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Short Millipede Poems

Short Millipede Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Millipede by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Millipede by length and keyword.

Slaughter of the innocents
Millipede eating baby cockroach
An innocent victim
I feel no sympathy 

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Categories: millipede, abuse, allegory, baby, feelings, how i feel,
Form: Haiku

She's a black cigar
when i touch her crawling body
she curls, like my fist

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Categories: millipede, animals,
Form: Haiku
Measurements Ugh!
Darn rules are getting harder to read
Millimeters, centimeters
Might as well put millipede

A 1/32
Maybe a 1/64 and 1/2
6 centimeter minus .875

A 2:1 pitch=5 holes and one inch
10 millimeters to the right

Has anyone found my mind yet?...

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Categories: millipede, education, social,
Form: Free verse
Pet-sit Panics
The Millipede Parade

Left home pet sitting, I felt unlucky.
One dog got sick and days became yucky.
Vacation in Portugal
Fun loving dreamy dazzle –
Then came the millipede parade…Whoopee!


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Categories: millipede, funny, travel
Form: Limerick
Considering the Centipede
Please don't think it odd if I intercede
On behalf of the poor lowly centipede.
Though he does get the blues
When he has to buy shoes,
He's better off than his cousin, the millipede.

Any Animal or Creature Limerick Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Charles Messina
Shared 2nd place-09/12/2018

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Categories: millipede, animal, humor,
Form: Limerick


Just moving about on rows of countless legs
seems a most complex concern 
of the millipede.

I wonder how its motor nerves synchronize
milli-leg motion so not a limb 
could impede

the smooth movement of the rest of its legs
to avoid entanglements or a 
weird stampede,

a blunder the millipede should guard against
gossipers-creepers like his 
cousin centipede!...

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Categories: millipede, funny
Form: Tail-rhyme









chipepo lwele

PS;The poem about birds, insects,fishes,man,body parts
     seeds,,organic manure,flowers,and firmament....

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Categories: millipede, adventure, nature,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member no where but here
on a velocipede against traffic pedaling hands free texting cyberspace
at the last minute the millipede with its mani pedi went to the stratosphere
to meet the dog up there.

What to be found you ask me raised by the jesuits
if I know my gum it is juicy fruity
for the cat to lick and god forbid the swallowing

what a nougat were the carmelites
if not caramel of a camel to carry the load
of fear the mighty ruler under the knees


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Categories: millipede, death,
Form: Free verse
Lyric Man
It was atlantic beach I went
In search of pearls and cowries
Sad, to voidness I return:
I do not see him, Dave my Lyric Man.
My darling Dave, 
Wherever you may be today
Roam not the street when it snows
Lest you soak your feet in it
Snow - yawning hungry morgue-
And coil not like millipede
Nor condense like wintery butter
But remember your warm cafe cup 
And that fair lady you used to write about
Drink and bounce and bounce .


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Categories: millipede, friend, missing you,
Form: Free verse
Mom Hated Millipedes
Mom hated Millipedes, she didn't like them at all.
Whenever she saw one, it made her skin crawl.
She hated them because she was afraid of being bit.
One day she saw a Millipede and she threw some rocks and crushed it.
Mom hated Millipedes or 1000 legs which is what they're also called.
Whenever she saw a millipede she became both scared and appalled.
Mom hated 1000 legs, that's what has been decreed. 
I'm not lying when I say that Mom hated Millipedes....

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Categories: millipede, fear, hate, mother,
Form: Rhyme
Road mishaps
Their honks were like buzzes
From a desperate housefly;
Streams of smoke blurred the air
As the metallic insects cued up
On the road beaming the light of the night
Like a trapped lampyridae in a race-field

Its moves in snail-pace
Overtaking the unfortunate scraps
With broken eyes and disfigured body
Again, the honk increases
Like a trumpet from an elephant nostril
There came a monstrous millipede
Pregnant with commotion
It cuddled up few insects with one squeeze....

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Categories: millipede, journey,
Form: Free verse