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Ocean Pastoral Poems

These Ocean Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Ocean. These are the best examples of Pastoral Ocean poems written by international poets.

by Michael R. Burch

Toss this poem aside
to the filigree and the wild tide
of sunset.

Strike my name,
and still it is all the same.
The onset

of night is...

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Categories: extended metaphor, fantasy, happiness,

The Second Chance
Opportunity twist and twirl in a dance,
Blank shadows mimicking each movement,
Giving the moment an elusive chance
To embrace the renaissance for fulfillment.

Time turning the sentiments of...

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Categories: allusion, conflict, fear, hope,

Seperated From God
My soul feels so empty,
I'm confused and torn,
Why can't you take away
this hurtful feeling.
Do you even hear my cries
of what this person is doing to...

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Categories: anti bullying, anxiety, break

Things Fall Apart
Things Fall Apart
The moon is not lighter
The day I saw the moon
The sun is not brighter
The time I saw the sun
Thee were not like this

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Categories: anger,

Africa two paths
Historic Africa dabbled in darkness
Long for a glimpse of the light,
Try to learn from past mistakes, 
One day will make those lessons right. 

Write all...

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Categories: africa, destiny, future, history,

The LOVE of the LORD
The Love of the LORD is a precious thing. 
Who can match its beauty?
His name is the embodiment of Love and all that is within...

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Categories: blessing, faith, inspirational, universe,

Premium Member Along the Shore of Evermore
I STEP down from the boardwalk and into a land  moved by the forces of the universe.

I feel the earth move under my feet...

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Categories: beauty, earth, heaven, ocean,


Puffs of smoke pushed by gusts of wind;
late autumn trees stripped clean of leaf and
Doubly dead pulled up by the roots;

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Categories: bible, christian,

Is It Time Yet

The Lord has time
  He is timed
Down to the last
And this is your first

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Categories: caregiving, friendship, hope, imagination,

what God called me to do
Lord you came from heaven to save us from hell,
Among us sinners you chose to dwell,
To give us eternal life you gave your own,
To glorify...

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Categories: devotion, inspirational, religion, christian,

Easel on her hill of greenness 
Cheeks shyly red of a virgin sight
Breeze tickle eyelashes and paintbrush
Ocean tries to guess the coast's vibrations

Storm of petals...

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Categories: uplifting

It's summer, It's hot 
and I'm praying It won't rain
on my way to the beach
riding the F train
I get to Coney Island 
and from the...

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Categories: childhood, funny, nature, nostalgia,


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Categories: imagination, nature, seasons, winter,

Painted Summers

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Categories: art, imagination, nature, seasons,

From the   first page I open to the book of life
Written in fluently opulent language of :
A fleeting cloud and crisis-ridden sky
In cries...

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Categories: nature, language, language,

Somewhere on Earth
Crystal summer light bursts irredescent tidal foam
cleansing white clay shores its past unknown
stellar reflections carried and shored
by tidal waves conture
white velvetine sand
cooled until gentle calming...

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Categories: nature, seasons, summer, day,