
both heard...Read More
Categories: swarm, life,
Form: Free verse
A Granite Sculptor
Midday sun burns. 
An iron chisel plays
sad tunes on a stone.
He enjoys prolonged
The granite conceives
from his tool-point, 
giving birth to a...Read More
Categories: swarm, life,
Form: Free verse
The Mad Rush
They swarm the street like mad ants
Scraping up all that the can find
They are panic buying while some people are crying
The people are anxious and they are moving in a rush
Something is swirling in the air and it is causing
the...Read More
Categories: swarm, city, community, confusion, courage, desire, encouraging, environment,
Form: Narrative
Save the World Stay at Home
If you want to kill a bug!
Don't just keep it in a jar
You never know when it'll break
Not knowing when it'll get free!

But there are folks out there
Who don't know how to kill a bug!
They let the bug go free
By...Read More
Categories: swarm, america, angst, anxiety, courage, hope, usa, world,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member FISH IN BOWL
          FISH IN BOWL

                           ...Read More
Categories: swarm, 12th grade,
Form: Rhyme
The Cold Mountain

The Eagle mountain towers high behind the hills
To let its crest exhale a fresh breeze of Spring
The acid cold down here, still freezing the wings
As the birds in thick trees snuggle, closely still

The windborne...Read More
Categories: swarm, emotions, feelings, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Little boy lost
Little boy walked on
All lost in the cold
A wait so long in time
For a saving hand of love
To pick him up with care
Wandering through bush paths
Made his way down harsh waters
And over hot quaking sands
Feet charred with limps of agony
Swarm...Read More
Categories: swarm, abuse, age, angel, boy, endurance, faith, humanity,
Form: Imagism
Filled Up to the Core
I feel empty inside
Don't know exactly why
I just want to hide
Somehow close my eyes and die

Somehow let go and die
I wonder to myself, why?
I feel like a worthless fly
I just feel the need to cry

Sweet, yet bitter and harsh as...Read More
Categories: swarm, grief, growing up, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Mummy Benny Righteous River
The path of the righteous man

Is beset on either side

Of the torrential river rapids

But i have all the horses on my side

And there are no more fish left to eat

Since the water turned into blood

To be fed upon by a...Read More
Categories: swarm, slam,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member I, am a Warrior
I am a survivor, a warrior,
no matter how far I fall in this life!
My short time full of hurts and scars,
all my journals read like memoirs;
I endured the wreck of childhood,
before many tombs-   I have stood;
I have...Read More
Categories: swarm, life,
Form: Rhyme
Human Predators
A submerged world of emeralds and pearls
coral, fish and snails, swarm in multicolor.
Do they choke in a plastic wrapped shore?
But why should I bother? Why should I care? 
I need money for tomorrow
I need fun of long drives,
Climate Change?..Why should...Read More
Categories: swarm, care, earth, environment,
Form: Free verse
Collective courage
The year was sixteen-sixty-four
A comet crossed the sky,
And Londoners looked on in fear
Convinced the end was nigh.

The streets which once were paved with gold
Were now awash with waste.
A swarm of flies and scourge of rats
Foretold the death they faced.

And so...Read More
Categories: swarm, community, courage, death,
Form: Narrative

     Rose allures in beauty and fragrance,
                         ...Read More
Categories: swarm, 12th grade, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Night Magic
Unfettered mind in the deepest night, 
files on batwings to immense new heights.
While nestled dreamers immersed in sleep,
meet with night things in dreamtime’s keep.

Crickets and frogs will lull them to sleep,
shadows playing about pulls minds into the keep.
Therein they will...Read More
Categories: swarm, dream, philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological,
Form: Rhyme
Armed with Wine
I swing into action
Armed with wine 
The spirit willing, really for anything
Watch the Drama

Fire in my eye, dry throat, cracking lip
I stammer a little, with Socratic confidence 
I am stinking of words, ammunition from hell
Most haunting jargon, charging and burning
Listen,...Read More
Categories: swarm, addiction, political,
Form: Blank verse
Mayflies ::Rannaicheacht Mhor Gairit

After birth
has shortest lifetime on Earth. 
Its called as 'one-day insect'
No regret, one day thenceforth.

Mayflies swarm
And within this shortest term
of life, mayflies form the groups,
and oops! dance too, that's the norm.

The mayfly
as nymph spends lifetime safely.
only purpose is to breed;
That's...Read More
Categories: swarm, insect,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Starlings Descend

They flow out of a pocket of sky,
a door in the air no one saw
until dark wings shower
over our heads.

Their plumage has a metallic sheen,
as if they were made in parts,
in some elvish workshop, their wings
hammered on last.
Wings that talk...Read More
Categories: swarm, poetry,
Form: Free verse
No More Poetry
Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” ...
Leonardo Da Vinci

What if there was no poetry in this world?

Unpoetic world with no more poetry
No more perfumes to permeate flowerbeds.
No...Read More
Categories: swarm, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Row Houses
Newfoundlanders can row, you should see some of'em go,
when they puts a punt on a pond. 
But I don't like this mess, all this Race foolishness,
I'd never seen so much goings on.

If you wants to see someone rowing, 
you needs...Read More
Categories: swarm, courage, funny, hero, uplifting,
Form: Ballad
Ill Wind Blowing
There’s a cult fever chill
in the Assyrian air
Coven chants of Rabshakeh croaks
are placebo heard
‘round the alabaster oval frond

Toadie tongues swallow
swarm of fly words,
a-blowing Nineveh ill
Maggot tone larvae of lies 
carried on an opiate pulse wind,
which conscience kill

Smell the fetid emanations
a-blowing...Read More
Categories: swarm, bible, history, power, symbolism,
Form: Epic
Story of Moses part 5
Rameses still trying to prevail.
The seventh plague God sent was frozen hail.
Even with all the frozen ice. 
King Rameses still wasn’t nice.
And the ice didn’t even make him impel.
For his stony-heart was harder than the frozen hail.
He wouldn’t listen to...Read More
Categories: swarm, bible,
Form: Narrative
story of Moses part 4
Moses walked into the palace and commanded Rameses to let God’s people go.
But Rameses stood their shaking his head telling Moses no.
For every minute and every hour the Hebrew children were forced to build pyramids and towers.
For Rameses was a...Read More
Categories: swarm, bible,
Form: Narrative
Blue Beauty
The sea is so bright and it illuminates the nostalgic night
It sways and sways to the rhythm of my young heart
The clouds are formulating right before my eyes with might
Raindrops collapse upon the ground from the start

Disconsolate clouds soaks in...Read More
Categories: swarm, beauty, blue, ocean, sea,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cant Travel Forever
It is a beautiful day
The sun is shining brightly
Not hot yet, but bright
Sun warming Soul’s spirit
New Year’s Eve arriving.

Colorful gay butterflies swarm 
Alighting on the myriad of flowers 
Blooming around me, for me?
Honey bees dance in buzzing chorus
Late June days...Read More
Categories: swarm, adventure, celebration, dream, magic, memory, nature, new
Form: Free verse