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February Personification Poems

These February Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about February. These are the best examples of Personification February poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Wisdom of the Sundial
I only tell of sunny hours...
for they are all I know.
To speak of winds, I would be vain
to guess which way they blow.

I will not...

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© P.S. AWTRY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wisdom,


On Valentine's day 
A grieving heart Cubid approached and thus
It spoke:
"Come, oh Cupid, 
You winged child of Venus and Mercury,
and tell me, once more,

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Categories: valentines day, wisdom,

I only tell of sunny hours…
With my radiant optimistic perspective
Instructing humankind to cheer up
As our Creator wakes every one 
To enjoy life to the fullest.


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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, christian,

Premium Member Sundial

I only tell of sunny hours...
          While quartering each day

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Categories: metaphor, sun, time, wisdom,

Premium Member Inspiration's Journey
She started out slowly limping, occasionally
  wincing with pain on that cold winter day in which
      she had determined...

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Categories: change, inspiration, perspective, seasons,

Premium Member To Dispel Loneliness
unwanted, he covertly creeps into my thoughts
lest, to his disdain, unwitting smiles might escape
hope’s thief demands his own satisfaction
abandons me to wither in vain love’s...

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Categories: loneliness, perspective,

I only tell of sunny hours...
without her rays heed groans and glowers
She is my essence and like the flowers 
her rays are food my soul...

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Categories: appreciation, imagery, joy, sunshine,


I only tell of sunny hours...
The cheerful makings of memories
Cloudy bouts to be forgotten
Nights meant for relaxation
Each a designated pause between
Sunfilled enjoyment and adventures
I only...

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Categories: appreciation, happiness, joy, life,

One last tear
One last tear leaped from her eye-- in heroic slow-mo -- 
hesitant to dive down to the vast unknown... far below.

Long he had clung fast...

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Categories: confidence, crush, cry, cute


The wise I asked:

" Tell me oh wise one, where could I justice find?"

" Justice, terrified, has fled from earth 


couldn't find a harbor in...

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Categories: people, poverty,

Life On Sundial

I only tell of sunny hours…
For me the trail of time disappears
in the depth of darkness at sundown,
but my mind doesn’t harbor any qualm,
I dream...

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Categories: analogy, life, sun, time,

Premium Member I Only Tell Of Sunny Hours
I only tell of sunny hours…
It is the way to dwell on them,
Thus acquiring more light and love.

I only see the best of you….
Choosing the...

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Categories: cheer up,

Premium Member DAMSELFLY

Her swift and wondrous gait   enthralls
upon  the light  of lightest evening--
bedecked  in turquoise- gold  finery
sewn by earth’s intricate handiwork...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, insect,

Wedding dresses
Savanna forest crayons
February 22 · 
White Dresses (Worker poems)

Dry land consist the soil,
that comprises of a grass,
it also consist of the rivers,
with banks of sands-


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Categories: africa, age, care, career,

Premium Member THE THRILLS

My immortal soul I asked:

" Why have you chosen to incarcerate yourself within the walls of perishable flesh?"

" ...for to witness the thrills of temporarily.."...

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Categories: desire, life,

My Name is 14 February
My Name is 14 February 

I am known
as a loan
people talk about me
he and she
they love me once a year
and this is unfair
14 February
day of...

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Categories: valentines day,

Premium Member My heart says sorry
My heart, this morning, says sorry to you, 
It apologized for what it had done,
It apologized for all the pain it had caused, 
It apologized...

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Categories: food, humor, humorous, sorry,

Premium Member A Tree That Crumples
I am deceased;
  I perished that day.
    Nothing is left of me,
      I left myself behind.


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Categories: abuse, anxiety, dark, death,


Oh you Happiness,

Do not look at me with contempt


I am, Unhappiness, your twin sister,

Who, without my presence, your name

Would be unknown!*

© Demetrios Trifiatis

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Categories: appreciation, happiness, pain,

Premium Member A Little Animals View
I was dreaming of a hunting quest,
   feral, wild and untamed in a land strange;
    then, outside my fluffy fur...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, cat,