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Short Dingo Poems

Short Dingo Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Dingo by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Dingo by length and keyword.

Jen loves to go to bingo Knows all the caller’s ‘lingo’ Her numbers come out She gives a loud shout Lose - she howls like a dingo 25th February 2015

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Categories: dingo, humorous,
Form: Limerick

A Dingo ate my baby
A dingo ate my baby 
It came into the tent
Gobbled up my kiddie
Farted, then it went

The dingo ate my baby
It’s a terrible disgrace
It swallowed up my nipper
And it didn’t leave a trace...

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© john fenn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dingo, animals, death, family, funny
Form: Light Verse
Internet Dating
I find it hard to get on the internet, FB, and  the soup

Everytime I get at the computer

My puppy crawls into my lap

She's trying to find a date....

She has hooked up with a dingo in Australia but

I hated to tell her that it was a hungry crocodile incognito!!


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Categories: dingo, animals, funny,
Form: Free verse
sombre spell
in truth we sometimes linger here, when darkest words compel, thoughts are whispered in my ear, muttered thoughts dispel, remembered passion lingers still, where loving eyes were held, the Dingo at the moon it howls, and breaks a sombre spell... Thank you Laura Breidenthal "Pitiless" Don Johnson

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Categories: dingo, adventure,
Form: Rhyme
More Animal Footles-Just For Fun
These are just for fun...I am trying my hand at them!

 camel enamel

  stony pony

  dingo lingo

  drunk skunk

  pig gig

  peppered leopard

  cat hat

awesome possum


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© Deb Wilson  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dingo, animal, funny,
Form: Footle

Premium Member Victory to the Prey
Where a dingo, with crushed skull, lies, a stout round creature backs up from the entrance of his burrow. His sturdy rump has saved him, and his worst enemy has been rear-ended by a wombat! Written Jan. 17, 2015 by Andrea Dietrich for the Night Creatures Contest of nette onclaud Animal is #1: Wombat

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Categories: dingo, animal,
Form: Verse
Premium Member a ride
is it a crocodile or a cayman
a dromadaire or a camel
an ass for sure is not a mule
and the horse trot his last gait
to feed the dog or the dingo 
could be an hyaena

in the subway you meet people
their face telling nothing
but the fox know where the chicken is
the lettuce or the endive
the fiddle heads and the music
changing nothing...

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Categories: dingo, voyage,
Form: Free verse
Bull Camel blunder
ancient thunder echoes still, in the caves ringing, ding-bats say 'chill,' and the cattle dorg do wonder, in a place called down-under, sperm whales are sucking krill, poor johnson's lost his skill, short in the brain, a blunder, the dingo howls until, a bull camel spits n chunders, shut up ya dill... re: 'Medieval Man' Russell Sivey Don

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Categories: dingo, adventure,
Form: Ballad
Aussie lingo
ah yes the rabid lingo, of our youth here with the Dingo, and words we poked with laughter n desire, just a bit of chook chasing, set our hearts a little racing, when the Bodgie got his Widgie, and sparks brought on the fire, nah me voice aint getting higher, canter cross ol murrinbidgee, and catch that little Widgee, then you have your hearts desire:) thank you Andrea Dietrich... Don

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Categories: dingo, adventure,
Form: Rhyme
Thoughts on New Year's Eve
The new year is almost here
Will I live to see it?
Will things be as they were?
Will this be a new beginning?
What do I want for myself?
What of others for me?
Will I escape from CES?
Will my Dingo run free?
Will i finally be making some money?
Will i truely rep 4G?
Where do I want my life to go?
What do I really want to do?
What do I want apart from Dingo?
Oh and all those things that come in twos......

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© Andre Bolt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dingo, hope, introspection, life, new year,
Form: I do not know?
Across Dingo Tracks
my heart
weeps of this lifetime
we shared, and as 
no repetition or Déjà vu
can follow

I watch 
each memory pass
and my chest aches,
with all the smiling faces
whose love, 
is lifting you on your way 

my soul is forever 
sealed in the blood 
that reared and pressed me
against the breast
of the Canis lupus dingo

I now walk alone 
a white speck,
on red dust 

and my howl
rises to echo, 
the night 

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Categories: dingo, lost love
Form: Blank verse