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Social Poems

Social Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about social. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for social.

New Poems

Premium Member Hearts in Diamonds
Go, run, hurry, chase,
Every jack, king queen and ace!
Crazy social race!!
Fate deals cards never the same!
Many playing a losing game!...Read More
Categories: social, business, money,
Form: Tanka

Papa's condemnation of prejudice
Papa's condemnation of prejudice...

and subsequent grim statistic one
(among millions, or more)
tragedy with feted kiss
Yarraka Bayles darling son
hoop fully experiences bliss,
yet more vehement rage
against machinations (think 

with little effort cruel humans)
trumpets, tools, thrives...
wreaking psychological havoc -
case in point yours truly
wrenched, screwed,...Read More
Categories: social, 11th grade, 12th grade, cry, funeral, mother
Form: Narrative
Stranger in the mirror
I know who I am 
But not the person in the mirror
A true companion of mine 
Always on my window when I wake up
Inspecting and beautifying my face
Picking my clothes
Nodding if I am ready to go
I always catch him looking...Read More
Categories: analogy, satire, self, senses, sensual, social, society,
Form: Free verse
Thats all She Needs
What she needed was - attention
Post a picture reeallll nice…  
Momma never gave her what - she needed
Daddy never tucked her in - at night
So she post her face – every - night now
Writes a nice little meme...Read More
Categories: social, absence, abuse, addiction, age, angel, anger, anxiety,
Form: Lyric
The tree of senses keeps me close to my conscience,
liberating the bondage of believes in existence.
In certainty of identification to belong in effect,
by family as race and nationality towards self-image detect. 
The individual perspective by self awareness in social situation,
maintains...Read More
Categories: social, 12th grade, humanity, identity, patriotic,
Form: Ballade

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Meanwhile the era of social media networks, the internet, and online businesses, the students and business owners both, and especially belonging to the education sector...Read More
Categories: social, business, career, computer, desire, education, environment, universe,
Form: Narrative
The Next Chapter
Here I am sitting in the park again
Sapping the sweat from my face
My Spirit is at ease and mind is settled
The tumultuous moment has passed
And you have finally come out of the dark
The stage is set and I have won...Read More
Categories: social, beautiful, beauty, books, business, confidence, encouraging, food,
Form: Narrative

     Two plus two or two into two.
     Giving you the easiest clue,
     to get the Desired Number.    ...Read More
Categories: social, 3rd grade, appreciation,
Form: Couplet
She survived the attack 
Of the turpentine man
When she was just a kid
He had her pinned 
To the ground
She ends up in shock
But it was a hoax
From a young adult
Trying to stop
After school fights
As a teen
She met and danced
With the...Read More
Categories: social, dedication, feelings, i love you, inspiration, mother,
Form: Free verse
Lincoln Quote For Andrea
Lincoln was a white man of his time. He wasn't as bad as the majority,
north or south, but he was undoubtedly a white supremecist.
I'm white, but if I were black there's no way he'd cut the mustard
as a pin-up boy...Read More
Categories: social, history, racism,
Form: Prose
Isolation :: Dreamscape

Alone lone
Suffering snuffling
Social isolation

Abuse leads to blues
Purity doubts come from Infidelity
Emotional isolation occurs with mistrust.
~x~...Read More
Categories: social,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Democracy On Fire
In "On Fire"
Naomi Klein reminds us
win/lose capitalism invites a collective action vacuum
and abhors restrictions on money-accumulating freedom,

But Earth,
a healthy global climate,
healthy ecosystems
invite regenerative win/win climax
of cooperatively nurturing health systems
and abhor inhumane definitions of "wealth"
as privately-held and autonomously sequestered currency
natural resources
human...Read More
Categories: earth, engagement, health, integrity, political, psychological, social,
Form: Political Verse
Flowers Are Special
Flowers are special; 
even weeds often have
startlingly beautiful blossoms 
that make one forget about allergies
till the first sniffle
or watery eye…

So, what are we to conclude?

That something pleasing to
the eye can, sadly, be little more
than an optical lie--

As with every rare...Read More
Categories: divorce, feelings, humorous, love, romance, social, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
A life in the day of Facebook Twitter
How was your day ?

Well i had planned on buying myself 

My favorite David Beckham fragrance

But ended up instead choosing

Blue Jeans by Versace

Because i liked the tin 

It was packaged in

And now i stink

So today's lesson i learned is this

Rather...Read More
Categories: social, slam,
Form: Free verse
Jesus Loves the Little Children throughout the world
Oh! Jesus Christ loves the little children of the world.
Red, yellow, brown, black and white, he loves them
with all of his might.  Jesus blesses the little
children every where in the world.
Every little boy and every little girl.

Oh! whether they...Read More
Categories: social, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Lyric
Jesus Loves the Unborn Children throughout all the world
Jesus Christ loves all of the unborn children.
No matter who or where they are.
Red, yellow, black, brown, and white.
They are wonderful in his sight.

Jesus Christ loves all of the unborn children's.
Every where throughout all of the world.
Rich or poor, they...Read More
Categories: social, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Lyric
Do You Believe in Futures
I believe in futures,
God's miracles guest.

The friendship with relatives and friends,
Sometimes I dream of having a boyfriend and husband again.

I used to dream of becoming a performer,
Singing a solo, I sang the song "Wiseman Say".

The seniors in the dinning-hall all...Read More
Categories: social, appreciation, blessing, future, god, happiness, miracle, romance,
Form: Free verse
Ah at last camaraderie restored within the Oval Office
Ah at last camaraderie restored within the Oval Office!

Whew... now with president er... Chief
tenderloin hoof and mouth 
knick knack paddywhack shah row'n nah 
diseased Trumpen proletariat -
ever so..., (think huck Cain Abel) -

phloem with his tree men diss
anti semitic, biased,
cutthroat...Read More
Categories: social, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, allusion,
Form: Political Verse
“We have no milk,”
you speak quietly
in a tone reminiscent 
of another’s observation
that wine had run out
at a wedding feast.
Miraculous transformation
of wine or milk
from pitchers of water
seemingly absent from
the church job description
of educator and
director of parish music,
a deficit, in proportion
to the...Read More
Categories: social, family, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member NonProfit CoOperatism
An important truth of non-profit cooperatism,
as contrasted with for-profit corporatism,
is democratic wisdom
of co-investing capital and equity and interdependence,
giving from a healthy egalitarian heart
is also receiving a wealthier, more resilient, bilateral mind,
mind and body fullness,
ego- and eco-therapeutic resonance.

While true of all...Read More
Categories: social, community, earth, health, home, humanity, religion, weather,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Emily
Emily, if we could have met,
I don't suppose I would forget
How very awkward it had been,
I can picture thus the scene:
Introvert to introvert,
Apprehensive, stiff and curt,
Neither of us keen on seeing
Another dreaded human being.
What would have happened if
I'd greeted you...Read More
Categories: social, anxiety, appreciation, books, celebrity, courage, home,
Form: Rhyme
Until Tomorrow
Walking at dusk through the old park,

the golden glow of forgiveness

hangs in the air long enough

for you to steal it with both hands

but you choose not to,

you choose, deliberately,

to let the sun set on that particular episode.

You walk the other...Read More
Categories: social, beautiful, imagery, lost love, romantic love, sensual,
Form: Free verse

      Everything socialized
      all divided
      less well fare
      state,,,...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, satire, social, wisdom,
Form: Epigram
Breaking The Glass Ceiling

In the course of social evolution,
selective and complex, skewed customs
placed men in the lead, women behind,
for they are deemed the weaker gender,
born unequal in the nonpartisan world 
under blue sky of freedom for everyone,
to obey and to follow, subjugated.

As the...Read More
Categories: social, freedom, men, society, women,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Humans, All
Flowers ...
Do not spin,
Nor nightingales press wings to sky ...
Midday meadows
Do not simmer with joy,
Nor starry vaults tremble in mystery ...
Seas do not sparkle,
Nor giggles grace the throats of children ...
Creatures do not live in truth and moral indifference,
Nor hearts,...Read More
Categories: social, analogy, humanity, wisdom,
Form: Free verse