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Short Sulky Poems

Short Sulky Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Sulky by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Sulky by length and keyword.

Sulky Moon
Sulky, crater-faced moon
Pocked by infinite awestruck gaze
Burrows behind dark clouds
Preserving its existence....

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Categories: sulky, humorous, moon, nature,
Form: Prose

sea salty tears drop
sorrow spills silent wounds cry
sulky summer violent
sea weeds settle pregnant rivers
sun drowns sick rise again peace

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Categories: sulky, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member is Loch Nis
Such beauty, on her peripheral. Adorned with heathers and brackens bloomed. Amidst, there lies a wonder, radiant, sulky. Erosional twists, flow translucent carpet lay. Deep she is, with a lurking cryptid, Within her sightings, she, is Loch Nis

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Categories: sulky, freedom, mystery, water,
Form: Verse
Crochety,crusty and cross,
ever at a loss;
testy,touchy and huffy,
full of fickle fears,
impulsive teenage years.

Sulky,sullen then glad
faddish,fretful or sad;
tense,dejected and downcast,
each day changing fast.

Like a chameleon cast
by teens that,oh so slowly pass.

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Categories: sulky, teen,
Form: Alliteration
The Peevish One
She feigns a sober rationality
and speaks to you with fake civility;

   but then her voice can't fool those who can feel
   the hatred hidden there as cold as steel.

A peevish wince she tries to hide from you,
displeasure faintly dripping through and through;

   her sulky air like paint upon the wall,
   she need not try pretending after all....

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Categories: sulky, people
Form: Rhyme

Sad Whale
There was a sad whale 
A silly, sulky sad whale
A silky sulky scary sad whale 

There was a sad whale 
A silly sulky sad whale who lived in the ocean 
Oh what a whale he 
Oh how sad he was 
Oh how depressed he was 
Oh how unhappy he was 

There was a sad whale 
A silly sulky sad whale 
And this silly sulky sad whale 
Lived in the ocean 
The deep blue ocean 

There was a sad whale 
A silly, sulky sad whale
A silky sulky scary sad whale...

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Categories: sulky, nature,
Form: Free verse
Halloween horror

Sally hides sweet candy under table (Since sweet candy makes teeth decay) Mummy angry... Finds trick treat candy boxes empty Jelly beans, fruit salad, black jacks - whole stash eaten! Sally looks awful.. Tummy aches Sally spews vomit Nasty vomit shows candy Daddy cross Mummy livid... Early night Sally! Sulky Sally cries A little laughter five contest Sponsored by Edward McCall 2/20/18

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Categories: sulky, candy, child, halloween, humorous, sick,
Form: Light Verse
Christmas Past
At the end of the season
bagging trash
worn out from the holiness
missed or avoided.
Lights burning black holes
in bright windows.
Longer nights circle narrowing days,
sense of unseen toothless dogs.
The thin smoke of merriment rising
out of colorless dawns.
The children are sulky
their wishes all came true,
late in the evening
someday close at hand
they will understand.
Still it’s been (if the amount of trash
counts for anything),
the very best one yet.


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Categories: sulky, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Truth Of Rainbows

Heaven, shedding dark tears

Makes this dull, grumpy day

Sulky storms puff their chests

Dressed in suits, flannel gray

They brood and they grumble

And complain of their mood

They're damp and foreboding

Yes, they're really quite rude

But the weather is improving

Rainbows parting the shrouds

God's squeezing out toothpaste

To brush bright ... the clouds!

~ 3rd Place ~  in the "Rainbows" Poetry Contest, Craig Cornish, Judge & Sponsor.


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Categories: sulky, analogy, emotions, metaphor, rainbow, weather,
Form: Rhyme