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Short Idols Poems

Short Idols Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Idols by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Idols by length and keyword.

your not..........
bleed like the willful
line up to die for idols
pagan bringer faux...

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Categories: idols, art,
Form: Haiku

Oldest Profession
Idols and Trinkets
Prayed to by women of night
Crave skin sacrifice....

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Categories: idols, life, people
Form: Haiku
Under Dogwood
when we
under dogwood
with my dear brother played
martin and lewis our old idols
just us


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Categories: idols, children, joy,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member idols
 idols become gods
 leaving churches desolate
 like ancient ruins
 rising without glory
 but still reaching for heaven

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: idols, truth,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Air-borne
It didn't need to grow wings, it floats on the breeze.


If you don't believe science, you might as well pray to idols....

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Categories: idols, environment, natural disasters,
Form: Monoku

On the zig zag zenith
we will polarize
the camps between us
who don't realize
the gullible draft
of the patient soul
complacent idols
we will leave  unwhole.


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Categories: idols, life,
Form: Quatrain
Daughter, sister,
Wife, mother,
Adjectives of kinship
Are worthy of worship

Markers of purity,
Idols of sanctity,
Yet victims of atrocity!
Strange cozenage of sanctity!!


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Categories: idols, daughter, family, introspection, life, mother, song-sorry, sympathy,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Idols

grand basilicas 
built to papal false idols
of graven image...
to apostate relics from
pagan Rome and Babylon!


         June 2015...

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Categories: idols, how i feel,
Form: Tanka
Mourn Tapestry
The icons are falling
As idols are rising
Perhaps for their gifts
Being spared coming rifts

For the poets we grieve
Are of this fabric's weave
They are this tapestry
The fibre of our society

And they have marked us so indelibly...

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Categories: idols, appreciation, celebrity, death,
Form: Rhyme
Do not make graven idols
Praise not icons
But follow the unseen
God's larger than a portrait
That of faith and blood is what washes you clean 
So be strong and wise 
And do not make a graven image of thee
Repent and be earnest
Because great rewards await thee...

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Categories: idols, faith, god, truth,
Form: Free verse
Monuments and Idols
Latter day idols 
Scrape the sky and
Stand as Monuments; 
Harboring the corruption of men.

A true monument
Stands out in the open.
The real beauty
Forgotten by the Creators.

Beneath the feet of these giants,
Lay solemn foundations of hope....

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Categories: idols, urban
Form: Free verse
Fight for justice is a non-ending battle 
The disillusioned public believes in false idols
Rapid heart throbs of the average person
For they fear what will become of this world 
Feeling as small as a pawn on this chessboard
The average person is terrified........

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Categories: idols, anxiety, heart, people, wisdom, write, writing,
Form: Free verse
Our Gateway
There just below the surface,
more present than you know

A prophetic Jeremiah,
calls out to us to know

His message serves as warning,
“False idols block the light”

Our gateway through the darkness
—his vision gifting sight

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2017) 

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Categories: idols, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
Many Strong Have Fallen
Delilah's pleasures
Her head lain in Samson's lap
Blind, he grinds around

Concubines' treasures
Solomon's Playboy Mansion
Kingdom of idols

Bathsheba's gestures
Rivers and blood David stole
Hid to no prophet

Stronger have fallen
Your resistance is futile
If you compromise

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Categories: idols, death, faith, husband, loss, lost love, passion,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Archbishop
Alluvial prayers cast in gold

Reverence capitalized

Christianity besieged

His excellency pardons

Begging paupers of virtue

Indulgence contaminates

Seeks marble idols at church

Heaps insincerity

Onto faith and religion

Purchases circle of sins

06th February 2020...

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Categories: idols, religion,
Form: Acrostic
Some hands write novels, poetry, lyrics
Some hands carve idols
Some shape statues
Some hands design buildings
Which artist greatest?
Which art noblest?
All human creations
Yet vary their value
Men destined for different fates
Someone the tip of the hat,
Someone the crust of humility.

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© Gargi Saha  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: idols, life
Form: Free verse
the gold man sacks rome again
the stearn bear
ate the bull
as meat unto idols
    (the idle mammals
              of mammon
         on fence road)
the bags of king Midas filled
 as offense rose
the comstock lode
bovines into stockyards
and the slaughterhouse rules
 (u.s.) Pavlovian fools...

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Categories: idols, political,
Form: Free verse
Just Dream
You're never too old to dream,
one to a hundred, just dream.
Imagine a life on a yacht,
traveling all about,
imagine being out on a stage,
where stars, and idols are made,
imagine a mansion on a hill,
with no mortgage, or other bills,
imagine any thing you please,
God gave us dreams, and they are free....

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Categories: idols, hope, imagination, time, visionary,
Form: Lyric
Lust short-version

Lust is like the salt of the sea. 
The artificial Ambrosia or Siren's fomented Mead.
Augmenting thirst, the more you drink. 
Forgetting the drink came first. Then came a thirst.
To be unshackled to idols in idle mutiny.
Before the fermentation of idolatry. Figureheads, 
flotsam and shipwrecks on the seven stormy seas....

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Categories: idols, lost love, lust,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member No X 10
No Times Ten ( No X 10 )                      

No idols
   No images
         No other gods
               No misusing God’s name                                                      No parental dishonor
No working too hard
               No lying
               No cheating
No coveting
No killing
Bib.Exod. 20...

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Categories: idols, bible, change, christian, heaven, relationship, religion,
Form: Prose
You were never there when I needed you, 
I was aways alone.
Sitting in my cold, dark room
While you were away.

Now I stay in this room, even though you're here.
Cut off from the outside room, 
The way I like it

Music as my escape. 
My idols surround me.
In my own little space,
Not bothered.

Just the way I like it.


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Categories: idols, absence, childhood, depression,
Form: Free verse

               There are...
               Fanatical men
               in skeptical churches ...
               Blind passions by
               demigods ...
               Thirsty loves
               for hell ...
               Worshipers without
               Kill and die
               for false myths,
               false idols ...!

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Categories: idols, allusion, analogy, creation, extended metaphor, literature, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
From The Dust
I've knelt on mats of reeds to idols,
that we revered with pious trust.
They fell to near obscurity,
and now they mingle with the dust.

I've of chiseled and scraped from the tablets
my deep deliberate curving ruts,
to weather out times ruthless passage,
carving out my eternal cuts.

Indelible, and yet delicate
and considerably few,
consider all of what you see,
for they purely belong you. 

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Categories: idols, education, faith, history, on work and working,
Form: Quatrain
Into a Sunset of Pharaohs Gold
The scratches cut deep in red sandstone, 
tell of that ancient Egyptian day.
When the sun on the hall of kings shone,
their faces formed from the light and shade.

The faithful sing in harmonic voice
to praise the idols the gods love most.
This beautiful day the peoples' choice,
parade the spirit kings and their host,

into a sunset of Pharaohs gold!

contest:Queen of day
sponsor:Charles Messina

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© meru groen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: idols, sunset,
Form: Verse
Come to pass
Like shooting stars my idols have come to pass
They left their mark then died too fast
Melodic chords and crooning voices
Their music lives on in a world full of choices
Songs of anger, songs of love, songs of sadness or all of the above
My idols have come to pass
Inspiring artists for many generations
From their own minds with musical creations
So their stars we admire from a distance
Only to follow with some resistance
My idols have come to pass...

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Categories: idols, loss, stars,
Form: Free verse