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Mystery Personification Poems

These Mystery Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Personification Mystery poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Tranquil Tree Traces
I Spring Splashing and Flashing Blooming Life

Whispering waves of wonder as regeneration 
Reaches regal renaissance 
My amber fingers dangle peridot droplets of buds
Highlighted by striking...

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Categories: christian, heaven, seasons, tree,

Premium Member Fancy Dancer
As she leaps on pink and satin cloud,
Beauty is with her, like a shroud.
In sunny mist, a twilight stream,
She laughs and frolics as in a...

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Categories: beautiful, dance, imagery, nature,

Premium Member Halloween Moon

Most nights I come and go in silence
offering temptation to a lover’s glance

Tonight I am the eerie guardian
of children in a mindless sugar-trance.

My narrow grin...

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Categories: halloween, moon,

Premium Member Chased away
The mist lifts her skirts
Wisps, tufts, half-ghosts
flit across dawn's lake..
  suspended mid-race
  peering at the shoreline...
Fearful, they sail off
chased away 

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Categories: morning, mystery,

Premium Member Has the Moon a Lover
Has the moon perchance a lover,
Could that be her cause to glow?
Or does she dream of brighter days?
I do lately wonder so.

For once upon a...

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Categories: love, mystery, romance, romantic,

Foretime, I saw an impenetrable obscurity,
'Twas the glow sliding down,
And the dusk riding on to apparent infinity.
A vision, it was, too mesmeric to forget,
For it...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member The Mirror Quietly Observes
No problem is a mystery to me, for it sounds fresh,
disrespectful, rude, what happened to you are welcome?
I do not care if it is a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Figurative blindfold painting
Under the paint, beneath the layers, 
Before the brush had arrived,
She was drawn all in grey, sort of straight lines, 
And she was bound to...

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Categories: art, freedom, pain,


On my knees, 

mighty life I implored with all the force of my soul


to reveal to me its so many wondrous mysteries! 



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Categories: death, life, mystery,

Dear Love,
Sitting alone you cry in loneliness,
or linger solitary in darkness,
I know you encountered negligence,
as people fall prey to dismay.
The quest for love is there...

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© TANU SINGH  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love,

Premium Member Hidden Secret Me
I am a cold, flat, black and white rectangle, rounded corners, no frills or curls.
No one could revere me more that thirteen-year-old higher thinking boys...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade,

I Am God
There are some who proclaim themselves to be deists.                ...

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Categories: christian, god, prayer, ,

Premium Member WOMAN IN GOLD

The eighth lioness of  the field arrives
permeating heat, inhaling  exhaling mist
of blistered days perched on strands of
morning glories and floats of shimmering
porous sun.......

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Categories: mystery, summer, woman,

Premium Member My Warrior
He has a unique relationship with every tree,
watching them sway gently in the cool October breezes like a dance, 
whispering secrets to him that cannot...

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Categories: mystery, wind,

I’m the one in which,
The most colourful life stays,
I’m a precious gift of god,
An’ I do my work in my own ways.

I’m the one, who’s,

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Categories: art, autumn, butterfly, dance,

Heart Of A Poet
  Mystery tears up the planks,hear,hear,its the beating of hideous heart.While i Pondered weak and weary.Like taking the beak of the raven out of...

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Categories: appreciation, confidence, emotions, heart,

I'm a pillow soft and stiff,
Her body wrapped around me
She's trembling 
And I'm struck beneath.

Breathless, I fail to understand 
What makes her cry and cut...

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Categories: anger, body, cry, dark,

Premium Member Glaciers are Weeping
For thousands of years, ice giants were sleeping.
But now, these dense “blue ice” glaciers are weeping.
Warnings that in many ways bear repeating.
Global climate change speeds...

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Categories: emotions, environment, green, imagery,

Attractive elegance,
Oozing with appeal,
Femininely bewitching,
Evoking fragrances
Embracing beauty,
Trumpet-shaped blooms,
Slim graceful body,
Filled with mystery
Intriguingly she sends,
Messages of love,
Without words,
She speaks,
Pulsating vibrations,
Emotions of passion,
Arousing gifts for life,
Awakening the...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member I the ocean
I the ocean
watch sailing ships
in the salty air 
pass over me

I hold mystery from
the cusp of the moon
an endless view
for all to see

Where laughing gulls

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Categories: ocean,