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Short Zoe Poems

Short Zoe Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Zoe by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Zoe by length and keyword.

Premium Member ZOE
our human
seeds of communion

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Categories: zoe, life, people, social,
Form: Cinqku

Premium Member Zoe

Zoé is our precious little pussy cat Couldn't find where this sweetie was at Till we heard a tiny cry She was always quite shy Finally found her stuck under my top hat © Jack Ellison 2015

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Categories: zoe, cat, love,
Form: Limerick
                             My humming birds
                               named Zoe,Zeb
                              nesting in a tree.
                                           Teresa Skyles...

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Categories: zoe, pets
Form: Haiku
Tea Party Table Toppled
Rhonda invited some guest for Evening tea.
Sandwiches, scones n cakes made her glee.
Lil Sam was not allowed, his mind mischiefs
He hides two mice in Nanny's kerchief.

For the Contest Chastuska Me
Judge:- Dr. Ram Mehta
Date:- August 27,2014
By:- Zoe Life...

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© Zoe Life  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, hilarious,
Form: Chastushka

Vulnerability, thy calm.
Mirror! you are my soothing balm.
You soak my umpteen drops of tears,
my craziness, delights and fears.
Like freckled waters, you watch my reflection dream.

Contest:-Reflections Of A Florette
Theme:- Mirror
Date:-September 8,2014
Sponsored by:- Nette Onclaud
By Zoe...

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© Zoe Life  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, mirror,
Form: Rhyme

Tanka to my three girls, Molly, Gracie and Zoe
                                  Tis with woeful eyes,

                               As I watch you leave again,

                                   When will you return?

                               Or is this our last goodbye

                              I’ll wait on the porch till night

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Categories: zoe, pets
Form: Tanka
Zoe i knew
used an abused an tossed aside, been there mate, nuff 2 send ya cross-eyed, but all good fun, cos i couldna hate, the lady sweet ....who dumped me late... or otherwise....:) she barred the gate... the French kisser got denied, but i sidestepped way from suicide, twas johnsons fate... me chips was fried... thanks Ronny Madonsela "Zoe" love it mate... Don

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Categories: zoe, adventure,
Form: Ballad
A real african women
I was but a boy
Bewildered by her beauty
This love deemed sickly
By those other men

Her eyes saw nothing but my 
And in there dwelled a man
Trapped as a child
I enslaved by time
That i could never fold

The illusion of love slipping from
my fingers
That we couldn't be lovers
Drowns me to no end
As all I am now is a friend
Inlove with a mirage of you.

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Categories: zoe, dedication, love, romance, love,
Form: Rhyme
The eye
I love a night of storm
When face is slapped
by wind rush drops
and the darkest greys
rush by
a z
thats turned too fast
Grumble stumbles over hills afar
Sky filled with radiant
Potters scar
Splatters and growls
hide the nigh time
Tasting rain soaked wind
Body surf the waves
Detaching from the day
Peace within the storm...

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Categories: zoe, poetry,
Form: Free verse
I will never forget our drive
Amazing moments
Our song!
Amazing moments.
It’s life.
I can’t say much more
It is hard
I am in a cloud
Flying across the skies of ..
Like a bird.
It is incredible
I have never felt like this.
I am in a cloud.
I think about you night and day
It is like an addiction
My sweet Zoe
You were so far away
You talked to me on the phone with your friends
Our song!

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Categories: zoe, passion
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member 9 contest
Nein is German for no to that we agree
Maybe if you had said it you wouldn't  be
Pregnant, with time to stew over a babies name
Will it be Tanya or Zoe  or maybe William 
Up on cloud nine is where you will stay
All dressed up to the nines until that day
The baby arrives  I see smiles on your faces
All the anger, bad moods gone with no traces
What name have you chosen, no hints so far
You have named him Oscar he is your star

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Categories: zoe, baby,
Form: Light Verse

TIME forgot his pants and trolled 
 his minute across her face;
Space won the bet with regret
and built a house of dreams
upon a reef with roof balanced
-- the territory of a stormy sky
perched with drying fish.  My
Pisces in pieces drowned inside
the deeply fractured aquarium
of Aquarius.
   Zoe my Zoe my Zoe
   so so so suddenly!
   Zodiac sign is flickeringly

:: 04-27-2019 ::...

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Categories: zoe, art, conflict, dark,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Visions of Europe
Visions of Europe

Alizee is dead to me Indila can eat all of Paris She can never have even an ounce of me My heart belongs to France Moi et France took a vacation to Austria Where I met my new love, I call her Zoe! We sing and we sing, and even more Drunken recklessness With mi amour, je suis, je suis
Notes: Zoe was the Austrian entry in Eurovsion 2016. singing a song in French. Alizee and Indila are French pop singers. ...

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Categories: zoe, international, muse, music, woman,
Form: Free verse
See No Evil - Ten Word Challenge
The halcyon days of my youth were full of exuberant teenagers,
with a fire built and music blaring they,  
danced under the crepuscular light,
with loud drunken sonorous, 
much to the annoyance of the local opulent farmer who,
 was cynical about the drunks not moving from his land,
then an eerie Penumbra silenced the drunks,
they sensed a visceral fear of change among them,
while they sat in a desultory mess,
jealousy was not too far behind.

Zoe Pashley 
01/ 02/2016...

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Categories: zoe, jealousy, youth,
Form: Free verse