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Short Entomb Poems

Short Entomb Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Entomb by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Entomb by length and keyword.

Premium Member Greybreak - CQ

grey hoar frost skies
entomb daybreak
muted sunrise
		……a softened crunch



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Categories: entomb, winter,
Form: Haiku

Art, Action, Death

Great Nebula
Stellar nursery
Cradle to grave
Clouds of infamy
Entomb Orion 
Killer of beasts
Born of Bulls Hyde
Stung to die

The peaceful sky
Harbours violence

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Categories: entomb, allegory, animals, introspection, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member bloom
no matter the days i tried,

i will be empowered by words i entomb.

no matter the days i cried,

i will be devoured by tears i consume.

no matter the days i dried,

i will not coward; i will surely bloom....

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Categories: entomb, analogy, beauty, courage, deep, depression, moving on,
Form: Lyric
Entangled Boon
~Entangled Boon~

Layer, Entomb layer,
Layers of a Dark Depth,
Nest of Lusting Horror . . .

Enclaspted, in thee Treachtery,
to Forever Be.

Cast Away in Shadows,
Thee Death Forsake Thee,

Already Twas Thy awoke,
to the Begining . . ....

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Categories: entomb, death,
Form: Blank verse
The Storyteller
You spin the world
You shake with pride
as tales of wonder
tear your eyes
You're ageless now
You flood the room
and force us to 
your heart entomb
You never stop
You never think
of all your grandeur
stamp and ink
You took the role
You spoke the words
and now you've left us
cold, disturbed......

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Categories: entomb, art, imagination, on writing and words, people,
Form: Quatrain

Poetic verse, to praise or curse,
  its edge to save or wound

Now less than dear, on fewer ears,
   whose silence will entomb

A finer point, the words anoint,
  when fired both straight and true

Its arrows sharp, to hit the mark
  —the past again renewed

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2018) 

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Categories: entomb, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Heart motto
Endulge in peace and rebuff war
Embrace faith and to your heart accord franchise
Step where you could trigger a grin
Endulge in peace and rebuff war
Advocate fortitude and malevolence entomb
Capitulate to love and to rectitude succumb
Endulge in peace and rebuff war
Embrace faith and to your heart accord franchise....

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Categories: entomb, change, love,
Form: Triolet
I saw an alarming ghost, It wasn't all by choice; I saw a scary spectre, swapping alarming for scary...entomb host; swapping ghost for the spectre, gravesite loyal protector; ~ I saw an alarming ghost; I heard a ghastly ghost, swapping alarming for a ghastly scary loyal host;
6/12/19 ...

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Categories: entomb, analogy, environment, gothic, horror, scary, surreal,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Cottonwood
Cottonwood now sports purple blossom
Open faces sun seeds entomb
Total beauty in nature's landscape
Thanksgiving to God for escape
Opened heart to receive beauty
Now refreshed return to duty
Wonder how many passed that tree
Obliterated to even see
Open my eyes_heart Lord each day
Do let opportunities pass my way

(Obliterated here used to means
wiped out ...)...

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Categories: entomb, life, nature
Form: Acrostic
If You'd Return Love
I'd entomb my future and aspirations
     If you'd return love
 The way I give love to you.

Maybe I'd set a funeral pyre
   For my hopes and dreams
     If you made it soon.

I'd sell my soul to Beelzebub
While embracing hell's fire
  The eternal doom.

I'd pledge to thee, all the above
I'll pay all allegiance due.

There's no one so fair or desirable
   As the likes of you....

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Categories: entomb, imagination,
Form: Light Verse
Test of Faith
Would you turn the other chick if you were hit by Mike Tyson?
Would you let your would be killer smile at you and kiss you on your chick?
With the ability to turn water into wine, would you refuse to own a brewery?
Would you give up a throne a minute after being crowned, to follow a carpenter’s son?
Would you temporarily entomb your current life for a promise of a new one after three days?

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Categories: entomb, christian, death, faith, god, jesus, light, lost,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member BELLS OF LAMENT

Embellished wreaths and lace hang low, all chipped As a shadow drifts like moth-eaten thread-- I wail! And in one rush, my life outstripped On joyous Yuletide an ordeal instead: While bells peal of lament I can't contain-- How our union sweet, the nights desecrate A goodbye that is riddled with much pain, When new stars entomb him---my song, my fate. ~ 'JAN 2019 WK2 Contest

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Categories: entomb, angst, christmas,
Form: Quatrain
Retreating into my mind, I find, 
Encased like glass, a history of my past, of
Lovers long ago, of bent and broken arrows.
Instant memories envelop me, like a familiar
Quilt, wrapping me into a mummy of guilt,
Unhappiness, pain. . . all feeling remains,
Are stored here, the bones of tears, to
Regret, resurrect, reflect, or entomb. I linger, having
Yet to exhume, the elusive, gold doubloons.


*Won 1st place in "One Off" contest...

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Categories: entomb, introspection,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Nightshade
Femme fatale nightshade bloom
Lustrous pomes sweetly entomb
Heady pungent bouquet
Remedy lover’s grave betray

Come hither, ye toxic potpourri
Banish infernal memory
Florid amethyst grace
Allure belies dual face

Infuse alchemist brew
Terry, not penance due
Smitten vessel begs release
Hasten this affliction peace

Tip chalice to ardor quell
Serenity bids thee back to hell
Notions atone bittersweet
Farewell ebbing heartbeat


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Categories: entomb, farewell, magic,
Form: Rhyme
My Endeavor
Traversing the country lanes home
Unconsciously I’m guided to my throne
Alone I sit in my kingdom
No sensations, everything is numb
Memories of love entomb my life
Heartbreak acting like a knife
Fast and concise, Cutting through my core 
The wound will not scar and will be sore
My soul mate, my partner gone forever
Headlong I struggle and will endeavor
To live with my honest mistake
Idle I sit, waiting for the new daybreak

3/11/17 - Contest sponsor - Silent One


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Categories: entomb, heartbroken,
Form: Rhyme