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Surest Poems

Surest Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surest poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surest.

New Poems

Premium Member If You Only Believe - The Balassi Style

~ If  You Only Believe  ~
 ( Balassi )


Jesus is the  only  way 
For Salvation   any  day 
He can Forgive all  your sin 
If you  only  believe 
Salvation you'll...Read More
Categories: surest, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse

Red Mango
I haven’t the heart just now to flay 
your skin, consume your flesh; you are 
too beautiful to eat. The rose-pink dawn
of your skin conceals your molten
gold sweet flesh. Your depths the pith 
of sacred trees.

Your shape has taken possession...Read More
Categories: surest, fantasy, imagery,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Thoughts For Today
Thoughts For Today

A drop of ink is the foundation of many words.
A thought’s future lies in spoken words,
And the future of my words
Are reliant upon an ink jet printer that is obsolete.

The End Time
An exciting event in history lies before...Read More
Categories: surest, today, words,
Form: Free verse
Trying to mellow mellow
Killed all my own crew
so i i could take yours
on myself
Elongate my language
My elan is obvious
oblivious to my goal
dont you realise this is my mind
going for a stroll
Take your threats so empty
and toss them in the air
Careless words aplenty
from a...Read More
Categories: surest, poetry,
Form: Free verse
I'll write of things lamentable like poor shipwrecked loves,
Tempest-tossed by bestial winds behind unfeeling storms;
Ripped apart by the furious middles of swift-gusting winds,
Voyaging to dream-born shores away from boring homes. 

I'll tell of the Fate-shattered dreams of earth's surest bet.
Painting...Read More
Categories: surest, art,
Form: Rhyme

Education and motivation
I think it is okay not to be the brightest bulb in the tool shed.
And I know I would only use that phrase in self assessment.
But I am talking about motivation. The motivation to learn and to take up the...Read More
Categories: surest, 2nd grade,
Form: Italian Sonnet
The Attainment of Pleasure
Attainment of pleasure lies in life
Pleasure is attained in the willing hearts
Weddings and festivals are its examples
The pleasing eyes are its rewards
Men struggle to achieve it once ,twice or trice in a lifetime
Villagers dances to the traditional songs to attained...Read More
Categories: surest, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Other Than, God, Who Can You Trust
Other Than, God,
Who Can You Trust ?
By: Tom Wright

Private people
some have chosen to be.
Not so
by some great design you see.
We've many thoughts
which we won't share.
To confide in others
we simply wouldn't dare.
We chance making an enemy
if this one rule we bend,
when...Read More
Categories: surest, god, trust,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Your Absinthe Eyes
(Up-Tempo Shuffle)


Each war of personalities
Within your crowded soul
Reaps a gasp of mystery
Anticipated - anticipated ...

But just a flash of golden-green
One sweetened liquored gaze
I'm on a slope that's slippery
Intoxicated - intoxicated - oh


I drink you like a madman -...Read More
Categories: surest, beauty, love, metaphor, passion,
Form: Lyric
Sagittarian Surety
It is decidedly so,
That I shall go where you go
And in our journeys
I shall never let my love tire
The stars deem it worthy
Your fire is my truest desire

For this is decidedly so
And nobody will quite understand or completely know
That I...Read More
Categories: surest, dedication, deep, desire, devotion, i love you,
Form: Free verse

For Proof
When the darkness stole my sight,
I questioned you, o Lord of light.
Blind, with faith yet insecure,
I wondered why I should be pure.

Why be blameless to the one, 
I couldn't fix my eye upon?
I yearned for proof of your great might,
and...Read More
Categories: surest, faith,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Rhein II - The Photograph
Rhein II - The Photograph

Set between two slabs of green
the slender Rhein is seen.
If she goes from left to right
is no one's surest known.

The sky is overcast above
and no birds there are seen.
I am an admirer, sure,
of green and then...Read More
Categories: surest, perspective, river,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Notes May Not Be The Best Way
When they are blowing smoke out of their ears because they are so angry with me
It is my job to calm them down.
It rarely happens except when I write a little note.
When they come at me fast and furious it...Read More
Categories: surest, introspection,
Form: Free verse
For Once
For once
I stare into the glass 
To see a curious beauty staring back 
My eyes glistened with tears 
For if I had sooner seen my worth
What worlds would I have gained? 

Heaving intelligence and great sorrow 
I mute the jeers...Read More
Categories: surest, art, beauty, courage, heart, inspiration, love, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Deeds speak louder
Distinct scent from within, just the best promoters
responses, the measure as the surest prompters
wound is seen with castor oil
can’t go, wrapped in paper foil
garbage in or out, one is his own computer.
...Read More
Categories: surest, character, class, community, society, strength,
Form: Limerick
My Search is Over
I searched all over, looking for a river...
On highest hills and mighty mountains,
I sought for springs and fresh fountains.
I have found Jehovah, my search is over.

I searched all over, looking for a lover...
In glowing gardens and pleasant places,
I fraternized figures...Read More
Categories: surest, appreciation, friendship, god, happiness, love,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Cold, lonely, desolate night
Looming, inescapably all around,

Enough to make one's heart sink,

Once and for all,

Enough to douse the surest, brightest light.

A mangy stray cat suddenly emerges from the

Gloom, walks up to one, meows piteously:


On such a night as this:  Company as

Welcome as...Read More
Categories: surest, fear, loneliness, nature,
Form: Prose Poetry
Edge of Reality
Visionary thinkers
have always lived dangerously
Their thoughts walk a tightrope
Balancing madness and levity,
utter despair and resolute hope
They love peering over the edge,
looking into the abyss of the unknown
You must have the surest of footing
to do what they do
Or you will lose...Read More
Categories: surest, allegory, metaphor, philosophy, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member WASTING TIME

Wasting time regretting for past failures is the surest way our future successes to undermine!

(C) Demetrios Trifiatis
        27 June 2016

...Read More
Categories: surest, life, success,
Form: Monoku
The Earth Is Flat So Push Them Off It
Oh foreigner interaction,
I'm only ready for a fraction,
Of the time I have to spend with them.
Let me put my tongue on safety,
For the porcelain dolls that can hear me,
Breaking the sound barrier.
And to all the fans of malice,
Who thoroughly enjoy...Read More
Categories: surest, society,
Form: Rhyme
The Surest Path to Progress
You chase the future,
With mechanical marvels,
And a call to arms.

Born and bred by war,
May the ultimate victor,
Rise from the ashes.

If you are worthy,
Enter the colosseum,
And determine fate....Read More
Categories: surest, philosophy, war,
Form: Haiku
The Surest Path to Peace
The path to your peace,
Is not to lay down your arms,
But hold them outstretched.

Abandon your wars,
Your sacred prejudices,
To live born again.

In another's arms,
Surrender yourself to love,
And peace will find you....Read More
Categories: surest, peace, war, prejudice,
Form: Haiku
Burning Grass and 100 Syllables of Tragedy
I can forgive as easily as snow
      will melt at winters end,
         and meekly though
I say they hardly know I was as rough
    ...Read More
Categories: surest, dark, deep, devotion, humanity, natural disasters, sin,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rhein II - The Photograph
From Wikipedia: "Rhein II is a photograph made by a German visual artist 
in 1999.  In 2011, a print was auctioned for $4.3 million, making it the 
most expensive photograph ever sold."

Set between two slabs of green
the slender Rhein...Read More
Categories: surest, art, perspective, river,
Form: Verse
I know you have heard many love stories, some that melt your heart
Can’t tell you about mine but you gotta know that love is still stronger
I never had to remember all it all started, cause I threw it in the...Read More
Categories: surest, africa, birthday, self, spoken word, sunshine, today,
Form: Rhyme