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Short Adjusts Poems

Short Adjusts Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Adjusts by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Adjusts by length and keyword.

Premium Member columbo

trench coat and cigar
adjusts rabbit ears

posted on July 4, 2018...

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Categories: adjusts, celebrity, clothes, nostalgia,
Form: Senryu

Focused falcon
Honed huntress hovering
Adjusts; stoops; lands; dispatches

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Categories: adjusts, nature,
Form: Cinquain
true love
our love is true
like two and two
I love you

I dream about us
and when we discuss
our life as it adjusts

we are made to be...

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Categories: adjusts, cute, cute love, for him, i love
Form: Rhyme
Poise of a surgeon
Entering relaxed and delicate 
The surgeon adjusts the tiny strands
Taking care to strike completely the offending fiber
Like a medical ninja...

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Categories: adjusts, health,
Form: Free verse
The Mirrored Lens
Epistemic Humility,
the world adjusts its crown

Reality filtered through the lens
of who looks, when, and how

(Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania: February, 2020)

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Categories: adjusts, perspective,
Form: Rhyme

In love and trust God with some people entrust some other people for help.One goes to other people’s interest,adjusts his,does just is in the long list of God the best!


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Categories: adjusts, blessing, care, repetition,
Form: Blank verse
Solitude inculcates not just silence
Adjusts your mind, serenades your heart
Most definately redefines serenity,sanity
Unknown to my senses it calms and placates
Void of attention, content within
Storms too shall pass

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Categories: adjusts, sympathy
Form: Free verse
Fasting from dawn to dusk
Not drinking and not eating
Body temperature adjusts
To the call of God
Worshipers prefer to withdraw
From the glam and glitter of the world
The holy Quran comes alive in the hearts of all
As a famous poet once said
"Time applauds."
I forget my worries and
Remember only God....

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Categories: adjusts, adventure, africa, age, allah, angel, anti bullying,
Form: Chant Royal
Elderly Person
in Pew 13 adjusts 
her Position
to allow me to Pass.
She's too Poorly
to Perform 
the rudimentary Path
to the waiting Priest 
with the Host 
in his hand.

She appears
impervious, lost
in Passivity,
Palms against
ears, Pressing out 
the Passionate
the poor dear
doesn't care
to hear.


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© Nola Perez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adjusts, old,
Form: Alliteration
Un anagrama de nazareos
Nazirites were called
at zaria calls den.
Old and youngs:
Any so odd lung.
To adjusts
just toads.
They are fruits of consecration,
Put aside by seperation.
To peeped into the sacred things,
And be made over Angelics kings.

Nazirites pays their bills,
Bills that're to some meals.

What to other is good,
May be to you rude.

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Categories: adjusts, allusion,
Form: Rhyme
Pride v.s Love
Pride: Strong, fearless, brave….
Love: weak, open, vulnerable….
Pride alters people’s actions
Love just adjusts to it

Pride can be obstruct
But also a sign of bravery
Love can be torcher
But also feelings of pure happiness

Pride can destroy the perception of love
But never will be able to actually kill the true feeling
I’d rather give and receive love
Because unlike pride it can be shared

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© Trey Foy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adjusts, faith, happiness, hope,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A song
Linked Verse ~

Spellbinding moon glow
Luster of radiance shines
Capturing shadows

Capturing shadows
Tree limbs vibration settles
As the wind blows through

As the wind blows through
Chimes jingle along the porch
Creating a tune

Creating a tune
Birdsong welcomes the morning
With tender crooning

With tender crooning
Harmony adjusts the air
Whistling fragrant bliss

July 23, 2014
©2014 by Regina Riddle

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Categories: adjusts, bird, moon, morning, song, wind,
Form: Haiku
A Sportsman on the Weekends
Some things can’t be fixed
any other way says Bill
in his bedroom

on the third floor
hoping to get some sleep
after working the third shift.

He adjusts the scope on 
his hunting rifle, makes certain
the silencer’s on right  

glares out the window at 
a bull terrier barking all day,
a dog that has never worked

a day in its life, Bill says.
In another minute the terrier  
will never have to either

Donal Mahoney...

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Categories: adjusts, animal,
Form: Blank verse


I am healthy, I am well

My body repairs naturally every cell

I am constantly aware, that I am feeling great

And will never ever contemplate, feeling any other way

My healing thoughts are here to stay

For what I think, Is so real, my body adjusts to how I feel

I feel fantastic every waking hour, I am so grateful for this power

Its mind over matter, this Is true

So always think of a healthy you!!

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Categories: adjusts, inspirationalbody,
Form: Rhyme
The Church
Wooden guardians part reluctantly,
Their threats feeble against my entry.
The gloom adjusts itself in the warm light from outside.

Cold steam billows
Where incense rose and inspired.
Wooden benches,
Apprehend the emptiness.

Old blessings echo off the walls and fall on to cracked tiles.
All around the cracked altar swirl spirits
Invoked in need.
The long empty table,
Stands mostly

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© Carl Nel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adjusts, religion,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member RIVER LINE
River Line, meandering transparent ribbon of cold. Whirling companion, confusingly refreshing white gold, The road adjusts itself to the water's strong will. It lives Its wild and stubborn life, hardly able to be contained; Often it takes our lives, without its love we die, it gives. *** I will use here, for this poem: HOW MANY SYLLABLES. They tell me I have 14 syllables per line. For contest: Form - River Line Sponsor: Rick Parise

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Categories: adjusts, life, strength, water,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Collaboration of Brushstrokes
He pulls himself to the frame,
And lets his instincts take control.
He then takes a few steps back,
And attacks the canvas from his soul.

He blends the colors smoothly,
With his fingers and the brush.
He’s unhurried as he paints;
He never gets in a rush.

He adjusts the frame gently,
And from his heart, he gropes.
He lets his genius take over with,
A collaboration of brushstrokes.

For Abe Lopez an Artist, Poet, and Friend....

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Categories: adjusts, art
Form: ekphrasis