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Supplicating Poems

Supplicating Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of supplicating poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for supplicating.

New Poems

Premium Member SONG for a SABBATH DAY a psalm
holy haunting
            a heavenly CHORUS

all called to mind

silent supplicating
             meditations aloud
      ...Read More
Categories: supplicating, christian, music,
Form: Verse

Secured by the Saviour’s seal of satisfaction*

Settled am I upon Scriptures’ salvation-security...

Separated against satanic strongholds

Standing despite stormy sorrows and sufferings...

Supplied with grace-sufficiency

Succeeding as a faithful steward though struggling from sins...

Surely soulwinning, serving, supplicating

Savouring God’s love, showing His compassion...

Sharing His goodness...Read More
Categories: supplicating, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: List
Pitched Upon Threshold Of Prepubescent Suicide
Emotional sequestration perseverates
     across thine time warped
     weft wise wold,
sans interpersonal stagnation

     flourishes as oft twice told
tale a boat amidst derelict hollowed
     moldering scull...Read More
Categories: supplicating, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, father,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Prayers Never Cease Be
My soul at dawn  awake
A magic light into my heart breaks
Solitary whispers shivering in awe
Towards the Infinite my whole upraised
Allah is the greatest.
A frisson of wonderment swamping to the core
Powerless and unknowledgeable 
A humble human soul
In Your glorious presence...Read More
Categories: supplicating, allah, beauty, blessing, islamic, light, peace, prayer,
Form: Free verse
To Her Unmasked Certitude
Today she Decided,
To expose all sentiments without trepidation
Though broken by another’s dissatisfaction,
Inhumane and callous betrayal of her certitude
She chooses to unveil and unmask all residual pain
And focuses on His everlasting, unrelenting beatitude

Today she Decreed,
Never to allow her haunting past to...Read More
Categories: supplicating, christian, how i feel, true love, trust,
Form: Lyric

Morning Wheat - A Concrete Poetic Prose Work

~ Morning Wheat ~ (A Pros Poetry Works) ~

~  ~
  ~ ~
  ...Read More
Categories: supplicating, analogy, autumn, baptism, beautiful, beauty, best friend,
Form: Concrete
Omalinze the great, the maker of rain
You are the beauty of the day, a mighty man
Whose muse keep me going in the journey of life.
My humble appreciation to the gods for a man of you kind.
Omalinze, the water melon in...Read More
Categories: supplicating, age, anxiety, art,
Form: Narrative
Father! I can't see mary and her little china doll
Mother! Where is mary, my little pretty angel?
I saw her battled desperately last night with a
Worldly handsome manclothed in white gown
Where is she now? Where has she...Read More
Categories: supplicating, abuse, age, angel, art, betrayal,
Form: Elegy
Have you seen a mother cry?
Have you seen her weep sorrowfully?
She cry always for a child, when barren.
A broken heart, when cheated.
Infidelity when beaten by her husband.
Then the experience of motherhood hurt her to the brim,
Hurt her so much ...Read More
Categories: supplicating, art,
Form: Light Verse
i want to be remembered for justice and peace
like the humble sons of the land Gani Fawehinmi
And ken saro wewi who stood against all odds to deliver those
Who were in captive and the voiceless.
But so sad that those they fought...Read More
Categories: supplicating, art, integrity,
Form: Bio

Adieu Michel, adieu the great gem

An icon bore when the wind stood still

As I waved this emotional hands in fear, 

My tears hung in the mid air

And the gravitation could not pull it down.


Say hello to Mbadiwe, the great...Read More
Categories: supplicating, bereavement,
Form: Elegy
This Journey Of Sorrows
Trapped to be bruised
This soul weeped, 
my first breath..,
'Death has come',

Labour struggles
Spewed me out
With water and blood
of mother's womb
Erasing memories
of life I last lived,

Caging my thoughts
in flesh and bones,
My soul hypnotized,
In illusory comforts
Till death became
Destiny of birth

Here is me now
Sowing my seed
In...Read More
Categories: supplicating, life
Form: ABC
A Truth About Disengagement

I was conversing with my son yesterday when I came to an awful realization...When we become adults, never again do we feel love for another person that isn't marred by other antonymous emotions. As our bodies become tainted by...Read More
Categories: supplicating, introspection, love, son, love, son,
Form: I do not know?
Love is blind,

But it can see beyond what your eyes can do.

Love is everywhere,

But it only dwell in your being.

Practice makes perfect,

But nobody's perfect at all.

It can only make ineradicable things,

Out of those human imperfections.

First love never die,

Is there any...Read More
Categories: supplicating, lifelove,
Form: Free verse
and NOW her KITTEN'S right EYE just fell out, that cannot be GOOD
A seventeen year old white kid shouldn’t be in such a place
And shouldn’t be in such a lady’s embrace
Yet there strolled I in the darkness of desperation
And all too...Read More
Categories: supplicating, urbanme, old, people, day, me, old, people,
Form: Quintain (English)
Morning Wheat 1
   ~   ~
        ~ ~
   ...Read More
Categories: supplicating, inspirational
Form: Prose Poetry
~ (~) ~ Shades of Pale Grey ~ (~) ~
""Shades of grey; pale... poetic-yes... 
winds-wandering-wanting always find-their way... .
Amenable-open, cotton-fields sway-in-heavenly; supplicating;
the provision-God--His grace-guiding love rejoicing... laughing... !
Enchanting clouds willing up-high billow seeing this--drifting... Up higher-and higher-ambling 
yes-ambling-along kissing the Sun as I ponder, time... passing-under...Read More
Categories: supplicating, inspirational
Form: Prose Poetry
~ (~) ~ As They Sigh ~ (~) ~
"Yes-pain, grace; hope, freedom, time... chance; yes all-of-them varied-they come-in-many 
quieter-grey pale shades... ! 


His, this-virtue; gentle; one-with-them-they dance-forevermore just-as-tenderly I believe... .

Yes just-as the humble-magnolia do-illuminate themselves in-knowing-love as-I-feel-now-
they are-always-opened up by Him like-this ever so illustriously —...Read More
Categories: supplicating, inspirational
Form: Prose Poetry
Father: Visiting Hours
Father: Visiting Hours

To have him see me 
see his face, tree roots
ripping through the clay,
branches out, supplicating,

I can’t take.
Better that I wait.
Better that he one day have
one last chance to feel

his one son’s son
tug a block beside him.

Donal Mahoney
...Read More
Categories: supplicating, father
Form: Free verse
~ Poem the 1st Chap. Inspired Bye ~ Part #27
Because ... . 
~    ~
~  ~
          mercy joy belief,
         humility and true absolution,
       who themselves do-not-desire  
...Read More
Categories: supplicating, uplifting
Form: Prose Poetry
Cathedrals to Dream
As in sheets, sheared time is laid 
 forever dream-weaving in sweet sage
  lasting breaths to aching pleas
   sleeves of soul sway in the breeze
   Falling leaves are grazing check
  caressing gentle as softly...Read More
Categories: supplicating, fantasy, lifepeace, peace,
Form: Rhyme
~ Morning Wheat ~
~    ~
    ~  ~
...Read More
Categories: supplicating, thank you
Form: Prose Poetry
Along the Sidewalk
Along the sidewalk
I walk alone,
I count my steps
Till I reach home.

Through the night
Breezes are colder,
The moon is bright
But cannot solder.

To my scarf I cleave
The way I clove
To my mother’s sleeve
When there was love.

I miss the cradle
That healed my heart
Before I...Read More
Categories: supplicating, life,
Form: Free verse
The Healing Touch of Love
I'm not your slave,
I'm not your master,
I'm not the cause of your disaster.

you were you 
before I met you,
you'll still be you ,
when I forget you.

you came to me
with broken hands,
I wrapped them up
in silver bands.

A healing touch
for simple things,
but...Read More
Categories: supplicating, forgiveness, lost love, god, god,
Form: Couplet
Rush Hour
Heads bowed they scurry,
In formation, but each to his own,
Like great lines of supplicating ants,
Flowing in polar directions.
A horn honks, hardly heard,
As the girl in a world of her own,
Steps out across the junction.
Tyres screeching, hearts beating,
A shout, A greeting,
Old...Read More
Categories: supplicating, life, people, social, girl,
Form: Free verse