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Short Incorporate Poems

Short Incorporate Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Incorporate by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Incorporate by length and keyword.

Boiling water evaporate Leaves not but to incorporate steam
6/1/19 Written by James Edward Lee Sr.2019© ...

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Categories: incorporate, analogy, imagery,
Form: Crystalline

Miss Yellow
bury beneath the breeze
shadow, incorporate the leaves
pinch to the so often lead
lazy you got a hold of hear
tangle, oh miss yellow.......

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Categories: incorporate, angst, anxiety, appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Free verse
The Way
Gracious gratitude giving’s go god-ward
Reflections return readily received
Significantly shape synchronicity
Intuitively incorporate into
Omnipresent observers originating
Love laughter light
Creating Christ Christened civilizations…

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Categories: incorporate, inspirational, peace, religion
Form: Alliteration
Behold!   How it looks 

as rain shakes it  through.

Incorporate novelty and

harvest it before 

the coming dawn .

It shall live through all spring and

wither away at winter 

leaving its fossils 

imprinted forever in immortality....

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Categories: incorporate, allegory
Form: Free verse
Callenge three
Incorporate, fifty word or less, must rhyme, and make some distorted Bell-ish 

Neutron star in a can of tuna
Feathered boa on my poodle
Cooking Black Flag noodles
sweet candy of concrete and caramel
Oop, I fell in my Fruit Loops!

Good Luck!!...

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: incorporate, adventure, confusion, education, imagination, on writing and
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member WISDOM III


the conception of the harmonious agreement achieved by God


the opposite universal forces so as to incorporate His divine will 

into creation!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     13 January 2018


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Categories: incorporate, god, men, wisdom,
Form: Epigram
God gave us the rainbow
as a sign of his love.
A promise never to be forgotten.
This world is full of doubt.
Each sunrise and sunset,
a token of his affection, 
incorporate each color.
Each and every day, 
and each and every night, 
so we may live in faith....

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Categories: incorporate, faith
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Indigestion

Incorporate corporate

Income greed stocks revenue 

Increased incisive profits 

Illusion independence

It’s money dogma inshrined

In the end internal blood

Ingested coins one big belch

28th September 2016

Pleiades  I  instituted
7  7  7  7  7  7  7 = 35


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Categories: incorporate, money,
Form: Free verse
Catholica Vera
I've missed you since our last conversation
hoping that I with you may speak again
for you are a gem of our generation
which but few your church can to the world send.

Many are but false,no substance, just shells,
you though incorporate the proper charm
that is your way of life among church bells
sep'rated from the chaff of the Lord's farm....

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Categories: incorporate, faith,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
Moods of the Macabre
Fragmented by each malevolent mood
tranquility would boast in abundance
whereas abhorrent ramblings enfeeble
sustaining one's savagery of the mind.

How macabre does it feel to believe,
that once a traversty is committed
another takes it's place in elegy;
towards it being forced by vengeance.

Not to incorporate the calamity of things,
but they to whom reverberate, it brings....

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Categories: incorporate, visionary
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member EMBRACE-
full of embraces I was a hug and you a cover Preceding and proceeding a squeeze Shouldering Body temperature exploding Rising temps Incorporate consists Lust rails relentless I crave inducement, yet in containment We unlock our embracement Nothing but our eyes eye are spurning Must stop burnings
3/8/2021 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2021© ...

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Categories: incorporate, adventure, analogy, lust,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Colors

Zooming gleaming colors in the light
Cracking booming in red, green and white

June 22, 2014
Form : Tyburn
Eighth Place win

( A poetic form tyburn is a six line poem consisting of 2,2,2,2,9,9 syllables. The first four 
lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the 1st, 
2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines as the 5th to 8th syllables)

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Categories: incorporate, color,
Form: Tyburn
Challenge Four
100 words or less, to rhyme, humor a plus..Feb. ten. Good Luck- email copy to, and post, please- winner gets a tom Bell Cookbook!

Brushing the velvety hair of the bald midget
Olives on the run
Hidden Puppy, Crouching pooper
New set of blinds
Gumballs on the bar
rock music in Chinese
Wally Eagle, ootty-booty-li-li
Mercedes Benz
Slip of the forked snake tongue

Good Luck!!

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: incorporate, adventure, computer-internet, funny, imagination, mystery, on writing
Form: Prose Poetry
the sends of doom
the sends of doom incorporate a lot of butterfly does anyone read books any 
more yea know some people dolt get each other........... what is fighting really i 
have to smoke and have a good time because i dong know anything about 
fighting its all about the strength i have heard and i just font know anything else 
about it do you wear costumes or in regular clothing do teeth fall out who knows 
this stuff well so lion for know...

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Categories: incorporate, confusion,
Form: ABC
My Perspective
Memories are often deceiving 
Yield to all the possibilities

Permanence is an illusion
Everything is in constant change
Reign in moments of confusion	
Stretch your subconscious range
Ponder a new or different vision
Everything is in constant change
Constancy is key, not temporization
Tomorrow brings something strange
Incorporate and embrace intrusion 
Venture an exhilarating exchange
Everything is in constant change...

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Categories: incorporate, change, confusion, joy, memory, perspective, philosophy, today,
Form: Acrostic