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Short Hector Poems

Short Hector Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Hector by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Hector by length and keyword.

the batted ball
the batted ball
it flights toward the left field wall
we should attend its vector
inasmuch as it goes anywhere near Hector....

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Categories: hector, betrayal,
Form: Clerihew

my phone  ring and sing
there 'a wing
that pings
i know before 
i pick up is the bill stuff
one name is hector

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Categories: hector, adventure, confusion,
Form: Light Verse
Untitled #25 / This pen
This pen, solid black opaque void
spills out its inky soul for me
so I can decant my own
Thanks, pen, you are Christ Almighty
I will call you Hector

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Categories: hector, confusion, faith, imagination, introspection, mystery,
Form: Ode
The Cuban Defector
let’s welcome the Cuban defector
suggesting he steer to our vector
we could send our own boat
learning Spanish by rote
then pray that he’s better than Hector....

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Categories: hector, appreciation,
Form: Limerick
Chilled Will
Free trees
crass grass
flowery foyers
fun sun
spry sky
heard birds
nector hector


all lost and of no use


it is

chilled will

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Categories: hector, inspirational
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Hutzpah

Helpless humanity

Heralds sorrowful hell

Hector heaps rebellion

Henceforth his chariot

Hijacked beaten hackneyed 

Haphazardly harbours

Hopeful hutzpah no more

17th February 2017

Written for Pleaides H contest



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Categories: hector, mythology,
Form: Political Verse
Sweet Temptation
Curly fringes of yellow Roses Nestled deep in Garden’s clutch Tug insistent upon bumblebee noses Teasing them in with temptress touch Covert trade… Golden pollen for golden nectar In transaction to them known not as such With siren song and no hint of hector A touch of sweetness…but not too much

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Categories: hector, creation, flower, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hoarder
I collect tins and bags
of coffee, Hector brings
me, for future

Some unknown calamity,
I will have all the

Tins and bags of
gold, a hoard to

Safe passage, ammo, maybe a
scarf for a loved
one, my mind creates endless

I' m hoping coffee is in



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Categories: hector, angst
Form: Free verse
Premium Member UNTITLED

A jug of wine
Pack of smokes
And Hector Berlioz on the hi-fi

Oh the vibrations
Broken rhythms
The now in perfect oblivion

Imagination in isolation
Smoke thick enough
To cloud the eyes      to choke

Sips of wine revive
And elicit after a spell
Go to hell!

With this attitude
Words are thrown freely
Carelessly on the paper

Amazing the results
One wonders about the greats
How much stoned poetry?

Dave Austin


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Categories: hector, poetry,
Form: Free verse