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Short Persian Poems

Short Persian Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Persian by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Persian by length and keyword.

Persian jewelled salad
gold laced primulas
nchusa azurea cubes
calendula cream
corgette flower cheese

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Categories: persian, food, nature
Form: Epulaeryu

Snowy Window

albino ~VIEW~
Persian tailed jackrabbit
ebony awaits 

January breeze
snowbird, whistles on tree top
where did x-mass go?



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Categories: persian, art, nature, wind,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member LICKS and HAIRBALLS
My Persian LICKS with abandon
A cat with a mission in hand'en
When suddenly he chokes
HAIRBALLS stuck in his throat
And upchucks over me where I'm standin'!

Written on 5/20/2015

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Categories: persian, cat, funny,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Persian Trilogy
Kei behem nameh midi

Poem 1)     Kheili khosh geli
Poem 2)     Ou cheshaye ghashangi dareh
Poem 3)     jeegareto bokhoram

Even the Titles are in Persian, the actual poems are in English....

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Categories: persian, appreciation, emotions, imagery, wine, woman, words,
Form: Free verse
fist for freedom
Union of my fingers
In the hand
Soviet a fist!
On the sovereign's body  
Yet why
Do I
My feet?
I remembered
I gotta get a hammer
Hang up
My father's sickle
On the republic's stable wall....

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Categories: persian, freedom, political,
Form: Free verse

Rumi translation: Birdsong
by Rumi
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Birdsong relieves
my deepest griefs:
now I'm just as ecstatic as they,
but with nothing to say!
Please universe,
your poetry
through me!...

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Categories: persian, bird, music, poetry, poets, song, universe, writing,
Form: Verse
voice of peace in English Persian and Kurdish
Voice of Peace is the voice of HUMANITY

in persian

Sadaye Solhe sadaye ensaniyat ast
man TO ra setayesh mikonam

in kurdish

   Denge iye Denge MIROVATIYE
az TA pasand dikim...

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Categories: persian, peace,
Form: Free verse
The Battle Of Thermopylae
Hearing of a Persian invasion,

the Spartan King marched for his nation,

To a narrow pass, he would defend.

Persians demanded they drop their weapons,

Spartans replied, their future destined,

"Molon Labe"  Come and get them!...

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Categories: persian, adventure, history, war,
Form: Tail-rhyme
The attraction
persian buttercup                                                                                                          a sunset rose without thorns                                                                                doubling sheer beauty...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: persian, art, beautiful, beauty, flower, romantic, rose, wedding,
Form: Haiku
26 Miles and 385 Yards

A Greek soldier's fabled run
to Athens from the battlefield
announcing the defeat of the Persian,
a Greek soldier's fabled run,
he collapsed as his job was done.
'Athens is saved' he just yelled,
a Greek soldier's fabled run
to Athens from the battlefield....

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© kash poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: persian, history,
Form: Triolet
thermopylae still haunts me to this life. The sights I saw, the blood I spilled. When my men stood tall I stood taller. For every Persian my brothers killed, I killed two. When the sun set are sights were set. Tonight we dine in hades, with all the Persians we take with us....

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Categories: persian, anger, hate, history, power, war,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Wayra Reveries of Ore
burrow of silence,
empty links worn - crimson flaws;
fearing bare hallow lone tracks-
veering with precision...
             to reveries of persian ore

Sponsor: Nette OnClaud
Written: August 13, 2019

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: persian, dark, deep,
Form: Free verse
Black, in silhouette against the moon; Am I frightening you and you? Don’t worry, that thing’s only a balloon And, in the light, I’m really Persian Blue Picture No. 2 4th November 2019 Good Luck Halloween contest Sponsor - Eve Roper ...

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Categories: persian, cat, halloween, moon,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Overthrown Kingdom By The Children- -
King - A Haiku

noctilucent boys
A Persian, friendly king flies
in spite of the friend

enemies scatter
as the children over throw
kingdoms come down hard

in spite of the fiends
as the children over throw
the kingdom comes down

written by James Edward Lee Sr....

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Categories: persian, analogy, anxiety, children, war,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Goodbye To You
German--Auf Wiedersehen
French--Au Revor

Goodbye in so many languages. It is time to go.  So long....

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Categories: persian,
Form: I do not know?
A whiff of the wind made me think of you
My dear daddy.

The Persian Peninsula has lost a rare diamond
Your death is a strong reality
Which I have realized.

Now I live on bearing your absence
I pray that you are in the 
Highest Castle of Heaven.

With an elegance unseen
You appear to me in sun beams...

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Categories: persian, absence, allah, allegory, analogy, anger, anniversary, arabic,
Form: Elegy
Margaret is a precious jewel
That comes from far and wide
She shines with such a brilliance
She cannot hope to hide.

People try to copy her
But no one gets it right
Because nothing can come close
To the iridescent sight

For Margaret is like no other
With colours set a whirl
Her name is Greek and Persian
A precious jewel, a pearl.

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Categories: persian,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Words Need Not Be Spoken
The ancient elders speak in spirit cries silent,hushed,songs of the meek a call for the chosen....... Persian waters' flow in light of silver cashmere questions dissipate as I rest at waters' edge in love, the Great Spirit leads....... _____________________________________ Contest- A Mesh Of Forms Kimo/Tanka Poet-Rick Parise

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Categories: persian, father, love, nature, uplifting,
Form: Kimo
for my dog

...a flower 
For my 
She sleeps 
 her dreams 
bring flower
To the
 Persian silk tree

After a long 
the winds 
rest there,
and sings
 to my dog
 their songs

She sends 
with the wind
a little ruff
a small woof,
it lingers 
by the steps
As I come home
and find
her voice,
fading softly...

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Categories: persian, death, death of a friend, dog, emotions,
Form: Blank verse

it’s ten below
          no place to go
warm roots asleep

sunny sky high
       ten degrees below
birds like shadows in the snow

   weave a tangled web
ten below       with snow

so cozy inside
my fat persian licks itself

drifting snow
ten below zero
mind sliding down a rooftop


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Categories: persian, weather,
Form: Haiku
Hills pull their blankets out
and leave bare their naked spines
permitting Junes and me
to Summer there

Streams must appear to Him
as traveling caravans
The painted leaves like prisms do
with hues of rumpled Persian rugs

All seems Persia has pulled it's banners out
and march off to the sea
Turbaned poplars and lakes like tents
Is it jocosity? 


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Categories: persian, allusion, beauty, dream, earth, imagery, nature,
Form: I do not know?
The Persian Garden
In the gardens of Shiraz
Where the souls of poets still roam
The sleepy roses listen
As the santur plays a song
And the rosewater dewdrops
Spill onto the earth like tears
Leaving the soft breeze
To share the scent of jasmine tea
Sit on your silk carpet and relax
Swallow all of the beauty
That nature has to offer
Here's some advice, it goes well with tea...

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Categories: persian, beauty, culture, garden, nature, poetry, poets, rose,
Form: Free verse
The Cat Ladies of Singapore

Cat loving ladies
A ministry of cat care
To hungry felines.


Each day. Unfailing
Feeding your chosen creatures
Making us feel good.


I see and I ask
Why are these animals here?
Someone must love them.


Tabby. Persian. Black.
Each and every day they’re back
And their carers smile.


I try patting her.
Snarling she runs off frightened. 
I’m not her lady.

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Categories: persian, animal, care, cat,
Form: Haiku
My Cat
I loved my cat.
She was a brat.
Never used the doormat.
Never would wear a hat.
Some people thought that she was fat.
Once she chased a rat.
Even tried to catch a bat.
She was good about covering her scat.
She didn’t have a face that was flat,
like a Persian cat
Now she lays in the road and is flat.
She met with a truck and went splat.
Swatting away at an annoying gnat,
I sadly write her epitaph....

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Categories: persian, cat,
Form: Monorhyme
For Netanyahu

I have civilization
I have culture 
I have water
I have Soil
I have Persian Gulf
I have love
I love jeans,-)
I have sleeping
I have wake
I have tears
I have  smiling
I do not know
But my
I have great sorrow
Life is hard
But, for me
Sweet is
Honey is
I pray for you
You .. be wise
Adult care
And my country...
Wisely to know
Wake up!
Iran is my love
I, we, all 
Even World history
You forget …
We Forever forget

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Categories: persian, culture, earth, history, political, world,
Form: Classicism