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Sulphur Poems

Sulphur Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sulphur poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sulphur.

New Poems

Burning Man part2

You refuse, refusing the salvant call,
laying there in fetal position,
enthralled by my hex of vinegar and scrawl of liquids release that just seem to pour out of me organically.
Hissing in Wormwood's frequency dwelling, Hollywood "your signature home" learning-annex-auxilliary.
My park and...Read More
Categories: sulphur, anxiety, atheist, betrayal, bible,
Form: Rhyme

Agemo - the goddess of forms
Hoary Decree, dateless Order, 
Anthroposophy of the cradle,
Bewilderment of upper echelon,
Agemo - the goddess of forms.

You are the word, you utter not any;
You are the history, you tell no tale;
Cogent than ingredients and concoction,
Fiat is your potent and reverend name.

When...Read More
Categories: sulphur, africa, god,
Form: Verse
If bombs have families
( after Yehuda Amichai measured the diameter of a bomb)

At times I have this curious feeling that
I am married to a bomb.
But then, I often ponder, I am not even distantly
Related to any explosive tribe.
How come, then, I am spousing...Read More
Categories: sulphur, poems, poetry, poets, poverty, power, prayer, pride,
Form: I do not know?
Creature Of The Night
Amethyst rings on long slender fingers
Onyx nails as black as jet
Scent of jasmine and sulphur…mixes and lingers
Held hostage enmeshed in black satin net
…She tirelessly haunts my nights…

Green eyes that glow with an aura of fire
And pierce the darkest of night
Cheekbones...Read More
Categories: sulphur, dream, sleep,
Form: Imagism
Sans Solace
Near the end of the movie Quantum of Solace, Bond, dumps the villain Mr Green in the middle of the desert with two cans of motor oil.

Snakes hiss beneath a scorching sulphur sun,
Starved spiders scamper traverse suntanned sand,
Slumped in a...Read More
Categories: sulphur, death, film,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member Driftwood on the Styx
Three misfits sought mischief along serenity shore
when a boatman slashed through the bluing mist
with driftwood oars honed by a river called Styx.

They were wild and naive and looked quite aghast
for boatmen usually gather the worn and the weak
but the misfits...Read More
Categories: sulphur, adventure, death,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member BLACK POWDER


                            Fireworks glowed on sky
 ...Read More
Categories: sulphur, black love, heartbroken,
Form: Tanka
Playing With Words Under Fire

She build a bonfire with her flaming words of love

her arson thoughts were like a sulphur match of old  

igniting all who warmed themselves to her able,  

she was a wildfire burning out of control ;

Then like a...Read More
Categories: sulphur, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Mariah of Magdala
Part III: Judgement

Mariah of Magdala
Here comes that day 
You can never get to escape
They have fought amongst themselves
They have recognized their problem
They are planning to rest the crisis
They are fighting not anymore
So the plot is gaining success Maria of Magdala
You...Read More
Categories: sulphur, addiction, analogy, dark, judgement, lust, pain, truth,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member I house a bullet
In words deeply cased lead makes no mistake 
held by one hammer hitting home 
dropping through the threads of a barrel 
smoking time words hotly fused within polished fire

Strikes the target truth into the heart of justice 
pained no longer...Read More
Categories: sulphur, emotions, faith, fire, meaningful, truth,
Form: Quatrain

A balmy day in February,
A flash of yellow's all I saw,
A welcome harbinger of Spring –
A paper bird upon the wing.

By name, a brimstone butterfly,
So apposite, its sulphur hue
Glows brightly, fresh, upon the eye,
Light as a feather it flits on...Read More
Categories: sulphur, butterfly, imagery, spring, yellow,
Form: Verse
Beware of Trouble Incensed
Trouble left alone hurts no soul
Endowed with enough wisdom
To score no own goal
When trouble turns vicious in the kingdom 

Where trouble finger on the trigger of his machinegun
Slays intruders by the dozen
If wisdom devices from them run
Towards the avenger denizen

Who...Read More
Categories: sulphur, poems,
Form: Free verse
The beggar outside the supermarket
You swore was picked up later
In a flashy car
Sat there in the sun for 8 hours
While you pissed & moaned
All the way home
To your bookless
With a chlorinated pool
Where one day you will 
Face down float
When...Read More
Categories: sulphur, political,
Form: I do not know?
Dragons, dragonflies and Huffle-winks and the girl
She crept in silence down to the swamp

And saw the dark cave where nobody goes,

This whole place shrouded in eldritch trees

Primordial feeling of preternatural bewitching,

The swamps felt alive yet was as green as the trees

Lily pads sat upon it and...Read More
Categories: sulphur, adventure, fantasy, friendship, girl, green, imagery,
Form: Free verse
dark angel
Images flickering in the candle light,

Shadows flash across the night sky,

I feel the air all around start to rumble

And the strong smell of sulphur from above me tumble

And I knew it was the dark angel flying again

And I knew that...Read More
Categories: sulphur, angel, dark, flying, night, sky,
Form: Free verse
Venus Sun-Trap
The Venus Sun-Trap

Bright sister of the Earth defines the sky at eve and dawn
For similarities not at all, a hothouse orb intensely strong
Of water next to none that would see it boil and frazzle
Earth’s closest sister dons sulphur clouds that...Read More
Categories: sulphur, space,
Form: Rhyme
Dear Winnie
Dear Winnie,
I will not despair for you,
For you are here with us,
Buried in the sanctuary of memory,
Our beloved mother and sister,
The mother of a nation
You carried on your shoulders
The burden of tigers and lions,
Until you became the lioness,
And roared for...Read More
Categories: sulphur, death, remember,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member HUMAN


WE are stardust
6 essential 
building blocks
somewhere Cobalt and Gold

On the stockmarket
we could be worth 
$46 million each and sold 
for what our body contains
Bone Marrow
and then some
literature relays;
53% water, salt tears
oceans’ memory 
ancient and old 
4.5 billion years
with an...Read More
Categories: sulphur, birth, death, humanity, life, light, science, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
A King Lamenting
A king entered in a robe,
Clothed in a raiment of
Multitudous colors:
Vast and enormous is he,
Occupying matters of matters,
Spaces of Spaces.
His presence accomodates no vacuum.
Before him was raident throne,
Swathed in light and graced
With fire of sulphur regalia.
The tenure of his kingdom
Is...Read More
Categories: sulphur, spiritual,
Form: Epic
Ascent From Hell
Sounds from the underworld
Dulcet tones from demons groans
Up through the atmosphere
Fetid heat from rotting feet
Brimstone spits sulphur clouds
Satanic freaks bones crack and creak

They're the sounds of ascent
They're the sounds of ascent
They're the sounds of ascent
They're the sounds of ascent from...Read More
Categories: sulphur,
Form: Lyric
Ex Cathedra
the holy ghost covered its eyes
  with the palms of murdered children:
   behold! said I
and the holy ghost spake
ex cathedra
  my heart, my blessed temple
  and the holy ghost sounded
the horns of the Lord
 ...Read More
Categories: sulphur, angst, anxiety, god, introspection, winter,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Time Machine

The Clock has been set for 1955,
For a journey into my history book,
Time Machine fired up and primed,
So, lets travel back, take a closer look.

Step outside into a strange new world,
Outside the house where I was born.
Like something from...Read More
Categories: sulphur, change, how i feel, memory, nostalgia, time,
Form: Rhyme
Between The Lines
Taste the sulphur in the air
Always such a burning affair 
Killing us all blinding everyday
Every soul here is internally 

More and more shop up each day
Enjoying the fell of the morning heatwaves

There is no way out from this wondrous place
Oh...Read More
Categories: sulphur, aubade, depression,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
I had a dream, of myself dreaming,
And in the dream that I was dreaming, I mean the other dream.
I was dreaming myself dreaming,
Strange it was, as I looked ahead of me,

There, stood an appearance of flaming purple & Gold,
A light...Read More
Categories: sulphur, adventure, beautiful, beauty, dream, first love, i
Form: Dramatic monologue
Brimstone BBQ
Take a number and pick a seat

How are you enjoying the heat

Welcome to the kitchen of hell

You will be here for a spell

Rotten meat and burning flesh

Hope you don't mind the smell 

Smell of sulphur masks the fumes

Morbid screaming from...Read More
Categories: sulphur, dark, death, life, metaphor, spiritual,
Form: Dramatic Verse