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No Love Lost Poems

No Love Lost Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of no love lost poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for no love lost.

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The cold hands of the night crept in from the walls,
But hurts like the slave master's steel,
And still, the shivers building up around my spine stung from within my glommy soul,
Shattering my nerves and rib cage,
Leaving me like a broken...Read More
Categories: no love lost, depression, love, night,
Form: Free verse

No love lost
for the arid

June or July Lanterne Poetry Contest Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Caren Krutsinger...Read More
Categories: no love lost, july,
Form: Lanterne
When Freedom Rings

The bus pulls out for morning routes
on empty streets
as the cops rouse up the homeless 
on the sidewalks sound asleep 
and it’s no surprise. 

A world away one soldier 
makes his father proud 
as the bullets rip the air...Read More
Categories: no love lost, america, bullying, humanity, immigration, political, society, soldier,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Act of Love
Act of Love

Cain and Abel
no love lost
the bible
filled with blood
where is love?

White doves flies high
mocking those who preach
fields sowed in hate
at the acropolis

History repeats
the reaper has many followers
flying religious flags 
bow and arrows ready in
anger, yet still their blood weeps

Black...Read More
Categories: no love lost, art, integrity, paris, philosophy, religious, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Quintain (English)
No love lost
Ah! but where is there to run to my love?
When our moon comes crashing down 
What edifice will shelter us?
Or find a citadel indestructible 
We feel apart at the seams 
And what happened, happened 
Beyond our worst dreams 
So come...Read More
Categories: no love lost, devotion, sad love,
Form: Free verse

Sour-love Recipe
After all is just a word, 
Boiled to mean feelings 
Which can cut like a sword, 
Or simply leave one reeling
In ecstacy, 
Or sane insanity. 
It has a sweet taste too
Which only the heart can tell 
But the body can feel
And the hands can...Read More
Categories: no love lost, break up, love, pride,
Form: Free verse
Love me, love me not
The pain of a broken heart is one of the most excruciating
Knowing a relationship is going wrong and slowly dissipating
Next a break up out of the blue
You never thought that it would ever happen to you
It takes a long time...Read More
Categories: no love lost, friendship, heart, i love you, love, love
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The wheel of faith
How disgusting
You can hate something, someone, some companies
If it is something God wants you to do, to associate with
No matter how you run, try to push it away
You cannot block it
It will be right there, right on top of you
right...Read More
Categories: no love lost, faith,
Form: Free verse
Dying Friendship
When a celebration feels like a business dinner...
When you judge not the sin, but condemn the sinner...
When silence is deafening...
When you wish for an ending...
When every word is laced with disinterested contemptuous ire...
When everything you say stokes an imminent cannon...Read More
Categories: no love lost, absence, best friend, break up, emotions, friendship,
Form: Couplet
So innocent as they fall
Within each one lies a hidden message 
Cutting down your visibility 
Preparing you for a massive recklage 

Disrespectful in its nature 
Smacking those in the way,
No love lost as the clouds form
For its moisture, is here...Read More
Categories: no love lost, art, growth, heart, words, write, writing,
Form: Quatrain
Now or Never
Our marriage was a sham,
We fought and argued all the time
There was no love lost between us
We were like train tracks going
parallel in the same direction
yet merging nowhere,
We were at each other's throats.
Finally, I had had it enough--
I caught hold...Read More
Categories: no love lost, lost love,
Form: Free verse

I am young and travelling

my life is unraveling

as a teenager I dreamed

this day would happen

not on the safe side I dwell

as the danger unfolds

forward I propel

I coming out of my shell

extreme is not the word

crazy sounds to absurd

this beats the...Read More
Categories: no love lost, blue, dream, eve, flying, inspiration, metaphor,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Sand in Your Mouth
Its over and over well done
Blown bridges over blood vessels we've sunken
Hieroglyphics elaborate on our wedding tomb, we yearn
And like so many before, ashen lips bedeck our urn
There's no love lost between our petrified hearts
In separate spells we've cast our...Read More
Categories: no love lost, betrayal, love hurts,
Form: I do not know?
No love lost
My heart doesn't quit loving
If you walk away I know I meant 
Everything I try to make better 
between us I fail
Love lost is always something I trail
For you I will walk a million miles
For you I will defend you...Read More
Categories: no love lost, love
Form: Free verse
Loves pain
Once again loves knocking at my 
Its been forever and a week
And dont know what for

Her feelings
 for me abcent for so every long
Now she wants back in
Once i found out her wrong

My mind says no but my heart ache...Read More
Categories: no love lost, adventurelove, me,
Form: ABC
No Love Lost
If you were to die tomorrow,
No tears would I shed,
I’d laugh at your lifelessness,
And the blood you have bled,
I’d admire your heart that no longer pumps,
How your soul is pure black,
And your pulse strikes no thumps.
If you were to...Read More
Categories: no love lost, death, life, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member No Love Lost No Love Found
I like being the guy no one can have. I’m strong for not only myself but for those who I surround myself with. I will not put up with people who try to push me around and tell me what...Read More
Categories: no love lost, art, life, me,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Please don't judge me
Please don't judge me based on my religious preference, my hair, what I wear, or how I speak. I can promise you, I'm different than what you'd expect. I don't expect much, though that's still too much. I'm not sure...Read More
Categories: no love lost, art, imagination, life, me, people, self, love,
Form: Narrative
Capillary Forest
In this capillary forest,
behind the foggy bushes away from seas,
something that was once sun kissed,
now lies shriveled amongst the trees.

Let it know it will be missed,
for it lies without partner or friend,
deformed, diseased and disheartened,
maroon rivers now descend.

Still it beats...Read More
Categories: no love lost, lost love, old, love, old,
Form: Rhyme
boys with toys
he is stealing your heart! he wants to caress it,possess it,squeeze evey bit of you 
from it! to him, there is no love lost because he has given no love. he frowns, packs 
your heart in a box and marks...Read More
Categories: no love lost, lost love
Form: I do not know?
Fond Farewell
Fond Farewell

Questionable relationships,
Blemished with disappointment.
Unforeseen deception,
Sincerity a sham.

Self-interested motives,
Fair-weathered associations.
Politically correct affiliations,
Unforgivable avoidance.

Cast-off, black-listed,
Circumstantial accusations.
Self serving agendas,
Betrayal no more.

No love lost....
What comes around, Goes Around.
...Read More
Categories: no love lost, social
Form: Free verse
part 3 collab w/ Richard Pickett samauri/ detective series-check his site
    (continued) "What’s a Shogun? Funny you should ask”, Tom grinned… “because that’s the 
exact same question we all asked each other when this came over on the teletype. Word is 
from the boys in the twenty...Read More
Categories: no love lost, adventureme,
Form: Narrative
Idiom: No Love Lost
Love poems, how trite they become.
Their hackneyed themes we want to scream.
We purposely shy away from
That genre, teeming so it seems
With grandiloquent, large supplies
Of conjured words with empty rings
Of cheating hearts and love that dies.
Ad nauseam is all it brings.
We...Read More
Categories: no love lost, lost love, on writing and words
Form: Rhyme
No Love Lost
You left me Ha!
Off you go
You think I need you
Hit the road
I can find someone else
To walk on my chest
You weren’t that good
You’re certainly not the best

I’ve seen a manikin wearing thong
But on you girl it looked all wrong
Just to...Read More
Categories: no love lost, lost lovegirl, me,
Form: Rhyme
It Won't Be Long
There’s no love lost when You weren’t in it to begin with
Protect my soul and heal my heart
Give me the life that You designed for me
You took off those chains and now I am free
It was You who released me...Read More
Categories: no love lost, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, introspection,
Form: I do not know?