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Student Prose Poems

These Student Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Student. These are the best examples of Prose Student poems written by international poets.

vehicle- the death angel
student they are
on the wings of knowledge,
on mirthful wings of angel,
on light of inside and outside

smiling touches them purely
fresh mind, fresh eye view to the...

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Categories: prose, death, depression, nonsense,

Premium Member Intentional Lack of Interest
Feeling great, feeling happy, feeling keen, 
feeling snappy, better than some years.
The other side of the table cannot stop crying, 
fully concentrating on his sadness.

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Categories: prose, perspective,

Premium Member Teaching Neck Bones
Neck bones. How many does a human have?
Too low.
Too high.
Many hands are up now.
You get two more guesses, the teacher says.
Someone shouts out six.
The teacher...

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Categories: prose, 5th grade, 6th grade,

Premium Member Daily Misses The Opportunity
What do you expect? His mother looks twelve.
Generalizations like this bother me.
 “I was a young mother,” I say.
“I bet you were a better mother...

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Categories: prose, teacher,

Premium Member Mission Incomplete Eagle Failure
All you have to do is swoop down in front of a grade school, grab up a kindergarten student, and fly off.
This will strike terror...

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Categories: prose, fantasy,

Some Thoughts on Human Nature
What really is human nature? It seems like an easy, even silly question: surely everyone knows what human nature is, as we all have one....

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Categories: allah, allusion, angst, appreciation,

Premium Member In Appreciation of Poetry
A young student asked her literature teacher questions she’d heard
numerous times: If Emily Dickinson wrote over 1,700 poems, why
did she have only about a dozen...

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Categories: appreciation, poetry,

Premium Member Dear Aspiring Poet
Dear New Poet,

Modern poetry to me engages readers in seeking their own deep or higher meaning to life experiences. It utilizes symbolism imagery and varied...

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Categories: appreciation, language, life, student,

The Orchestra And Me

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Categories: prose, anxiety, christian, dream, god,

Bus Ride
The bus lurched and I jerked awake to “Who are you?” coming over the radio. As my vision cleared in the dim light I remembered...

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Categories: missing you, travel,

Teacher not professor
Teacher not professor. 

YOU taught me, the way i wanted to be taught, 
i learned, the way YOU wanted me to learn,
we created, in ways...

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Categories: student, teacher,

the MHS Class of '77 chapter one
Re: Thank You to unknown 
   tom, dick, harry, tam, dame, 
   or dana from the MHS Class of 77, 

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Categories: prose, books, change, courage, environment,

That which is to disdain for having life is no...
Gritted teeth
Grinded Mind
Hallowed Speak
Hind Benign
She told too much about the little things,
The creepy carry of device-

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Categories: betrayal, november, rights, silly,

Dry Facts Can Perform Juicy Acts
Dry Facts Can Perform Juicy Acts

In the EFL community
all around the world
it’s an undeniable 
and unpleasant reality that
no matter how well-motivated
you and your students are

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Categories: prose, education, language, , cute,

Premium Member Dorm Love
Ours was daily mysterious,
sometimes near mystical, 
a sensual yet platonic
dorm-mate love affair,
within the only male grad student corridor
at SFSU.

He was the presumably straight Vietnam veteran

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Categories: prose, culture, gender, history, love,

American Innocence, Our Children Now and Then
As we know, sometimes we can see the big picture by peeking through a keyhole. And in America today perhaps we can see better the...

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Categories: youth,

Premium Member Stories of Grace and Pathology
I hope it would not be a parody of Michael Morrell’s political scientific position
to suggest all relationships are political
and all political relationships fall somewhere on...

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Categories: prose, blessing, gospel, health, history,

Children Are Why We Need Higher Taxes
Steven is a retired teacher disturbed by the problems he sees in education. Schools weren’t perfect when he was teaching but they were better than...

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Categories: child, education, school, ,

Why, oh why, my mom, Don't see my cry
'O' mom, O' mom..
Am sweet baby,
Thou love the most;
Mom a preceptor and
Play partner of mine;
Cohere me in arms,
Never left alone;
Inspired me in each stage, ...

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Categories: prose, baby, books, children, education,

America Wasn't So Bad Back Then
We have something in common, a fellow I talk to now and then. We’re about the same age and perhaps the only ones in the...

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Categories: america,