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Short Audrey Poems

Short Audrey Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Audrey by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Audrey by length and keyword.

Premium Member Fall Memories
Gray squirrels- hide caches 'til winter memory loss--sniff
©2010 Audrey Carey...

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Categories: audrey, animals, nature
Form: Haiku

Jimmy and Audrey
Jimmy Sexy, articulate Learning, writing, satisfying King, Queen, Friend, Lover understanding, giving, loving gorgeous, intelligent Audrey

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Categories: audrey, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, love
Form: Diamante
L O V E Our friendship is eternal. I wish you a warm blessed day. I pray you have many more. !!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY ANN CAREY!!!!!!!

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Categories: audrey, dedication, love
Form: Free verse
Favorite Quote
I believein being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that Happy Girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles
Audrey Hepburn...

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© Cindy Lu  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: audrey, art, inspiration,
Form: I do not know?
Audrey Lorde Poet
Wow girl
I speak your soul
riding the winds
of intuitions
writing fiercely
flowing ambitions
womanhood embracing
sexually obsessing 
mindful not
of seasons raging
pen at hand
for me to see
your heart
ope with bleeding...

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Categories: audrey, deep, identity, poems, poetess,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Only For Kids
Living on a dream
             wishing on a twinkling star
                            only for the kids


Note:  For all the "kids" on PS with love, Audrey


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Categories: audrey, fantasy, life
Form: Senryu
Art of Expression (Poetry In Motion)
Art of Expression (P.I.M.)

All are welcome to this Poets' Session
Though some try to impede our expression
We would never show any aggression
We live in a country free of oppression
As poets, we live the art of expression

...I tag you, Audrey...

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Categories: audrey, art, family, on writing and words
Form: Free verse
A.gorgeous face of delicious smooth brown skin.
U.nable to control my raging hormones!
D.reaming of the day I taste her very essence.
R.elishing her every curve in my mind.
E.cstacy is discovered in a kiss from behind!
Y.earning, waiting till that day I come home....

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Categories: audrey, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, loveday,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member When Things Go Wrong
When things go wrong, I must say, 
that I always do find my way. 
Perhaps it's a male thing. 
I don't like to be beaten, 
by circumstances in any way.
I must say in all honesty
that the above was inspired by Rollins, Audrey.
Your Way>

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Categories: audrey,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Don't Promise me the World
Don’t promise me the world
That’s not yours to give
Neither promise me forever
When all you have to give is today
Just give me your today
And all it encompasses
And should forever come and finds us here 
Our mere presence would speak of our genuine love


©04/17/11 Audrey Haick a.k.a. Annalise Brigham...

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Categories: audrey, introspection, life, love, romance, timeme, me,
Form: Carpe Diem
Premium Member Hypnotic Wells
An over crowded ball room eyes lock and slowly reaching oblivious to others once lost worlds collide Hypnotic wells smoldering hold on 'fore deeply falling one breath away flying high deep desire fire burns ~*~
Note: For Michael's "Spicy" Dodoitsu (Ladies) Contest By : Audrey Carey...

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Categories: audrey, fantasy, life, passion
Form: Dodoitsu
Pearls on My Hat
When I was a teenage girl 
I wanted to wear 
Audrey Hepburn’s Pearl’s
So I saved up my money
I mean I didn’t buy anything in the world

Finally I had the cash
To pretend I was Breakfast at Tiffany
But then I broke the necklace clasp
But no worries
I hand sewed the necklace to my hat 

See my hat with the pearls in my Etsty Store called "TangeneNicole"...

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Categories: audrey, beautiful, fashion, high school, stars,
Form: Free verse
In Her High Heels - She Walks
In her High Heels - She Walks 

On golden sunbeams she gracefully strides, 
elegant in her little black dress; like Audrey Hepburn,
she a star sparkling in sexy, black shiny stilettoes.
Stepping high on heels and high on love, she smiles  
anticipating breakfast fit for a goddess…at Tiffany’s.


Contest:     She Walks
Sponsor:     Julia Ward
Placement:  1st...

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Categories: audrey, sexy, woman,
Form: Free verse
Sue posed nude on the cover of Fforbes Shocked neighbours saw her massive pink orbs Her old father went mad She said "Don’t worry Dad, You'll feel better once the shock absorbs" Pure fiction as 'Forbes' is a business magazine Ff was deliberately used to make the name sound upmarket like the name Audrey FForbes-Hamilton from a British Sitcom 'To the Manor Born' 09-28-17

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Categories: audrey, body, conflict, dad, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Poetry in Motion Challenge To You Audrey
God's compassionate faithful prayer family
vows lifeless obsidian stars betrothed.
Impervious aquamarine crescent moonlight 
kiss awestruck azure sky.
Life elation spirits passion
beyond desire, joy, love.
Hope petals calm hot kindred bliss. 
World peace havens light melody.
Northern turbulent winds wave
lilac freedom clouds.

poetry in Motion :   Audrey Carey....Tag you're it!  use the same words....

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Categories: audrey, hope, inspirational, peaceprayer,
Form: Free verse
Always wrapped in my arms 
    with hugs that just come naturally 

Unique in your very own special way 
    with that spectacular flair 
Delightful dazzling dances, and to be so daring 
    with those acrobatic stunts 

Really silly laughter of giggles 
    that are a constant flow of joy 

Everyday the love that you bring into my life 
    will last forever....because 

You are "My Little Sunshine"! 

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Categories: audrey, character, giggle, love, niece, senses, silly, smile,
Form: Acrostic
Nature's Design
A cozy place you will find, nestled on a sandy shore. Dragonflies at sunset explore, scents of iris and pine make my senses soar. Who knows what is in store with nature's design. Moss and rock create the floor, walls papered with forest and sky, a ceiling of moon and stars miles high. Niether windows nor door. Yet who could ask for more, when the wolf's lone cry, resounds nature's design.
Audrey Decker...

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Categories: audrey, nature, peace,
Form: Rhyme
Twenty-four hours and counting (Audrey)
Jesus help my family when I'm gone
O God, be merciful to my family

Bless the good I've sown
O God, be merciful to me

Spare me from the evil I've shown
O God, be merciful to me

My loves are close to my heart; my loves are close at home
O God, be merciful to my family

One more second, one more day to be known
God has been merciful to me!

For Audrey's contest themed one day left to live in the kyrielle form....

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Categories: audrey, deathday,
Form: Kyrielle
I Love You
I completely adore you mi amor

L ook inside the chambers of my heart and you will see
O bserve these emotions that radiate from me
V isions of our future pictured through my mind’s eye
E ver hoping our lasting friendship will abide

Y ou and I our own world to create
O vercoming all hindrance the world may dictate
U ntil the day arrives our hearts vindicate

A collaboration:  Jimmy M. Anderson & Audrey Carey

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Categories: audrey, love, passionworld,
Form: Acrostic
Always wrapped in my arms

    With hugs that just come naturally

Unique in  your very own special way
    With that spectacular flair

Delightful dazzling dances, and to be so daring    

    With those acrobatic stunts

Really silly laughter of giggles

    That are a constant flow of joy

Everyday the love that you bring into my life

    Will last forever....because

You are "My Little Sunshine" !...

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Categories: audrey, childhood, daughter
Form: Acrostic
In The Stars
Beautiful stars twinkle in the clear, midnight sky.
As the stars align in the hemisphere, the twinkling begins to magnify!

The stars emerge, row upon row, diagonally and horizontally.
As light begins to surge, words begin to glow, and names are spelled out above me.

The names seem to be engulfed in flames for the whole world to see.
Although the phenomenon is unnatural, clearly the words spell: "Jimmy and Audrey!"

Wrote for my dearest friend XOXO

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Categories: audrey, dedication, friendship, lovewords, stars,
Form: Couplet
Vintage Heart
These modern day girls,
they don't fall in love
like they did in the black and white movies,
no more Audrey Hepburns' sipping on chardonnays
and pursing gold flake cigarettes
over a bowl of delicate conversation

they're unsophisticated,
they puff on cigars
and gulp down jello shots
while attempting a balletic demeanor
as poetic as Grace Kelly

but their actual depiction
is gauche
and lacking the ability
to fool any heart,
especially Cary Grant's...

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Categories: audrey, love
Form: Free verse
Don't call me immigrant: for audrey williams-sapp
Don't call me immigrant
Call me cherry tree
With pink and white cherry blossoms
Don't call me immigrant
Call me sunny butterfly
With swallowtail
Don't call me immigrant
Call me yellowtail snapper
In the cold waters of Florida
Don't call me immigrant
For Pradesh the taxi driver may not come
Pavlov, so well dress, may not open the door
The coffee may not bring vodka nor rum
And your children may not see Tina anymore
Don't call me immigrant
I am just a cloud laden with your rain....

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Categories: audrey, on work and working, political, me, may,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Vacant Throne of Grace
crown of gold laid aside- abandoned throne of grace vacant...all for man! ~*~
* * * Note: #4 in a series of 24 Monokus reflecting the holy season of Christmas * * * *
By: Audrey Carey Contest: "Amazing One Line" Sponsor: Constance La France...

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Categories: audrey, faith, holiday, introspection, life, love
Form: Monoku
Luke The Drifter
Is he here?
Can it be?
Straight from Nashville, Tennessee
Luke the Drifter 
or a mortal shape shifter.
Hank come here
is it really you?
your tearful words helped me through.
Did really write all those songs
about Miss Audrey and the man who done her wrong?
You smell like beer
and your trail leaves behind a single tear.
You look grim and reek of fear.
Your skinny face leaves a trace
of weakness.

I suddenly woke up!

Dedicated To Hank Williams

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Categories: audrey, addiction, dream, god, gospel, guitar, health, heart,
Form: Rhyme