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Short Just A Second Poems

Short Just A Second Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Just A Second by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Just A Second by length and keyword.

Premium Member Now just a second
A moment's reflection
   may deter misdirection

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Categories: just a second, judgement, philosophy,
Form: Epigram

Time stop a minute
 Have you got time
 Just a second
 Time stops no time
 Give me a moment
 Let me think a minute
 Time do you have....

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Categories: just a second, life, me, time,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Stifled
The sun rose ablaze against blue__
Cobalt blue clouds, skies icy cold 
stifled my desire for porch view
oh! just a second to gaze_ behold.

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Categories: just a second, inspirational, life,
Form: Rhyme
Lost It's Sheen
I am not afraid of death
Let it come for me
My time on earth is just a second
When compare to eternity

Take me Lord to a place
Calm, peaceful and serene
As my time here on Earth
Has all but lost it’s sheen 

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Categories: just a second, adventure, death, fear, heaven,
Form: Quatrain
Supermarket check-out
Had she looked back at me
Even for just a second ...
Our encounter might have been the stuff of tabloid frenzy. 
But she left quickly a coffee in one hand, 
A shopping bag in the other,
And I waited for my turn next in line.

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Categories: just a second, absence, leaving, lost love,
Form: Free verse

T-Minus Ten
For understanding, I summon- beckon!
But, lo! The Time! It feels Infinite
Our lives could change in just a second
Or long be gone in just a minute...

'Tis only those who fear Hereafter
Who live a life of misery
Just fill your Mind with sounds of laughter-
And forever think of me!...

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Categories: just a second, heaven, time,
Form: Rhyme
After the clock struck,
the sound of the bed creaking
carried through the hard, wooden floors 
of Miss Machem's old boarding house.
I took just a second to glance in the mirror,
surprising myself, 
seeing my mother staring back at me, 
hoping that life would be different,
realizing that life was the same,
no matter, 
before, during, or after,
love remains a constant....

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Categories: just a second, lovelife,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Reprieve Scattered
A golden sun tops cobalt clouds
That treasure at day's start
Wispy clouds hang suspended~still
No breeze disrupts the art

Summer days filled with chores unending
Just a few minutes here
When will life give a playful note?
Opportunities appear

Just a second here and there, scattered
Along the warm, sunny day
A Redbird in flight, a Jay's delight
Seems like an hour of play  ...

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Categories: just a second, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Can't Hear You Today Mom
In a minute.
Bing. Ding. Sing. Ming. Ling.
Just a second, okay?
Bing. Ding. Sing. Ming. Ling.
No, I'm NOT playing a video game!
Bing. Ding. Sing. Ming. Ling.
Bing. Ding. Sing. Ming. Ling.
Crumb! It's a dud; the kingdom did not open.
What kind of stupid game is this?
Bing. Ding. Sing. Ming. Ling.

No, Mom, it's not a good time. He can't hear you today.


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Categories: just a second, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
The Magic Of The Road
The Magic Of The Road

So many roads
Each going a different way
Following its own path
They may intersect
Crossing each other
Allowing travelers just a second
Before they go along their way
But rarely two roads combine
Becoming one steady path
Travelers meet and walk together
Getting to know each other
And maybe falling in love
As rare as that is
It does happen to many
And that is the magic of the road

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Categories: just a second, hope, love, travel,
Form: Free verse
Partnership of divine
For all the wonderful memories we will create together, 
For all the beauty that builds and dwells inside, 
We live to love and share our feelings for each other, 
To my amazing woman this goddess of mine,
For all the minute's, hours and every season of the year, 
Image a relationship as a partnership of divine,
For all the little things I've come to cherish and hold dear,
To embrace for just a second is to love you for a lifetime..... Xxxx...

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Categories: just a second, i love you, romance,
Form: Free verse
just when i needed a time...
a warm hug to comfort my frail mind
to free my self from anguish..
hidden beyond the light of wisdom,
succumbs to aggravation
where journey to hope is rejected
hinders thy first steps...
need soft winds to whisper my citations...
just a minute console
should you turn and listen
even for just a second...
whimpers inside without tears..
i cant see anything

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Categories: just a second, depression, forgiveness, lost love,
Form: Ballade
Holding Space
Amazing in its glory to feel such thankfulness
As I finally came to recognize not once but many times
The all of yous who so willingly held space for me
During all of my darkness and all of my lightness to see.
What an expression of love to feel pouring forth,
Even if it were for just a second some meaningful encounter that held so much worth.
Maybe it was just a moment and we helped one another grow.
What if we all held space for each other until outwardly we glowed?

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Categories: just a second, people, space,
Form: Blank verse
My Ailment
Such a tormenting and hateful act,
In the heavens a very accepted fact, 
Love torments more than a tormenting plague, 
With such meaning awfully obscure and vague,

Once so pure thought to be,
Used in anger plaguing eternity,
Now a sin tormenting a pious fool,
A sin so aloof and used as a tool,

Tool of humans used as a weapon,
To lure, trap, and massacre in just a second, 
With nothing to lose but their own empathy,
Making hearts so sore existing solely for cruelty....

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Categories: just a second, break up, heartbroken, leaving, lost love, love
Form: Rhyme
A Dream
Desperate measures to escape my dreams, loss of slumber nothings as it seems. 
A haunting cycle, never seeming to end, no ones hearing the cryes i send. 
I yell and yell but no sound will escape, it seems Im just....just a second to late. 
Over and over scream after scream, nightmare after nightmare, dream after dream. 
There he someone please, grab his hand call his name, yet noone hears 
or sees. 
Except my dream, within my head, showing ...teasing me that hes dead. 

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Categories: just a second, death
Form: I do not know?