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Short Lifespan Poems

Short Lifespan Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Lifespan by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Lifespan by length and keyword.

Cherry Blossom
Diminished lifespan,
Feeble, yet a brilliant force
Bloom of true beauty....

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© Lia Fulton  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lifespan, art, beautiful, cheer up, color, flower,
Form: Haiku

Its All Part Of You

brevity of soul 
a lifespan of commitment 
its all part of you 

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Categories: lifespan, life,
Form: Haiku
Believe in Yourself
Dive deep into your thoughts
And unleash the anger within
Tell yourself you will accomplish
Much in your lifespan


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Categories: lifespan, heart,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Organic Whole
Our sweet connection to
sunlit forsythias,
leaping squirrels, and
chirping chickadees—
deeper than a lifespan,
closer than a heartbeat.

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© Carol Mays  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lifespan, animal, faith, inspiration, inspirational, nature,
Form: Free verse
Nature's Meter
ancient redwood gleams
softly through the mists of time…
mayfly flitters by

-08 Jun 2014-

Average Lifespan:
Redwood Tree - 600 years
Mayfly - 1 day...

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© david mohn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lifespan, age, insect, tree,
Form: Haiku

An Old Pro at Forty
I thought someday I’d be a professional man
And not just a plain old house renovator
But I never followed up on that plan
And have not taken steps during my lifespan
So I have settled on being a ‘pro’crastinator

January 24, 2016...

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Categories: lifespan, introspection, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member snowball wishes
snowball wishes

snowball wishes he grow up to be a snowman
before mother nature shortens his lifespan
come on kids roll me up tall
into three big snow balls
dress shades and hat so i don't catch a suntan

connie pachecho


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Categories: lifespan, humor, snow, winter,
Form: Limerick
Achieve Before We Take Leave
Before we all take leave, we should have goals to achieve. Did we do all we can during this finite lifespan? If we still have a long way to go, let's do something in order to grow. Allow our better side to show. Inspired by another member's poem.

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Categories: lifespan, life,
Form: Light Verse
Short lived 
As a moment 
Merely a day
The flutter of wings 
Under a blue sky, 
Time only to copulate
Fertilize the eggs 
And then die, 
The lifespan 
Of a Green Drake Mayfly. 

             W.A CHOLT. Copyright Fergal O Reilly.2019.

            25th April 2019....

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© W.A. CHOLT  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lifespan, nature,
Form: Free verse
The last sparrow
I am the last sparrow
To foretell tomorrow
Losing lives of sorrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

I am the last sparrow
As an Egyptian pharaoh
Lifespan getting narrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

I am the last sparrow
As a drying bone marrow
Like the shooting blind arrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

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© PK RAI  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lifespan, education, environment, grief, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Heaven or Hell
Heaven or Hell Written: by Tom Wright 2/20/2013 We must all travail our lifespan, To receive a boarding pass; Or to the fire from fry-pan, Where souls will go en masse; God granted option at the cross, To select our destination; Accepting, he forgives our dross, And ensures us of salvation;

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lifespan, heaven, judgement, life,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member ODD LIMERICK

There was an odd limerick
As failure did just the trick
To impress sad sorry chimes
In awkward pathetic rhymes 
To humour the dying sick!

There was a petty old man
Who lived a gaudy lifespan
With wealthy worry for cheer
In living hell often near
As an unexpected friend!

Leon Enriquez
20 April 2017


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Categories: lifespan, beach,
Form: Limerick
Friends, hold tight, with each friendship combined
Take care of, gather ‘round, like wildflowers entwined

Befriend new bonds, they will grow faster than you know
Advice, they like your voice, just listening to it flow

Give all that you will, become closer than you can
Listen, love, it will last a lifespan.

©Holly P. Moore  
   February 2013

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Categories: lifespan, friendship, life,
Form: Couplet
Love is actually trusting you
Time is witness to fidelity of man.
Even arranged marriage is that successful.
Never thought I am your ideal woman.
In union we virgins, vowed to be faithful.

Honoring promises of love for lifespan,
We stand even today, hand in hand; praiseful.
On the path of life, we followed each other 
Sensing a need unknown to one another.

11 syllable per line...

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Categories: lifespan, appreciation, faith, friendship, true love, trust,
Form: Rispetto
My jacket has a little stain
So should I wear it? I'll refrain
Except on days I babysit;
My grandkids will not mind one bit.

In fact, I really do suspect
(But can't be sure - I never checked)
That where this blotch first took its bow
Was in the place I'll wear it now.

A garment's lifespan must depend
On how it's treated 'til the end,
So what one wears with babes along
Will never really last too long....

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Categories: lifespan, clothes,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Need ink
Need ink Written: by Tom Wright 7/10/2019 Thoughts need ink to have their birth on paper, And entirely, I’ve depended, upon God for both. Some thoughts have had the lifespan of a vapor, Leaving me scant time for meaningful growth. Now and then, I feel, my ink well nears depletion, Because thoughts don’t flow, with ease, to pen. I’m drawn to question, is my work near completion Or will God, merely refill my inkhorn again.

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lifespan, writing,
Form: Lyric
A Spider's Life
Cobwebs lace the room's corners,
tempting unwary flies.
Spiders hang like ornaments,
tasting blood before it dries.

Many legs caress the thread,
immune to all that's sticky.
In the world of human beings,
a spider's life is icky.

Spun web is sacrificed
to a mortal's unreasoning fear.
The lifespan of a spider
shortens when a human is near.

Cocoons of unborn eggs
lay hidden in plain sight.
The turning of the seasons
renews the never ending fight....

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Categories: lifespan, life, nature, people
Form: Rhyme