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Sulfur Poems

Sulfur Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sulfur poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sulfur.

New Poems

Premium Member Heartbeat Of A Star
Oh, living, breathing star
     how beautiful you are.
You pulsate from afar- 
     our cosmic avatar.

Life beats inside your heart
     that rends dust-rays apart
so elements- impart
   ...Read More
Categories: sulfur, star,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Eyebrows on Noses
Eyebrows on noses and whiskers on women
Large rats and wombats that suckle my kitten
Penguins that waddle in hot sulfur springs
These are a few of my befuddled things

La da, di da da

Piglets that paddle in puddles of poodles
Parrots that prattle for...Read More
Categories: sulfur, crazy, funny, humorous, nonsense, silly,
Form: Rhyme
She Walks the Valley
She walks the valley holding a black rose
as she searches for her lost love,
they were together for a long time,
frolicking throughout the night in their prime.

Villagers see her shadow against the full moon,
the air reeks of sulfur as she passes...Read More
Categories: sulfur, dark, lost love, love, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Suribachi

At the base of Suribachi
Within reach of the beach
The mountain towers as I shrink
In guts of hate—malignant;
With gun, bayonet and grenade
And murdering hands
To choke the existence
Out of living things.

They all looked the same 
Refusing to quit
Hating more than me
If that’s...Read More
Categories: sulfur, america, memorial, soldier, tribute, war, world war
Form: Verse
Premium Member - Goodbye Dad -

Silence ...
  deep ...
overwhelming silence
Your arduous journey ...
- with fire and sulfur

A hand to hold
Words for comfort
A cold cloth on your forehead
Moisten your mouth
- wipe your tears

I will follow you to the gate
- but you must go in alone
The...Read More
Categories: sulfur, dad, death,
Form: Free verse

GuGu and MoMo

shared a strange reality made from footsteps
the land of spirit being open to improvisation
with existence a fountain of plenty for all
too much meaning too much of the time
is it not true to the self of selves that
suffering to one is...Read More
Categories: sulfur, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member inanimate thing
At night, a huge creature floats to the surface of the tart ocean to dream into the moonlight, which barely penetrates the sulfur clouds. She sighs, her skin made of stainless steel is luminescent in the dark, her nuclear heart...Read More
Categories: sulfur, death, dream, environment,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Empires and Rivers
Empires and rivers, time and space, man and nature.
Yet nothing, nothing satisfies like clear sinuses and arteries.
The struggle to express and understand is seemingly futile.
Pope’s Iliad, Milton’s Paradise, Armand Schwerner’s Dante.

Chemotherapy, quatrains, everything rhymes with comedy.
Good luck saying anything useful....Read More
Categories: sulfur, earth, environment, future, nature, river, space, time,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Centralia
the sun exposed
above mountain's edge
through the folds
of dawn's rise
carmine sky erupts
mimicking fire
that burns beneath

in the crisp morning 
the earth gasps in breaths
of pallid air
as it rises from the cracks
of asphalt and dirt
the smell of sulfur lingers

the narrow streets are unkept
a...Read More
Categories: sulfur, fire, mountains,
Form: Free verse

Jesus you are
The most beautiful thing, you are
Jesus you are, you are more pure than
Diamonds, Diamonds

Purer than water, living waters
Purer than sucrose, pure sugar, sugars
Even tho! Born as a man you’re spiritual and holy, holy
You...Read More
Categories: sulfur, analogy, appreciation, devotion, how i feel, inspirational,
Form: Lyric

Dandelion moves on
A blithesome royalty, sea of roses smile
      delicate faces spark in emerald pasture.
Vivid sunny weeds, dandelions fragile...
       no one cares, stems of careless rapture.

 Petals felled in wanton lawn...Read More
Categories: sulfur, bereavement, flower, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I dreamed a Dream 2
A chase thru the jungle ~ frightening calls 

Black Panther takes down~ sturdy wild boar 

Silence of forest~ a vicious death by jaws

Warm scent of fresh blood~ a savory lick of the claws 

Hairs at attention ~  as I...Read More
Categories: sulfur, dream,
Form: Verse
Keep Looking Ahead Always, Not Back -Genesis 19: 23-26
There are many Bible lessons to be learned
some maybe minor but others are not so
really important to follow what God says
regarding divine words learn not to say no

Lot's wife's experience is well known
a real warning that God you must not...Read More
Categories: sulfur, bible, christian, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
sure desolation, final friend of pride
brought forth by hoary pretensions of depth,
in which reside delusions soaked in bile
excreted from the end of every breath

the earth laments, the sapling sighs death’s dirge,
possessed with zephyr of your utterance,
as all else is subjected...Read More
Categories: sulfur, evil,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
hanging gardens
available on all major streaming services and general digital stores
from the album, babylon, through my solo project, sempiternal sepulchrality
beneath the ancient city
a garden of souls lies
swirling, writhing
plagued with sulfur and flame

hopeless cries
met with muddled echoes
no recollection of
what was before

helpless sighs...Read More
Categories: sulfur, evil,
Form: Lyric
Choice of Hell
The heat is overbearing
that is your choice 
the sweat drips off the tip of your nose
the savage pit that you get dragged to
get dragged through your heart set aflame
that is your choice 
soul thrown in the lake of fire
all this...Read More
Categories: sulfur, dark, death, heaven, meaningful, mystery, surreal, wisdom,
Form: Lyric
Fire, Lightning and Love
Fire, Lightning and Love

Man of fire and lightning 
What he touches, burns, sulfur
Righteous hard words twisted from his mouth
He smelts chains of steel to shackle and bind my soul
It is his desire to own me, master of my world
Two women,...Read More
Categories: sulfur, love,
Form: Blank verse
Who Stole the Strawberries

Trust is such a deliciously sweet thing
Make the yellow-bellied canary sing

Confidence lost in an abandoned mind
Smoky sulfur 
and silica methane ...
uptake of noxious...Read More
Categories: sulfur, imagery, mystery, symbolism, trust,
Form: Free verse
Her tongue is made of sulfur
Mud drowns the fields
Fine sand billows over deserts
Soil sprinkled over graves
Blood and sweat for charcoal
Swallowed tears, for potter’s clay
Niter, mortar, a vessel
To give birth, and to slay...Read More
Categories: sulfur, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Smells Like Government

Rancid lemon rope squeeze
around a rotten tomato neck tie,
crooked odor bow hanging out of place 
Acid reflux raisin tax bleed;
dripping spoiled, milquetoast lies
out a sour-twisted, prune puckered face

Tart tongue 
sulfur speak disorderly,
dirty saliva fingers in the propaganda pie
Such a bowel...Read More
Categories: sulfur, corruption, satire, truth, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member - Haiku X 135 - Volcanic Eruptions -

                            earth cracked ~ lava spurts
       ...Read More
Categories: sulfur, death, earth, loss,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Origins

In a Planck second ‘The Big Bang,’
And the arrow of time of entropy erupted.
Based on this premise the theorists conclude;
Out of nothing, something
Engulfed in dark energy and matter;—
That is to say; 'Where motion ceased to exist,
Therefore, energy non-existence, E=mc2 QED,
In...Read More
Categories: sulfur, education, perspective, science, space, universe,
Form: Verse
Your Place in My Thoughts
Your Place in My Thoughts

I so forcibly suppress my thoughts of you.
Your entity lingers like the putrid scent of sulfur in my soul. 
The havoc created leaving me shattered and blue.
I had given up so many things for us.
You seemed...Read More
Categories: sulfur, 10th grade, loss,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Symbiosis

Sitting on that rock 
Like a suburban mermaid, 
You look like a lost girl 
With a long sad story to tell.
So honey, why don’t we 
Mosey on over to Wide-track Town,
Where the freeways meet in purgatory;
There are singing hipsters...Read More
Categories: sulfur, girlfriend,
Form: Free verse
From within
A new way to start the day by listing 
the kissing moments in your mind 
to mellow the mood made from within

Close your eyes let nothing reach your soul 
as the mind wonders in wander and lust 
at the sane...Read More
Categories: sulfur, introspection,
Form: Free verse