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Animals Personification Poems

These Animals Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Animals. These are the best examples of Personification Animals poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Write
Quote By Poet "A pen must write because they love to write." 

My imagination and creativity,
is spewing ink all over the desk.
Here I sit waiting...

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Categories: imagination, words, write, writing,

Premium Member The Odd Sock
Grandma knitted me and my brother,
he is blue and I am pink.
We fit snug in Sally's shoes, 
off to school or to play we go.

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Categories: brother, giggle, girl, grandmother,

Premium Member Thunder
I will roar,
I am not a bore.
My loud sound may put you on the floor,
or hiding behind a door.
They tell children I am angels bowling,

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Categories: angel, child, fun, rain,

Premium Member Rose
I started out as a pretty rose bud,
the rains are coming maybe even a flood.
Then the bright sun will come out,
my pedals open up without...

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Categories: beauty, butterfly, drink, garden,

Premium Member Summer Came Softly
I was a zealous environmental scientist, preserving green on our blue planet;
To benefit all animals, plants and people, under sunset skies of pomegranate.

I strived hard...

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Categories: personification, color, fantasy, green, imagery,

Premium Member Wild Animals
I thought
I was the predator
I felt the hot breath
heard the low growl
I was not...

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Categories: analogy, evil, irony,

Premium Member Tigers Pounce On Their Prey
Tigers are the biggest cat in the wild 
They love to pounce on their prey.
They lunge at animals' necks.
With their powerful jaws they hold on...

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Categories: animal, murder, old, success,

Premium Member Air, Water and Spirit Talking

I am the air talking, I want to remind you that breathing is important,
in Canada, the Indigenous People consider me sacred,
and have appointed themselves...

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Categories: how i feel,

Premium Member The Elements Air and Water
Act 1 Scene 1

Water: “ I am water and I create Energy without using coal.”
Air :     “I am air, and I...

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Categories: water,

Premium Member Planet Water
Planet Water

Our Planet needs a new name.
Earth, Rocks and Fire abound in our solar system and elsewhere in the Universe.
But our 'Planet Earth' is unique,...

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Categories: nature, ocean, water,

Premium Member Tornado
Torrential rain, blinding wind howling, 
Dark heavy clouds ominously scowling,
Brilliant radiant light of electric flashes,
Following the lightning, defiant crashes,

Loudest blasts make brave men cower,
Thunder so...

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Categories: storm, wind,

Premium Member I'm The Giant Panda
Do not mistake me for a Bear.
       True, I look like one, but my features 

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member In Bloom
The bee said to the rose,                                      ...

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Categories: beauty, flower, red, rose,

Premium Member The Light
Quote By Poet: "Some pets are people in fur coats"

I had a calling,           ...

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Categories: child, dad, dog, love,


Treacherous drops, millions all at one time, 
High and low, ferociously banging on tin rooftops 
Unifying into ponds in deep crevices of grime, 
Never ceasing...

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Categories: personification, animal, appreciation, earth, rain,

Book: Shattered Sighs